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Certified Translation Services in Canada

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Canada is the leading country in the world who has adopted a policy of multiculturalism, adapting diversity and pluralism. As per the Canadian Multiculturalism report, Canada is the residence of people over 250 ethnic origins.

Only 6.2% Of the total Canadian population is native and 22.3 % are a visible minority. The biggest group among them is Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Europe. The major individual source of immigrants in the Philippines after the Philippines comes to India and China.

Need for Translation Services in Canada?

If you are a foreigner and want to come to Canada to study, work, or settle, you may come across situations where immigration, refugees, and citizenship of Canada require you to fulfill the language requirements for English and French which are two official languages of Canada. English is the most commonly spoken language in most provinces and territories whereas French is the main language spoken in Quebec and some areas of Ontario, New Brunswick, and Manitoba.

It is being said that the Canadian government offers all government officials, periodicals and documents in both English and French. If you want to adjust to Canadian life, you must be able to communicate in either English or French to effectively communicate with people. You need not worry, Mars Translation is here to fulfill all your translation requirements.

How Mars Translation is a Suitable Choice?

Mars translation is an intuitive online translation platform that provides supreme quality translation services around the globe. It started its working in 2012. Mars Translation has a pool of native linguists who provide you with top quality translation within the local context.

Our professional translators are subject matter experts and they are also aware of industry-specific terminologies. The top-quality translation is done in fast turnaround time and at competitive prices.

1) Credibility and Reliability

Every translation project is unique and requires different requirements to handle them. Mars translation makes sure that every order is treated professionally with a personalized protocol. Our native linguists have experience in their specific fields like medical and healthcare, technical and engineering and business and Finance and many more. Subject matter experts are assigned specific projects and they complete their translation project swiftly.

2) Renowned Translation Agency around the globe

Mars Translation is a subsidiary company of CCJK which has proved its name in translation and localization services in two decades. Top-Notch companies of the world like General Electric, Bosch, and Nuance have taken Mars translation services. In comparison to different industries in the market,

Mars translation has an extensive network of professional translators who ensure that clients from around the globe can trust them for their translation requirements. Whether you are in Toronto or you in China wherever you are Mars translation is just a click away.

3) Socio-Culture Translation

Mars translation considers translation projects more than just documents. During the interpreting period, all the socio-cultural and local characteristics are taken into account. All regional connotations are considered to avoid any cultural barrier. Our professional translators pay high attention to cultural associations because it creates a positive image for clients.

4) Affordable Rates

Mars translation is providing top quality translation in swift turnaround time and economical rates. Prices are charged according to language pairs. Competitive and affordable prices start from $0.05/word so that every business can become a part of globalization.

The pricing system of Mars translation is transparent and there are no hidden charges. Mars translation doesn't compromise on quality. The testimonial of our satisfied customers on our website shows how much our customers are satisfied.

Business and Finance

With globalization, international business is expanding. When an International business expands investment opportunities rises which gives a boost to the financial sector. Mars translation can perform expert localization and translation services for Canada’s finance and commercial business. We have 5000 plus expert linguists who are competent enough to deal with international regulatory and financial environments. Mars translation provides inclusive

Provision for translation of all your finance and business content:

Bilingual Support: You can enhance the content of your finance project and get your documents translated in English and French according to Canada's preferred languages

Affordable Rates:  You can get your financial project translated with a cost-effective solution.

Swift Turnaround Time: You can get your financial projects translated in swift turnaround time.

Secure workflow: Mars translation is providing secure translation and localization platform for your finance and business projects.

Wrapping Up

Translation services are very important to deal with multiculturalism and diversity. Mars translation is providing top class translation for financial documents in French and English to Canadian Clients. If you want to remove all your communication barriers while residing in Canada than Mars Translation is the best choice for you.