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Ethical Principles involved in Clinical Letter Writing


Medical letter writing is now seen as the most important emerging trend in the medical field. It is now being used in different contexts and multiple dimensions. You can use them for your own research into clinical patterns. But you know very well in all the advancements, merits and demerits fall together. You can use Professional Spanish Translator for the most vivid understanding of the documents.

In Russia now clinical letters are used and written widely. The medical letters documenting is a way for the interactions between a patient and the other hospital team. It does serve in Russia, but you cannot generalize it universally. It is serving as a great way for record keeping of medical documents and the patient’s history.

If you access the latest updates, you will know Russians write down the clinical letters after their every clinical encounter. This is a remarkable progress; they not only keep the outpatient consultations and whole discharge summaries letters, but also keep the inpatient consultations, telephones discussions of doctors with the patient. In order to understand the usage and writing of clinical letters in Russia, you can use Russian Letters Translation Services.

Ethical Principles for the Medical Letters:

There are many ethical standards necessary for the medical letters writing:

Informed Consent:

If you look upon the ethical principles and codes essential for the medical writing, you would conclude that without them you cannot write properly. The most important ethic involved in the medical letter writing is to get an informed consent from the patient.  If the patient agrees to keep his all history along with you, in any way you can then go for it. By the use of this informed consent a patient is completely acknowledged by the procedure, its risks, benefits and other alternatives.

It actually serves as pre knowledge of treatment for the patient and a permit letter to write down every perspective of patient’s sufferings.

You know well, a professional should make a recommendation letter for the patient for convenience rather than presenting a complete layout of medical wares and ask patient to pick up the one. For a proper understanding of the use of informed consent in ethical writing in different countries, you can use the Guide of Translation Services.


The 2nd ethical principle you can use for the medical letter writing is the fidelity. It’s actually a concept in, which the proposition the physician generally keeps about the patient’s interest in their minds should be mentioned in the medical letter. You can use Translation Services Guide for the proper can and valid medical writing. This can enable a safe understanding for everyone according to their language.

You know well, sometimes the unfamiliar ethical terms and perceived legal threats can put a stain on the entire carrier of physicians.

This shows how important the medical letters are in this age along with the follow up of ethical principles in the medical letter writing. So, if you want to publish a medical letter presenting the coping strategies provided to the Russians for coping with the intense cold temperature, you can use Russian Letters Translation Services.