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Benefits of Learning Multiple Languages

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Do you want to roam around the world? Do you want to pursue higher education in one of the most top universities in the world? Do you want to migrate to a foreign land for better job prospects­­­? Surely everyone wants to do all this but you are afraid of language barriers. There are thousands of languages spoken around the globe. To deal with the global world and to mitigate the language barriers, you need to learn multiple languages. It is an era of globalization in which you need to interact with foreign people to fulfill all your dreams. Let’s have a look at the benefits of learning multiple languages.

Helps in Networking

The world has become a global village. Therefore, you can't live in isolation. You need to connect and socialize with people for several purposes. For this reason, you need to know multiple languages to communicate with them effectively. If you are bilingual, then, you can't talk to people of different nationalities easily. Therefore, if you are aware of different languages, you can talk to any person speaking different languages and easily understand their cultures. In this way, you can develop networking with different nations without any hurdle. Networking will help you in pursuing your global objectives effectively. You can easily get a job with networking.

Good for Brain Health

You will be amazed to know that your brain will be mechanically changed in three months. Here you will be inquisitive to know-how. Let's have a look. German and Swedish scientists researched conscript interpreters. They investigated the people who spoke multiple languages in their job and checked the size of their hippocampus and cerebral cortex. After that, they give these interpreters three months of extensive language training. When the training is complete, they check their subjects' brains. They came to know that with the hippocampal region, their three parts of the cortex had grown significantly. The part of the cortical areas increased in their thickness showing great power of some areas of the brain thus increasing the memory.

Cognitive Difference

Learning multiple languages will not increase brain mass but will also improve memory. Phycologists set out to determine the difference between monolingual and bilingual children. They give the children mental tasks that measure working memory, visuospatial span, conflict resolution, and cognitive quickness. They discovered that bilingual children are more forward ahead than monolingual children in all the tests. This shows that people who grow up bilingual have robust and fast mental capabilities. Therefore, if you want your kids to get success in every part of life then start teaching up multiple languages from the start. It is also observed that speaking a second language will delay the chances of Alzheimer's disease. The other study shows that being bilingual will delay the probability of dementia for around 5.1 years.

Brain Muscle

The brain is like a muscle. If you use it, it will get sharper and stronger. Multilingual people have a brain in good shape. The sharp brain can switch between languages easily. Therefore, they can analyze the different linguistic patterns, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, grammatical rules of various languages. Due to this effort of the brain, your neurons get lubricated and the effects of old age are less.
Learning a new language is a healthy exercise for your mind. You can say that it is like a gymnasium because it works the same way. Your mind should be strengthened enough to understand all the new information. By learning the new languages, your brain needs not put in the extra effort. Consequently, it leads to enhance the executive control center of the brain.

Competitive Advantage

Globalization has impacted the job industry on a higher scale. The chances of multilingual people getting employment are very high. In the competitive job market, communication skill is an added advantage. Multilingual people can communicate with multiple communities well. Moreover, they can easily penetrate global markets. With the advancement in technology, global communication is very valuable. Knowing another language also shows that you are a disciplined, intelligent, and motivated person. Being able to speak multiple languages gives you a competitive advantage over your monolingual counterparts. 

The survey conducted of 581 alumni of the American graduate school of international management in Glendale Arizona showed they have gained a competitive advantage over the know-how of foreign knowledge and other cultures. Moreover, they suggested that language study helped them make decisions like hiring and helped them grow in their career path. It also showed personal mental discipline, personal fulfillment, and cultural awareness. If you learn the French language, it will help you to make a career move in an international organization.

Career Move  

Learning a 2nd language enhances the probability of getting a job easily. In your resume, if you write additional languages like Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish then you will stand out in the crowd of English-speaking people. In the next decade, people who speak Chinese and Spanish will be recruited easily by recruited companies. As globalization has made a world global village. Therefore, speaking English is not enough anymore. The global companies that are opening their subsidiaries in other countries need to understand the fact that communication in the people's native language will give their business a new boost. Moreover, multilingual people can get promotions more easily than bilingual people. Therefore, to climb up the ladder in your career, you should learn multiple languages.

Global Awareness and Understanding

By learning and studying a new language, you will not only learn to communicate in that language but you will also get insights into the culture and the people of that nation. With your proficiency in the global market, you will learn how to sympathize and understand the people that speak the language. Moreover, you will know about their history, pain, and victories. The most important thing is that you can see the world through their eyes. Consequently, creating a relationship between your culture and language with the learned language and culture. By understanding different languages and cultures, you can't offend anyone.

Wrapping Up:

There are unlimited benefits of learning a new language. You can get personal and professional success if you opt for learning multiple languages. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a new language course. Happy learning!

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