The medical industry is constantly evolving. The practices have changed over the years. Moreover, the mediums for treating patients have also been diverse. Also, the healthcare industry closely studies new research and technologies for better implementation. Medical groups are the practices of the day now and it is a new model for care of the patients in today’s modern world. A medical group is a network that is run by independent physicians who own their practices and refuse to work as salaried employees with healthcare systems. They decide to join a medical group so that they can stay independent and also get the support that they need time and again to facilitate their patients.

Twenty of America’s top competent medical groups are given below with brief details.

1. Penn State Medical Group 

Penn State Medical Group

Penn State Health is a multi-hospital health system and it is based in Pennsylvania. This medical group is facilitating the patients and communities across 29 counties. They aim to improve their patient care through research, wider community outreach, and education.

It has 126 practices in 94 unique outpatient locations. It has more than 17,500 employees and more than 3,000 physicians and care providers. It all started with the Hershey Medical Center back in 1970. It is more powerful now and has grown to include six hospitals. This further stimulated its growth in 2015 when by acquiring St Joseph Regional Health Network in Berks County.

It was in 2017 when Physicians’ Alliance LTD, also the largest independent physician practice group in Lancaster County joined hands with Penn State Health.

The Penn State Medical Group aims to provide the health and well-being of Pennsylvania people and even beyond.

2. Buffalo Medical Group

Buffalo Medical Group

Buffalo Medical Group was founded back in 1946 after World War II. Four visionary Buffalo physicians Drs Ramsdell Gurney, Murray S. Howland Jr., George F. Koepf, and Frank Meyers are the founders of the Buffalo medical group. It was after the war that they decided to give up the concept of solo practice which was a common norm back then and start working as a team practice. They had firm beliefs about themselves and their team and they believed they could treat patients better in the team. 70 years later the BMG group is facilitating its patients with innovative patient care and is also known as the largest physician-dictated group practice in New York state.

Services at Buffalo Medical Group include surgical and medical departments as well as clinical support services. Patients can choose their primary care from the group and the physician assigned is supposed to take care of the patients as long as patients stay to get the care at Buffalo Medical Group.

3. Intercoastal Medical Group

Intercoastal Medical Group

This group was founded back in 1993. It has a team of registered and highly credentialed 100 physicians who contain particular and specialized medical specialties. Intercoastal Medical Group is committed to providing the best quality care to the patients and healthcare industry. They have ten main locations in Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida. Their patients benefit from effective and efficient healthcare staff.

Top-notch health and wellness services are available in Sarasota and Manatee counties with the team of the most competent doctors in the town. They also facilitate queries online and appointments can also be booked accordingly. Their services include facilities of imaging, laboratory, and weekend care clinics with further specialties.

4. Laureate Medical Group

Laureate Medical Group

Laureate Medical Group has built a strong reputation over the years. Since 1962 they have been providing the best medical care, combined with sincere affiliation and empathy for the patients.

They offer individualized and comprehensive medical care regardless of gender and ethnicity.

This medical group was renamed to Laureate Medical Group in 2000. The founders include

Drs Palay, Frank, Brown, Gottlieb, Leaderman and Shulman.

Dr. Clarence Laws started his single back in the 1930s near the Woodruff Arts Center. He has been extremely active throughout his service in the Atlanta Medical and cultural community.

In 1962 Dr. Bernard Palay shook hands with Dr. Laws and this practice grew further in a team. Dr. Palay took over the office after the death of Dr. Laws in 1970. This is how people started joining it with the passage of time making it one of the most competitive groups in the states.

Starting with a small office, Laureate Medical Group has made progress leaps and bounds and they have board-certified internists and specialists who continue the practice and are committed to contributing to a patient-focused environment in their eight offices.

5. Beaver Medical Group

Beaver Medical Group

It was founded by Dr. Meredith Beaver who settled in Redlands in 1931 and opened his clinic on 131 Cajon Street. He served during WWI and post the World War he was back to his practice. He founded Beaver Medical Clinic in 1945 with the founding members Dr. Beaver, Espey Cannon, Joseph Hayhurst, and Gordon Witther. 77 years later Beaver Medical Clinic is now Beaver Medical Group and one of the multi-specialty medical groups with more than 290 registered care providers and 17 facilities and urgent care centers. It has an alliance with two local hospitals which are:

  • Redlands community hospital
  • Banning’s San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital.

It is one of the largest medical groups in southern California and offers the following services

  • Primary care
  • Specialty care
  • On-site services

Beaver Group also collaborates with the health education department to offer services.

