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List of Documents That Are Needed To Prepare the Last Testament


The testament is a form of document that the author has declared to be true. Not all forms of testaments are found valid in all the states. In other words, in some of the states, written testaments have been found valid while in some of the other states, these written testaments are not found to be valid. In order to prepare a testament for your loved ones, there are certain documents that you will need to submit with your lawyer.

In China, a testament is something that is carried out as a sign or evidence of a specific fact, event or quality especially relating to personal property. The inheritance process in China is normally supervised by the laws of the deceased’s nationality, so that many potential conflicts can be avoided. At certain times, the law of China is applied, depending on where the property is exactly located. Want to know more about the testaments in China, get hold of the Chinese Simplified testaments translation services.

A lot of detailed information about this topic is available everywhere here in China. If you don’t belong to this region, you may not understand the language spoken here. Then, you can get in touch with the document translation services. The documents that you provide to your lawyer can help him to ensure he covers all the necessary topics and has the all the correct information, making it much easy for him to follow up on all the wordings that you have entered into your testament skillfully.

Beneficiary Information

In order to prepare your testament, your lawyer will require all the information about the people to whom you want to leave your property. He may also ask their full names, addresses and other contact information, their social security number along with their birth certificates and maybe also adoption papers for any minor children you may have. A lot of people have this information memorized in their mind, but by bringing along all these documents, can help avoid making any mistakes.

Asset Information

It is very crucial to provide information about all your assets while preparing your testament. The reason being it can help your lawyer to understand completely, how you have distributed your assets among your beneficiaries. When you have decided to prepare your testament, do remember to bring all the documents related to your assets. These documents include a copy of the paperwork of your house or any other property, details about your vehicles or bank statements or any other papers related to your retirement or any investments.

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Debt Information

Along with providing information about your assets, you also have to bring along the documents relating to any debts that you may have. For example, documents that are related to your mortgage, student loan, car loan or even consumer debt. Your lawyer can use this information to exactly figure out how much your entire property worth is, thus, helping you to decide how to distribute your property. This will also help you to see a clear financial picture, so that you can easily pay all your debt while still alive, and leave the rest to your beneficiaries.

The Executor

This person is totally responsible for making sure that your testament is carried out according to all the terms and conditions included in it. This testament is occasionally left to either the spouse or a close friend of the family. If you have a complex testament, which includes many beneficiaries, only then, your lawyer can be the best person who can execute the testament fairly among them.

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