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Pseudo-Localization; an internationalization testing Method

Pseudo-Localization; an internationalization testing Method _L.jpg

Pseudo localization is the process of examining any software of international use. In this process the software is transformed completely from one language to another for localizing. To translate any text strings into Korean language you can also take help from Language Translator Services like Korean Text String Translation Services. This process of testing software for localization is the important for international businesses.

Basically, every software is designed one main language suppose English, and for localizing it in Korean language, the software is hand over to Translation Services. These translation services translate all the software text into Korean language by keeping the actual meaning of the software language in mind. Documents Translation Services for any type of software is really technical; it can only be done by those who understand the language strings completely for localizing.

During the widow vista development cycle Microsoft used pseudo localization. The languages used in these types of software in window parlance were called as pseudo locals. The translation of each of the pseudo locals language families are translated text into the language which is read in the English language.

The uses of pseudo localization are divided into three categories which are timeliness, inexpensive and quality assurance. As soon as you realize the importance of localization, you can get the right procedure to convert the language faster and less costly. It will help you to reduce the timeline for localizing, as you can reduce the time limit by extracting the right service. By pseudo localization you can get the guaranteed quality work.  

During pseudo localization we test different elements of localization which involves:

  • The range of text is tested and supported by knowing all about the target locals.
  • The text which is to be translated should be identifiable by the audience.
  • The codes which are translated should not be included into the text as it distracts the audience.
  • Text expansion should be kept in notice because the text always expands after the translation and where the spaces are suitably required.
  • Create different language text for the image in the new graphical design by layering process to add time and localization.
  • The more linked strings should be restructured or give the alternative solution for that linked strings.

For localization of your software make sure you send the exact source file to the services you are using for translation.  For Korean software text you can take help from Korean Text String Translation Services. As the Korean Text String Quality Translation Services are the services specifically designed to translate the complicated text strings which are used in your software. You can also take help for the rechecking of your software after the conversion for localization. For international use it is important to satisfy your audience, otherwise it would create many complains time to time. For localization you have got the idea, it is not possible to write all about internationalism test in one article you can better out after getting the idea to localize the website or software.