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Are you an ethical freelance translator?


Everyone that deals with other people in their business has the duty and responsibility to be ethical. Language translators are no exception. If you have never considered how ethical your own business is, Marta Stelmaszak has listed a range of elements of business ethics in her book The Business Guides for Translators.

Ethics of finance

Though most of the freelancers are dealing with making enough to cover their own needs, careful budgeting is still a matter of ethics. Be responsible to your own business, being balanced can drive your business to a healthy path.

Ethics of human resources

Seeing yourself as an employee in your business and make sure that working hours are not abused, overtime is properly rewarded, there’s a good development plan in place and incentives are given out. That’s exactly what we’d expect from an ethical employer.

Ethics of sales and marketing

Looking at the big guys, we’re able to quickly tell ethical sales and marketing from unethical or deceitful behaviors. But do we apply the same rules to our own freelance businesses?

Ethics of production

The process of translating or interpreting is as important as the final outcomes. Always ask yourself, are you doing the right thing at any step? Are you an ethical translator?

Ethics of property, property rights and intellectual property

Your name is your brand, so are others’. One’s name, brand, profile and works are all his or her property; others should not use them in business or other using.

Ethics of technology

Neither the law nor the ethical standards have figured out how to treat technology yet. Sometimes you have to be aware, if the technology you are employing in line with the very basic rules?

Hoping you can pay attention to those elements and apply them in your own freelance translator’s business.

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