Online Customer Purchasing Trends – Increase Your Sales In Singapore


Singaporeans are culturally vast people. They are one of the best examples of globalization. And because of this, they love to try new things from different cultures and shopping online has given them exactly that.

  • 72% of Singaporean consumers like to shop online.
  • 70% of them shop internationally online.

This is by far, the highest international online market margin in the world. And this is why Singapore is the best market for e-commerce businessmen. If you globalize your e-commerce business, you have the potential to increase your sales a lot more.

Where Do They Shop?

Top Destinations:

The Singaporean clients like to shop from websites belonging to the following countries:

  • China – 37%
  • USA – 43%
  • South Korea – 21%

What Do They Shop?

While shopping online internationally, the Singaporeans like to buy the following items:

  • Transport and Travel – 41%
  • Beauty and Cosmetics – 34%
  • Clothing, Apparel, Footwear and Accessories – 62%

How Do They Find You?

  • 65% of the Singaporeans only shop from the websites they have used in the past.
  • 42% of them like to shop from the websites their friends and family recommend.
  • 44% of them try the websites they know of.

Cross-Border E-Commerce Revitalized

  • 16% of them use their smartphones to make payments.
  • 50% of them use their smartphones to shop internationally online.

What Urges Them To Shop Online Internationally?

  • 51% of them shop online because of the safe way of shopping and making payments.
  • 63% of them shop online internationally because of the free shipping.
  • 49% do it because they can find hard to find products on those websites.
  • 49% of them shop online because of the overall lower costs of shopping.

What Turns Them Off?

  • 49% of them are concerned about not receiving the product.
  • 51% don’t shop internationally online because of the high shipping costs.
  • 47% are concerned about not getting help when they need it.

Why Do They Abandon Shopping Carts?

  • 29% of them abandon carts because they are looking for a better price.
  • 52% of them do it because of the long shipping times and high charges.
  • 24% do it because of the high or unsure fees, custom fees, taxes and duty charges.

Why Do They Return Your Products?

  • 18% of the Singaporeans return their purchased products.
  • 8% always intended to return the products.
  • 9% returned because the product was not as described.
  • 5% of them no longer wanted the product.

Freight Forwarding – A Major Issue

  • 28% of the Singaporeans use a forwarding address.
  • 31% of them use a freight forwarding company.
  • 42% use the company because the company is cheaper.
  • 51% used the company because the website did not shipped to their country.
  • 36% of them wanted to make a single payment of all of their purchases.

Currency Conversion

  • 84% of the Singaporean consumers prefer to make their international online purchase payments in their own currency.

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