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Effects of Stress on Human Health


The role of stress in life is significant, but how does it affect the human health? To enlighten this aspect, many researches are published. It is common in daily routine; you meet different types of stressors, which affect your health, if you are unable to cope with them. According to the medical sciences, stress affects the human health in many ways. You can access these medical publications made in different countries in your own language by the use of the Certified Language Translation Service Provider.

A little strain motivates you to move forward, but if you got stuck in it, you will defiantly go IMMOBILE

According to the recent medical findings in France, a bio psychosocial needs to be defined with more clarity to give people awareness about the role of stress affecting the human health. A neurobiological model helps to know that stress induces alterations in the Central nervous system. It affects the body functioning and behaviors as well. The sustained stress can result in the chronic over activity or under activity of adaptive systems.

This is the reason, why psychologists are emphasizing and introducing different coping strategies to overcome stress. These strategies are being published in France, to promote awareness and exposure. You can access these publications in your own native language by the use of the French Publication Translation Services.

  • Autonomic nervous system, metabolic and immune systems are involved in the stress management.
  • Stress affects differently on everyone and the consequences are also pretty different.
  • Awareness through the medical publications is a promoting recognition and understanding of the effects of stress and drug development to help people in the best way.

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According to a medical publication, stress is of two types: Eustress and Distress. Eustress is referred as the positive stress and it helps to fulfill the responsibilities in a proper way. Stress becomes negative (distress) for you when the faces continuous challenges without relief and relaxation. Distress leads to physical symptoms including headaches, upset stomach, elevated blood pressure and chest pain, etc.

Researches suggest, stress also bring or worsen certain symptoms and diseases. You can get acquainted to this medical publication in your desired language by the use of the Certified Language Translation Services Provider.  Stress becomes even worse when people use drugs; tobacco and alcohol relieve their stress.  These substances tend to keep the body in a stressed state and cause more problems, despite of relieving the stress.

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