The medical field is highly regulated but has been advancing in recent times. As medical organizations and companies devise new ways to expand beyond their native lands, the need for certified and professional translation agencies has intensified. Needless to say, all translation agencies facilitate communication between people of different languages. But medical translation agencies have an even tougher job on their hands—enabling communication of medical information, which is highly sensitive and vital for human survival. 

Medical translation, like all other industry translations, bridges the communication gaps so everyone can have unhindered access to quality healthcare. The year 2023 has brought with it some greater leaps in technology and innovations. It may result in a greater need for globalization. A professional and certified medical translation agency can facilitate this globalization for clinics and healthcare organizations. 

But how can these medical organizations choose the right medical translation agency for their medical content in 2023? Here are some useful tips:

Tips to Choose the Best Medical Translation Agency in 2023

Define your needs

define your needs

Before choosing the right medical translation agency, it is important to recognize what you really want. Do you wish to expand beyond your current market to provide healthcare services in other countries? Or are you looking for ways to serve the different language needs of your current market? If you are aiming for an international market, hiring a medical translation agency with a global footprint may be the best idea. However, if you intend to stay in your current market, you can hire a local translation agency to assist you in your endeavor. 

Also, defining your needs and motives can help you draw out a future course of action for your company or clinic. It can help you in providing healthcare services to all your patients, regardless of the language they speak.

Research your preferred translation partner

Research your preferred translation partner

If you have drawn out some medical translation agencies, you need to do a background check on them to ascertain if they are the right fit for you. Here are some common ways you can find out more about a potential medical translation agency:

Search engines

Although it may seem like a commonplace idea, using search engines to find the right medical translation agency can actually help you find the right translation partner for your medical content. There are a lot of freelancers and translation companies in the world with accessible websites and portfolios containing extensive details of their services and projects. Thus, a simple Google keyword search will take you to a list of professional and top-rated medical translation agencies for your medical translation needs. 

Translation directories 

Another way to search for a professional medical translation agency is to use translation directories, which many expert organizations and translators make available online. You can check the directories of professional organizations in the countries with your intended target languages. Most of these directories are available in English. However, you can narrow down your search by choosing the translators’ native language and area of specialization. 

Word-of-Mouth recommendations

In the translation industry or any other industry, words travel fast. This is why you can choose medical translation companies that have a good reputation in the market, as you may have heard from co-workers or agencies around you. 

Search for credible medical translation agencies

Search for credible medical translation agencies

Once you have searched for professional medical translation agencies and narrowed down some names, it is time to research further some of the essential criteria for your chosen translation agency:

Industry knowledge and subject-matter expertise

Your chosen medical translation agency should ideally contain expert medical translators who have ample knowledge of the medical industry. They should be aware of the rules of medical translation. These expert medical linguists ensure that proper terminology is used in the process of translation and that no detail is omitted, as that can have serious health repercussions. You can check your chosen translation company’s website to see if they have medical translators for your projects. 

Proper certifications

The medical translation field is filled with translation mishaps and errors that lead to unpleasant situations and health problems. Many of these problems arise due to a lack of research on the translation agencies. Thus, a professional medical translation agency should ideally have translators who have proper certifications from medical regulatory bodies. These certifications ensure that medical translators have the required skills and expertise to undertake complex medical translation tasks. Additionally, your chosen translation agency should hold accreditation from medical authority bodies, giving your chosen translation partner the necessary skills to handle any type of medical translation. You should hire translators who have received professional education and training in language and translation (like ATA certification). In addition, it is ideal to work with a medical translation company that is ISO-certified and shows a commitment to delivering accurate medical translations. 

Check other factors

Some other factors that a medical company can look for in a translation agency are:

  • Their accepted currencies
  • Payment duration
  • Their ability to meet project completion deadlines
  • Office addresses
  • Their capacity to use CAT tools and QA tools
  • Their readiness to accommodate additional requirements of customers

Test your Translation Partner

Test your Translation Partner

Once you have chosen your medical translation agency and checked its expertise in the field of medical translation, you can get down to testing its services. Testing a translation agency involves assigning a short project. The purpose is to check how medical translators handle translation tasks. After they have submitted your project, you can check for any errors or discrepancies in translation with the help of another translation company. 

Key Takeaway

Medical translation is a complex and complicated branch of translation that requires careful scrutiny and testing. This is because medical terminology is often complex and requires a professional approach to achieve accuracy and clarity in translation. To achieve this accuracy in translation, it is vital to hire a certified and professional medical translation agency that has the right team of certified medical translators to handle all your medical projects. Choosing the right translation partner can pave the way to achieve success both in your native and target market.