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How Companies Can Adapt The E-Commerce Globalization


We can say globalization is the increasing unification of the world economical order through reduction of such barriers to international trade as tariffs, exports and fees and import quotas. The goal is to increase materials, wealth, products, and services with a worldwide division of labor by efficiencies catalyzed by international relations, specification and competition.

Companies are now entering into this new world of e-commerce by utilizing several services like e-commerce translation services in order interact with the worlds market. Online shopping has become universal. Anything you want to buy at a store can now be bought online.

Online review in 1997 was 1.3 billion dollars and than in 2014 was 248 billion dollars, than can you imagine what it suppose to be in 2017. You cannot imagine how far the ecommerce business has taken this world.

To truly become global companies need to think local, they need to understand the local consumer, need to market, sell, engage and service those costumers in the way they need to be services. That means what they buy? How they want to pay for it? How they want to product to be delivered? Ultimately this engages them to persuade. 

With e-Commerce your philosophy should be to build a business not a website. Website itself is a delivery channel; it will be effective with your ecommerce site by defining your business objectives or goals accurately. Proper and ongoing planning is crucial if you want to succeed online. You should not build a website without a technical equivalent. The first thing to fail and to waste time and money is to skill efficient and proper planning by jumping blindly into implementation.

The traditional principle of marketing strategy used for your core business must be applied to your ecommerce strategy. Many organizations fail to recognize is that in many cases there online costumers need to be treated according to their cultural norms. You have to may need to redevelop or rebrand the product and service. Online customers tend to be younger, they also tend to have low attention spans and this is not tended to be felt as an insult it is the straightforward truth.

The choice of the costumers who shop online their decision is quick decisive. The costumers online are mostly abrupt, so it is very important for you to make very good impression on the first go. And issue is absolutely critical as with branding hooking is always easier to achieve and maintain their recovery.

E-commerce building strategy:

Making sure that you have sound e-commerce strategy which is thoroughly researched and developed which incorporates your core business principles is critical to your online success.


When building your site you need to avoid following

  • Week or inconsistence branding
  • Curt abandonment
  • Bad user experience and usability
  • Poor navigation
  • Poor site performance
  • Poor translation for the foreigners
  • Slow or limited product searching
  • The inability for your to make changes quickly
  • Poor performance with internet search engines

Measure your success:


Measure your success with your e-commerce ventures, through the following key success matrix.

  • Traffic: the number of visitor who come to your site.
  • Stickiness:  The amounts of time users spend on your site and the number of pages that they view.
  • Conversion:  the percentage of a visitor to become costumer and the size of their average sale.
  • Customer retention:  The quantity of clients who come back to your site and the frequency of their purchases.

Build the right team:

Make the effort and take the time to do it right the first time. The thorough understanding of your businesses goals are not enough to ensure that a website delivers results. It takes a highly skilled and professionally managed team to produce a successful e-commerce site. Well you may not require the individual resources for each of the roles but you do require that the roles will be represented and functional on your team. That includes

  • A project manager.
  • An ecommerce business analyst to conduct the research planning and the strategy to find out what your competitors are doing.
  • A search engine optimization specialist to insure that your search engine finalizes are corporate into your site architecture.
  • An information architect.
  • E-Commerce Website Translate.
  • A user experience specialist.
  • A graphical designer to create the design and to give the directions to the developer on a creation of the user interface.
  • A developer for the site development and the technical specification.
  • A quality assurance specialist. 

E-commerce summary:

Before you began or before making any changes to your site always plan. Too many businesses look at E-commerce as something extra or additional and don’t give their attention that they requires. They don’t follow traditional methodology and they don’t the emphasis that it deserves. You should plan every change; understand the impact of all goals and objects of each change.

Most importantly target your audience appropriately. It is very clear that if you are advertising globally, you need to interact with your audience clearly. The first hurdle which comes in the way is the languages, and the cultural norms of the specific country. You have to be aware of all the aspects related to those countries which affect your market value. When you will communicate to your target audience in the language they understand you will see it will increase your revenue frequently.

The first step to start an ecommerce company you have to set the right way to interact to the target audience. Many professional e-commerce website translation services are available over Internet to get to your goal appropriately.

You should utilize you accurate SEO to help out your costumers to find you and socialize your e-commerce experience. The world is craving the social connections, so capitalize on it. Make your users feel safe and comfortable and can’t contend to accept that you will take care of their important information. Bring out your business with the spark and try to build trust because your globalized costumers need much more to believe in you.