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Filing Requests for Court Reports and Court Transcripts


A transcript is not only a copy of a student’s permanent academic record but also a written record of the language that is spoken in the court proceedings. During the court proceedings, all the decisions of the judge and the spoken arguments by the lawyers are recorded in a transcript. Such records were originally made by the court bookkeepers, who used shorthand abbreviation as quickly as the people spoke. Transcripts can be produced digitally by a digital reporter and are very accurate.

In Portugal, a court transcript is a complete record of a person’s history generally used by potential employers, lenders etc to evaluate their dependability. The information included in this transcript varies from state to state within a country.

Rush transcripts are those that have been requested and can be processed and mailed or even picked up within a short period of time usually within 24 hours or less. Want to know more about the details of court transcripts in Portugal, get in touch with the Portuguese Academic Transcription Services.

Though, you can find several articles and books that have been written on this topic, but do take help from the Document Translation Services. Court transcripts can be provided at the request of either the court or the parties for certain types of civil proceedings.

When the first page of the transcript has 'check against delivery' stamped over it, it usually means that the transcript is not a legal representation of the speech but only the audio delivery is regarded as the official record. There are two kinds of court transcripts that reflect all the actions that are taken in any particular case. Let’s check out the details of both of them.

Court Docket

The court docket is the first type of court transcript which is also known as the register of actions. When a judge agrees to hear a case, it is placed on the court docket until the end of the trial. The court docket needs to be continually updated, in order to mirror the parties and attorneys that are involved, file new documents; update the appearance dates and also the actions that were taken during the court hearings or any alternate dispute resolution proceedings. Copies of this court docket can be requested from the Records Management Department by paying a very less price.

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Court Minutes

This is the second kind of transcripts relating to court proceedings. These transcripts are verbal records of everything said by the judge, the lawyers, the witnesses and several others during a court hearing or a trial. According to the law or upon requests, court reporters are responsible for the preparation of the transcripts of the hearing.

Except for those transcripts that are prepared by the court for certain criminal matters, all other parties requesting the court transcripts have to pay the reporters for preparing the transcripts at the rate fixed by the law. Transcripts from non-staff court reporters can be requested in writing from the Court Reporter Coordinator.

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