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10 Reasons to Invest in E-commerce Translation

By: Shahzad Bashir Posted on Thu, 08-09-2022

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It won’t be wrong to say that future belongs to e-commerce. Very few SMEs are not available online except many others have launched their businesses online without a physical outlet and that does work as long as it is online and active with all the marketing strategies and planning beforehand.

In order to work on a plan and establish a brand all over the world, all online retailers need to work on an e-commerce localization and for that, you need a quality translation.

If implemented localization rightly e-commerce can be a game changer for your business. The quality translation of e-commerce with effective localization enables you as a business to have a strong and credible online presence and further expand it into new markets.

Businesses need to realize that localization is the key to taking their business to the whole next level and that too globally. Right e-commerce translation can be an instant global hit with an effective localization solution.

Here are the 10 important reasons that are imperative and valid enough to explain how missing e-commerce translation can be a reason if you are not making much in your business.

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1. Effective SEO Strategies Make it Rank Better

The main reason companies should go for the e-commerce translation is how it is evident for the good ranking in the search engines. The translation and localization of the business employ the most sought terms which are beneficial for good ranking.

When you plan to reach a wider audience which is actually the ultimate goal of a company, it is important that you build long-term relationships with the international clients who become consumers of the website.

Email marketing, the content on a website with particular keywords, and the implementation of other SEO techniques, all are essential for a better ranking. It further includes consistency in the banners and advertising, product descriptions, and other related content.

However, it is important that the company work with expert SEO analysts who are highly acknowledged and understand the marketing jargon and their proper placements with the right use of digital platforms.

This way businesses don’t have to work on a plan separately to reach more audiences and incorporate the content with SEO strategies. The SEOs can start working right from the start of e-commerce translation.

2. E-commerce is Long-Lasting and Dominating

As per the statistics, global e-commerce sales are going to reach around $6.54 trillion by the year 2023. Moreover as per the report by 2025 online shopping is going to be the reason to earn close to a sales of a quarter of global retails.

In the month of May 2020, the increase in online sales went to 77% globally. The reason we all understand was the COVID-19 pandemic. However, everything and business that has their e-commerce available in multiple languages are going to stay.

As e-commerce can stand well in the global market and you might get orders from all over the world. To deal with customers globally you need to offer your products in their native language which makes e-commerce translation inevitable.

Businesses need to take benefit of a favorable economic scenario and they need to adapt to the business trends which are viral globally. They should be working on a website that gets a diverse client.  This is only possible through translation and effective localization.

3. It Helps to Expand Well and Have a Wider Reach

English is undoubtedly a universal language and is spoken by billions. However, people who even understand the English language still prefer to make purchases in their native language. So assuming that presenting an e-commerce store in the English language is going to be enough could make you miss out on a huge potential audience out there.

According to a report, 1.35 billion population in the world are English speakers and can understand it as well. This figure contributes to the word population of around 17% which implies how you are turning your back on the rest of 83% of the world by sticking to the English language and ignoring the translation in other important languages. There is a lot more that you can serve on your plate.

According to the experts translating your online business into around 11 languages can attract 88% more masses among all internet users globally. Translating your business doesn’t say that you have to translate it into every other language however, the languages which have massive speakers and which make an effect online should include languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Hindi. Catering in these languages can make you earn millions if done rightly.

4. It Helps win Customer’s Trust and Loyalty

Not to mention one of the major reason businesses need to adapt to e-commerce translation is how translation can make their reach tremendously by presenting their e-commerce business in multiple languages. Online customers and shoppers are totally inundated with the variety and choices.

They have a product in different variants and qualities barely a click away. It is also convenient for them to switch sites and open new pages without much hassle and uncertainty.

It is undoubtedly tough and hard to bring the traffic on board initially. As the website doesn’t get a good ranking in organic search in the markets, particularly those which are not targeted accordingly.

So the site could go invisible in the searches. This is what makes it mandatory to translate and localize the web content to make the e-commerce website stand well in searches and ranking.

A better-ranked website wins the customer’s trust as well as loyalty. He feels familiar with and regardless of the location and preferred language will love to shop from the website due to its good ranking and reviews.

The right and accurate e-commerce translation ensure that the content product description and checkout process are all top-notch and engaging enough for the consumer without much hassle and complexity.

The localization experts with website developers have to ensure that the checkout process should be hassle-free and with natural ease. This way customers will have all the reasons to come back and not leave.

Another interesting benefit that the e-commerce translation can reap is that they don’t have to be big to make sales online. If they implement the right strategies with accurate content they can make decent earnings and sales that too globally even if they are a small setup.

5. It Boosts the Traffic and Revenue Generation 

This is another important reason that compels businesses to go for e-commerce translation and localization. Translating the website and business into multiple languages attract and tempts new audiences.

