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Multilingual content marketing strategy


Content marketing has become an important part of the marketing mix. It brings in new leads, boosts your SEO, and creates stronger connections with your existing customers. It’s already a huge challenge to produce and deliver all the content your company requires in one language. It’s evolved so much in the past five years that translating these assets into all the languages of your target markets can be paralyzing. Well, if that’s your experience, you are not alone. Statistics show that 60% of global marketers have no strategy for multilingual content marketing. Content marketing is widely seen as a solution to the problem of declining traditional marketing effectiveness. However, content marketing approaches that work in one territory cannot be guaranteed success in another.

Below are some tips to help you developing a successful international content marketing strategy.

Be clear of your targets

Define the objectives of your content marketing strategy, defining the purpose and setting clear aims will be never too important. Understanding what your target audience’s interests, goals, challenges, motivations and how your content can help them, this can ensure you to develop appropriate messages suitable for them. The strategy can easily be different from country to country depending on your industry.

Develop a compelling value proposition

Constructing a compelling value proposition is crucial in marketing. Identify the value proposition by market research and competitor analysis, try to achieve recognition of brand identity through a clear communication of the value proposition and credibility of the organization, then it will be possible to build a successful brand.

Transcreate your content

It is important to understand the cultural nuances of your target market to ensure that you avoid potential pitfalls and translation blunders that might have a negative effect on your brand abroad.

Select the right channels

Your content may be perfectly adapted to the local audience, but if you’re not distributing it through the right channels, no one will read it. Users in different territories display different behavior online and use different channels and platforms.

Think of how much content marketing can do for you, now multiply that by the number of countries you are (or will be) in. While it requires a good amount of effort, a consistent multilingual strategy can have a truly significant impact on your business.

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