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Official Transcripts VS Unofficial Transcripts - Which Will Suite You Better


An academic transcript is an official academic record, an add-on diploma, a learning statement, any prizes or awards that you have received or something else that is similar. It is also a list of all the subjects that you have studied every year, the marks and grades that you have achieved and the credit rating and level of each part. The transcript should also clearly point out the qualification you have successfully completed. It should be stamped and signed by the head of your institution and be typed on an original letter-headed paper.

In Portugal, an academic transcript is a record of the courses that you have taken and grades that you have earned as a student throughout the entire course. There are official transcripts and transcripts that are made by the student himself which is then verified and further on attested by an authorized person. It is just similar to a mark sheet or report card. Here, in Portugal, the transcripts are also called transcript of records. If you are interested in finding out more information about the academic transcripts in Portugal, make use of the Portuguese Academic Transcripts Translation Services.

All academic transcripts come in the form of a document. Those people, who are not aware of the Portuguese language, can take help from the Document Translation Services. Similarly, those who want to know more about the academic transcripts in Portugal can hire the Portuguese Transcripts Translation. There are two types of transcripts that are available such as official transcripts and unofficial transcripts. Let’s have a look at the details.

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts display the information with your name, student identification number, courses enrolled, your grades, unit information, your grade point average, transfer work and academic actions such as if you have repeated any courses, your withdrawals, with the degree awarded that also includes the date. These transcripts also include honors and award documentation such as the Dean’s list, department and internship documents. These transcripts are printed on security paper which has the Registrars signature and the University seal.

Being it a difficult language, a lot of people can’t read or understand Portuguese. What they can do is take help from the Portuguese Language Translation Services not just because they are cost effective but also because they provide the best Quality Translation Services.

Unofficial Transcripts

An unofficial transcript is a primarily internal document that displays the student’s main course work from the starting date and if there has been any credit transferred from any previous academic institutions. It also includes details on where you stand in your academic course and your discipline, any honors that you have achieved, previous academic institution degree and its address. In addition, it also shows how your course has been transferred to this university as your main career, your program and the future plan.

So, your academic transcripts give the detail about all your matriculated programmes, the courses in which you have enrolled along with the grades that you have achieved. You can also request an official document online as well if you have your username and password and if you are able to pay with a credit card. Students, who want to get their academic transcripts in Portugal, can take advantage of the Portuguese Academic Transcripts Translation.