It fetches more traffic and works on growing the traffic for you and also increases conversions. The translation enables the feature of filling out the forms for international leads, they can download the content and then reach out to salespeople.

Customers feel at home when they find the websites and their required products in their native language. They can go through the details, the benefits and adverse effects of having those products.

Also, seeing the content sorted according to customers’ choices and preferences usually ends up generating more revenue. Translating the e-commerce website can accelerate sales and businesses.

6. It Creates Brand Awareness and Recognition

Taking the business overseas and making it global is a big responsibility. It also allows you to strengthen yourself as a brand and establish credibility and recognition. An online presence allows people to visit you time and again.

Even if they don’t make a purchase at first they will remember your website and products for a while and reverting after some time they will know how they have visited earlier and the website is good enough to gain trust.

Making the content available in the customer’s native language helps him connect a bond and a connection that makes him feel that he can trust this website and business. Brand recognition helps customers to gain the trust of the business. 

Earning customers’ trust is important and evident as consumer acquisition is always based on good quality and a positive reputation.

The more brand is promoted among the general public, the more celebrated it is. This is why e-commerce translation should be a strategy to rule all over.

7. It Reduces Overhead and Operation Costs

Businesses always want to earn more and make maximum with minimal investments. An online and e-commerce business allows you to operate online and not having any particular outlet or physical address can save a lot for you.

Online businesses have this privilege where they don’t have to showcase their products in a real shop. Similarly, it allows them to not hire the staff and other expenses including electricity and other bills.

Products are easy to sort and display online once all the data and content are ingested. It is quite a hassle to display products in a real place. In the retail industry, for instance, a shop owner can easily have the products of their choice from suppliers all over the world without even leaving the comfort of his home. 

Shifting to an e-business not only reduces the travel expenses, repair and maintenance with the operation and other bills costs but it can also make you earn big time with more profit and fewer expenses.

8. It Establishes a Global Client Base

Once you go for the e-commerce translation you become a part of the global market and become a global player. This is when without much investment you get to become a global business owner and can get orders and customers from all over the world.

It is all a matter of a few clicks. After running paid campaigns and investing a nominal amount you can also get into the circle of larger audiences and hundreds of e-marketplaces online. As AMR (advanced market research) suggests, more than 1.3 trillion dollars’ worth of products and goods have been made available through multiple B2B marketplaces, and that too all through an online medium.

Who wants to miss out on this opportunity by only not paying heed to e-commerce translation timely? However, it is important to take note that an effective translation helps to get all these benefits. The content translated and integrated on the website should have relevant keywords and content with relevant marketing tools. Marketing is what helps to slay a business despite the fact whether a business is online or not.

9. It Provides Better Networking Opportunities

Running a business often drains the people involved and asks for innovative ideas all the time. Business owners mostly had to stay stuck to their business spending most of their time in offices.

Moreover, they had limited medium to grow in their business and to learn from fellow businessmen or get connected to the chamber of commerce but now the people working online and offering the products through e-commerce with multilingual options allow you to work from home too and offers better networking opportunities.

The Internet has now enabled entrepreneurs to create a global community of peers where they can discuss their problems, can release their stress, and can guide each other for the better. It offers numerous opportunities for business owners to grow as a businessman and to work better on their businesses.

There are a lot of chat rooms, online communities, social media groups, and forums that enable the business community to connect with each other.

People from different corners of the world can discuss business opportunities regarding promotional and marketing techniques with people who are in the same line. It has become easier than ever to try innovative ideas without leaving the comfort of home and spending much.

10. Helps to have Direct Customer Feedback and Support

Real business owners understand how important customer feedback is. Those who care about their customers' choices and preferences never fail to shine in their businesses. Another reason which makes it vital to go for a multilingual e-commerce translation and website is the owners can receive customers’ feedback directly.

Gone are the days when enterprises didn’t bother about what their customers think and which improvements they are looking for. With advancements in internet technology and freedom of expression, customers can now work on social media campaigns and can easily defame businesses which is why it is important they are delivered what they are promised and their feedback is taken seriously and can be implemented accordingly for better. Online businesses are also efficient because they can provide better customer support now.

Businesses can communicate with customers in real-time about products and services. They can check how customers are spending time on the website and which are their hot products taking the most attention from customers. The customer engagements and stay time, everything is traceable. The same goes with the customers they can evaluate the products instantly and companies can fix issues accordingly.


E-commerce translation now needs time. An advanced era with easy access to the internet has made it evident for businesses to get their businesses online for their own good. It is important that entrepreneurs realize the significance of e-commerce translation and hire a professional translation Company for it accordingly as they have got all the right reasons to offer their websites and online businesses in multiple languages.