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Marriage Certificate Translation Services

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In the rapidly evolving world of today, when globalization is taking place at a rapid pace, immigrations are a common occurrence too. These immigrations, occurring from one country/region, often require the individuals to translate their official documents. One of these important documents is marriage certificate.

In case of marriage certificates, the individuals who need this document for immigration or visa purposes need a reliable and efficient marriage certificate translation services to be able to apply for official proceedings. Although the translation of official documents might be a problem for many, a reliable and expert translation partner can make this translation possible.

This is where Mars Translation comes in.

Why Choose Mars Translation?

Individuals and people who have applied for visas to other countries need a translation partner who can translate their marriage certificate for them at low costs while preserving the quality of this certificate.

Mars Translation, one of the professional and expert translation agencies, has been delivering translation services since its inception 17 years ago. Read on to find out why Mars Translation should be your choice for a translation partner when you are in need of getting quality marriage certificate translation service.

Precision and Accuracy

Two of the common principles followed at Mars Translation are accuracy and precision. Mars Translation makes this possible with the support of expert and professional translators and linguists who are not only subject matter experts but also hold credible qualifications in their areas of language expertise.

Numbering well over 5000, these expert linguists translate in more than 100 global languages and have delivered over 30,000 translated documents so far. The accurate and precise services for translations that these linguists deliver are a testimony to the professional approach with which they work.

Quality Certifications

When a client opts for Mars Translation’s services, he can be sure of quality assurance of his translated projects, especially if these translation tasks involve complex and technical documents.

Although marriage certificate translation services don’t need technical expertise for translations, they still need quality when it comes to translating documents, and Mars Translation has a quality certification of ISO 9001: 2008 to back it up. In addition, Mars Translation is also a member of two of the renowned translation associations, the American Translators Association (ATA) and Globalization and Localization Association (GALA).

To keep up with the quality standards, Mars Translation complies with GDPR standards, taking special care to assess the quality of the translated documents at every stage of the process.


If you are an individual seeking translation services for your marriage certificate, chances are that you have already considered the cost of translation. It is also true that translation of documents is a cumbersome task to undertake, one that might be costly, but Mars Translation understands the cost concerns of its clients well, offering affordability along with quality.

The translation rates offered by Mars Translation are among the most competitive and affordable ones among its competitors, with standard rates starting from as low as USD 0.044 per word. Not only that, this low translation rate does not include any hidden charges or expert fees that might cause any inconvenience to the clients.

Comprehensive Service Delivery

The translation of marriage certificates in other languages is hardly a difficult task for the expert linguists at Mars Translation. But documents are not the only thing that are translated by these expert linguists. In fact,

Mars Translation offer a comprehensive translation solution for a wide range of services that are important parts of an industry such as websites, desktop-publishing, software, and apps. In addition to that, the companies for which these services are rendered belong to a diverse array of industries such as legal, medical, entertainment, finance, business, manufacturing, retail, and engineering.

This wide service offering makes Mars Translation one of the most professional translation agencies and a perfect choice for getting marriage certificate translation services.


Marriage certificates are important documents that need an expert approach for translation. Mars Translation proves to be one of the professional translation partners that you could rely on for getting your marriage certificates translated anytime, anywhere.

With Mars Translation, be assured of getting expert translation solutions for your content, irrespective of its length or nature as the professional linguists at Mars Translation are able to handle any type of translation—expertly and swiftly.