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How Do the French Kids Maintain Their Fitness?


As a parent or caretaker, we both do our very best to keep our children healthy and fit. This can be done by following specific rules and regulations. Some of us follow a diet plan, while some others help their kids by bringing them good fitness books to read and then implement. A lot of young readers have written several books that relate to fitness and healthy nutrition.

In contrast to the rapidly increasing rates elsewhere, France has one of the lowest rates in child obesity. Due to this, France is known to be the only country where this rate has been maintained over the years. This is not because the French people know more about nutrition than we do. The main reason is that the French associate food with celebration as well as pleasure.

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The French kids are less concerned about the food they eat, than kids from any other country. According to a research, kids from many countries tend to associate food with health, rather than pleasure. In short, French people spend twice as much time in eating as the rest of the people, consuming dairy and meat products in large quantities. They are less overweight and therefore; have lower rates of heart diseases.

There is an old saying that the French people have smaller portions of food, they eat fewer snacks, and they don’t smoke and drink red wine. These are the reasons why the French, as compared to the other people, are not overweight and are fit and healthy. One of the best ways you can stay healthy is by making a habit of reading some good books on fitness. Online certified translation services provider can help you choose some good nutrition books to transform your health.

Just like the French adults, the same goes for the French kids as well. These kids spend an extra hour on eating every day, than any other kid does. Here in every French house, the kids have the same food as the adults; nothing special is cooked for them. This proof can be found in the lunch boxes, which are served in the French schools on a daily basis. These kids eat regular things like radishes, salads, all types of fish and meat, along with cheese and grilled foods.

But how is it possible to eat everything and still remain healthy and fine. The answer to this question is that the lunch that is served in French schools, introduces a wide range of dishes, fruits and fresh vegetables. According to the Ministry of Education, fried food can only be served no more than once every month.

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The French people take a positive, rather than a negative approach, to the food they eat. Just like them, even we can have a better understanding of how to remain fit, simply by hiring French fitness translation services.