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How to Make Direct Link of Dropbox Files


When you use the online file conversion function of Mars Translation, you can directly upload the Dropbox files onto Mars Translation through the Direct Link function without need of downloading the files into your computer and then uploading them onto Mars Translation, thus saving your precious time.


Now, let’s take a look at how to make direct link of Dropbox files.

  1. First, Get your Dropbox File URL,
Direct_Link_of_Dropbox_02 Direct_Link_of_Dropbox_03 Direct_Link_of_Dropbox_04

Your URL something looks like below,


  1. Now, make changes in the URL. Just replace 'www.dropbox' with   'dl.dropboxusercontent' and delete  '?dl=0' at the end of URL. Now after making changes, you URL will be look like below, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/5esuiv3kclq08yl/444W4972_A.dwg
  2. Now, You have done. The above modified link is the direct link of your file. this modified link will force the browser to download the files.

You can fill the file download link into the text box of Download From, so easy!