6. Oregon Medical Group

Oregon Medical Group

It is a medical group that was established in 1988 and started as a small group of practicing physicians who had a great vision of a patient care model as directed by the doctors rather than traditional authorities. The medical group which started with a few members has grown into one of the most important medical groups in the US. It has more than 700 employees working in different positions. They are paid and compensated well. Also, the owners understand the work-life balance for the continuous development of the organization so they make sure their employees are facilities accordingly.

The Oregon Medical Group is committed to working on a vision that is not only for the organization but for their patients too. They have introduced a convenient and easy process for the patients. Their process of booking appointments is quite simple and hassle-free. Also, they provide comprehensive care. They make sure to facilitate their patients with the best available physicians. They can also book specialists according to their needs and demands.

They offer almost all kinds of medical services.

  • Anticoagulation
  • Audiology
  • Dermatology
  • ENT
  • Family Medicine
  • Sports medicine and neurology are a few to name.

7. Vanguard Medical Group

Vanguard Medical Group

They created this medical group in 2012. This came into existence as a result of the merger of three well-known practicing care hospitals which included

  • Changebridge medical associates
  • Cranford family practice
  • Town medical associates

After two years, in 2014 there were two more members. After much consideration, Vanguard Medical Group opened its first office in 2016 in Downtown Jersey City.

Most of the physicians who are working with the Vanguard team have the experience of practice for more than 20 years now in their respective communities. They have built a culture that not only takes care of the care providers but thinks about their families too.

Vanguard is committed to quality and safety. They have also made investments in information technology to support the quality improvement processes.

The goals that they want to achieve are

  • Perfection and excellence in patient-centered care
  • Preservation of independent private practice
  • Growth through intrinsic and partnering

8. Palms Medical Group

Palms Medical Group

Palms Medical is another competent medical group in the USA. They aim to improve health, and wellness in life through compassionate medical care. They also believe in improving health through training and education. It is a diverse medical group that provides a whole range of healthcare services. They have multiple locations in North Florida.

Palms Medical Group is a not-for-profit healthcare organization. They commit to bringing quality and affordable primary care. The services they offer include primary care, pediatric care, dental services, and behavioral health. They also offer their services in alternative medicine such as chiropractic care.

They have upgraded labs with x-rays, equipment, and a pharmacy which saves the patients time and energy.

9. Silver Pine Medical Group

Silver Pine Medical Group

Silver Pine Medical Group comprises physicians who are dedicated and committed to providing comprehensive care in an empathetic and compassionate manner. They also have to contribute to the professional environment. They aim to facilitate their patients with safety, quality care, and innovation.

The services they offer include

  • Test
  • Monitor
  • Vaccinate
  • X-ray
  • Prevent
  • Manage
  • Diagnose

They have designated a blue cross shield of Michigan patient-centered medical home practice. They believe in focusing on their patient.

Physicians at the Silver Pine Groups have years of proven experience and they work with the latest technology. They guarantee their patients are in good hands. They have a certified team of practitioners and nurses. They all work in collaboration and make sure they provide good services to their patients.

10. Facey Medical Group

Facey Medical Group

This medical group was started by Dr. Frederick Facey in 1923. He was the founder of this competent medical group. He started in the San Fernando Valley in 1923. Dr. Facey started taking partners to make his group grow further and he has 3 more competent and credible members who were

  1. Dr Sundlow
  2. Dr Seiter
  3. Drs Goetschel and Warren

They further expanded their operation during the 1950s. Dr. Fcey opened a new clinic at 417 South Brand Boulevard with a huge space accommodating every doctor on board.

Facey medical foundations and groups have affiliations now with multiple health and service institutes.

They have 5 hospitals, more than 25 ambulatory care sites, 3 skilled nursing facilities, a providence medical institute, and a medical foundation with more than 180 physicians in the South Bay area. Their services include almost every kind of treatment.

11. Clarkston Medical Group

Clarkston Medical Group

James O’Neill laid the foundation of this medical group. The physicians believed in providing patients broad access to the whole healthcare team. They believe in treating all hospitals equally and with a patient-centered medical home, they provide comprehensive care to patients. They are available 24/7 to provide healthcare and for the well-being of the community.

They offer their services through telemedicine too. They have their CMG Telemedicine app available for both Android and Apple users. Patients can use it to book their appointments.

12. Cigna Medical Group

Cigna Medical Group

Cigna is a renowned medical insurance company. They deal in health and wellness taking care of their patients 24/7. They intend to improve the health and well-being of their patients with peace of mind. They are also working on health better with simple care and making it affordable for their people. They have more than 190 million customers and patients expanded to 30 countries. 70,000 employees work for this medical group and are determined to facilitate their patients and customers in the best way possible.

