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Australian Trade Trends – What Makes E-Business Tick In Australia?


Australian consumers are a savvy bunch and they love to shop online internationally. Here are some handy trade trends for the Australian market that may just make your business.

The Demographics!

  • Australia has the population of 24 million people.
  • Out of every 100 Australians, 82 people use Internet to shopping and more.

Age Matters:

Yes, age matters, especially when you are using that a tool to target your niche market. Here is what you need to know:

  • 18.1% of Australians are between ages of 0-14 (male 2,061,973/female 1,957,558).
  • 13.4% of Australians are between the ages of 15-24 (male 1,531,325/female 1,453,940) 
  • 42% of them are between the ages of 25-54 (male 4,748,667/female 4,598,259)
  • 11.8% of them are between the ages of 55-64 (male 1,308,660/female 1,326,220)
  • 14.7% of the Australians are 65 and over (male 1,509,460/female 1,766,439)


  • 89% of the population is Urban with 1.2% urbanization rate.


  • Protestant 27.4%
  • Anglican 18.7%
  • Uniting Church 5.7%
  • Presbyterian and Reformed 3%
  • Catholic 25.8%
  • Eastern Orthodox 2.7%
  • Other Christian 7.9%
  • Buddhist 2.1%
  • Muslim 1.7%
  • Other 2.4%
  • Unspecified 11.3%
  • None 18.7%

The Facts You Should Know!

  • In 2013 and 2015, the Australian consumers said they expected to increase their online international shopping to increase by 90%. Or at least maintain it for the upcoming month.
  • Since the Australian dollar gained more strength in the past years, the Australian consumers have gained more confidence in purchasing from international websites.
  • The increase in their purchasing power has led to Australian consumers become one of the strongest factors in international e-commerce growth.
  • 55% of them like to shop online because of the lower prices. This is their main reason to shop internationally online.
  • Electronics (24%) and Clothes (22%) make up majority of Australian online international shopping.

Frequently Bought Items by Australians

Here is what our Aussie friends like to buy from international website:

  • Education and Entertainment (Digital)– – 27%
  • Clothing, Apparel, Footwear and Accessories – 46%
  • Education and Entertainment (Physical)– 35%