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How to Reduce the Turnaround Time for Translation Process

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In this fast-paced world, the turnaround time of any project holds great importance. If you are unable to deliver your translation project, then you will be left behind in the fierce competition.

There are many wild guesses floating on the internet about the appropriate turnaround time for different kinds of translation projects. Some people are of the view that turnaround time of translation depends upon a translator how much he can translate in one sitting, ranging from 1500 to 3000 words a day but this is not a reliable estimation because translation speed depends upon many factors.

This does not mean that you take several weeks to get a project completed. You need to keep several aspects in mind in order to meet the deadline. Your translation project should be completed well on time without any compromise on quality.

Let us have a look at several factors that impact the turnaround time and how you can avoid delays.

5 Reasons that Affect Translation Turnaround Time

Translation of the project is a very tedious job accompanied by hidden difficulties and delays. There are few things to be taken into consideration while estimating the turnaround time of the project.

Project Size

It is obvious that if your project is lengthy then it will take more time to complete translation. When the scope and size of the project are increased then multiple translators are required to finish the project and it also requires strict quality measures to ensure standard quality. Having multiple translators working for your project will definitely improve your project turnaround time.

Technical Projects

All the projects cannot be handled in the same timeline. Some projects, especially the technical ones require more time to translate them. If your project is technical and includes difficult terminologies and abbreviations, then your translator needs to spend time in research. For instance, Legal and medical projects require more time in translation.


Different translation companies have different competencies. If there is a mismatch between the translator and the project then it will cause a delay in translation. For example, if a freelancer is translating an e-commerce website, he will take it much longer as compared to a team of professionals with expertise and proven experience in e-commerce translation. That’s why big companies often prefer to outreach crowdsourcing agencies to do their translation projects.

Repetition of Words

 If the words and phrases are repeated in a translation project, then it is translated well on time with less effort. There are different reliable tools available in the translation industry that identify repeated words. To ensure the consistency of terminology, the same translation is used for repeated words and it saves a lot of time, resulting in the rapid completion of translation projects.

Use of Translation Tools

There are many translation companies that are using state of the art translation tools to reduce the workload of translators. For instance, the use of spell-check and glossaries can reduce the work of translators tremendously and they also ensure consistency in longer projects. So, if you want to reduce the translation project completion time, look for some good quality tools.

How to Reduce the Turnaround Time for Translation Process

No doubt the prompt delivery of your translation project partially depends upon your selected translator. To have your translation project delivered on time and to avoid unnecessary delays, you need to keep certain points in mind.

Select Your Translators Carefully

The vigilance and scrutiny in selecting the translator will save you from lots of troubles. While investigating your required translator, do not forget to follow the quality assessment process. You need to know how many translators are working on your project and what their skill set is. Remember that the same translators are not the best choice for every project. You need to assign the task by considering several factors including their expertise, years of experience, and industry-specific knowledge.

Add Context to Your Project

 An explicit explanation about your project will save a lot of your time in many ways. You can add relevant pictures and add a glossary of specific terminologies in the initial stage of your project so that it can be easier for the translator to start. In this way, your translator will pick your project with ease and the difficult part of the project will be translated on time.

Open Communication Channels

The biggest reason for project delay is usually because of a lack of seamless communication. If translators are confused over something or need any help regarding project detail and you don’t respond on time, it may result in delaying the project. Open communication will assist you in completing your translation project quickly. It can be done by sending an email or through chat. If you want to meet your project deadlines, make sure you set up effective communication channels for assisting your team.

Wrapping Up 

If you want to deliver every translation project well in time, you have to make some efforts. In addition to the expertise of your chosen translators, the use of the right translation tools is also important. Here at Mars Translation, we are providing impeccable translation services in the fastest possible turnaround time. For more details, get in touch now!