13. Quincy Medical Group

Quincy Medical Group

Dr. Walter M. Whitaker and Dr. Kent W. Barber both started this medical group in 1937. They were relatively Quincy physicians joined by Dr. O.F Shulian, a long-time Quincy physician at The Quincy clinic located at 1416 Maine. All of these physicians were well aware of the fact that group medicine has advanced effects in the evolving medical world. Quincy Medical Group was one of the 7 medical groups that were operational back in Illinois at that time.

Striving and surviving successfully through the years QMG surgery center now offers a low-cost and high-quality range of surgical services. It also enjoys the privilege of being the first outpatient center in Illinois to offer cardiac catheterizations in outpatient settings that are safe too.

14. Pediatrix Medical Group

Pediatrix Medical Group

Pediatrics is another competent medical group that is a physician-led healthcare organization. They have their hospitals, health systems, and other facilities related to healthcare which offer clinical services, particularly spanning and covering women and children,

The Pediatrix group has been growing since its inception in 1998 and they believe to make a difference in the lives of patients and their families. They also offer research education, working on the quality and safety of the surgical tools and every best possible support for the patients.

15. Rancho Family Medical Group

Rancho Family Medical Group

They are serving as the primary care providers in the Temecula area. They operate as the appointment-driven patient population. Furthermore, they also support walk-in patients. They operate at 28780 Single Oak Dr, Suite 160. These people have been operating since they opened in 1942 in the southeast riverside county. It happens to be one of the oldest family practice groups in the Temecula Valley with more than 50 providers who manage clinics as many as 20 including a senior center, urgent care, senior nursing facility, and hospital locations.

16. Graybill Medical Group

Graybill Medical Group

Palomar Health Medical Group also known as the Graybill is one of the largest and independent primary and specialty care medical groups in the region. They have helped multiple generations of families. This group was founded back in 1932 and has completed 90 years successfully.

They proudly offer

  • Primary and urgent specialty care
  • Having 80 compassionate and caring physicians and practitioners on board

17. Stoll Medical Group

Stoll Medical Group

This group is one of the competent groups in Philadelphia, PA. Stoll Medical Group also happens to be one of the most committed groups in the town. Like all other medical groups, they also put great emphasis on primary care. Patients are provided with the patient portal and they can choose their physicians as per their needs and diagnosis. Appointments can also be booked online. Moreover, they keep updating their list of care providers so that patients know the people onboard.

18. Scarsdale Medical Group

Scarsdale Medical Group

The mission of Scarsdale Medical Group is to ensure that every individual who is coming to SMG gets personalized and high-quality medical care with all due compassion and respect.

The vision of Scarsdale is to get partnered if needed for the better health and wellness of the community with the best possible care tailored as per the needs of the patients.

SMG has affiliations with the leading hospitals including White Plains Hospital and Greenwich Hospital for gynecology and obstetrics.

19. Turnure Medical Group

Turnure Medical Group

Physicians on board in the tournure medical group strongly believe in primary health care as well as soul care. They also make sure that they understand the cultural context while facilitating patients who come from different cultural backgrounds.

TMG was made by Dr. Turnure in 2000. He always had the determination to provide extraordinary medical care to the patients and set an environment for them where they feel at home and accept physicians as their family.

Turnure offers different packages which may vary as per the requirements of personalized care.

They have three main packages

  1. Traditional Doctors
  2. Concierge medical providers
  3. Turnure medical group

20. Northtowns Medical Group

Northtowns Medical Group

They are a medical practice group who are based in Buffalo, New York. They have their specialization in internal medicine and physician assistant. This group was founded by Edward A. Stehlik who is an internal medicine specialist at Northtowns. He took this initiative in 1990. Starting with a few people who are now a team of more than 10,000 employees.

They have their services in internal medicine

  • Physician Assistant
  • Nursing (Nurse practitioner)

They are determined to set higher standards for care in western New York. Also, they promise to listen, educate, and facilitate their patients with personalized care. They also believe in using recent technology for the betterment of humanity. This group ensures to work on the mental health of their patients. They have their services available in multiple languages and offer medical interpreters as well.


A medical group is a practice of physicians where they get on board to work with a team of doctors and physicians and get determined to provide their patients the best medical care that stays independent in their practices. There are hundreds of medical groups in the USA now. Twenty of these have been mentioned above with a brief history and the services they are offering currently.