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Six keys To Improve Communication Skills


In this world of globalized business world, it is indispensable to learn to navigate across cultural landscapes. To be savvy global traveler you need to be willing to undertake the journey of understanding other cultures. Even now day’s people keep the bunch of translated cards along with them to use right business card at right time. They use certified documents translation services like Thai business cards translation services, which helped to translate their business cards into different languages. Through Professional Industry expert Translation, you need the understanding of how different culture trade and do business.

Develop cultural intelligence, so you can communicate confidently across cultures. The essence of communication is sharing, providing date, information, and inspiration and exchange that benefits both you and the people with whom you are communicating. Like exchanging of business cards benefits both you and the other person to whom you are giving it to

In any communication process, there is the sender and the receiver. The sender is the person who sends the message or conveys the message and the receiver is the person who processes the message and gives feedback about the message. The golden rule of communication is it is never is to intent its always in the outcome. So it is not about what you intend to communicate it is about what receiver processes and receive or the outcome.

Effective communication is essential in business. Whether it is online, face to face, or through written, for example email or text. It is important to choose the type of communication depending on what message you are trying to get across.

What are the communication barriers that cause the confusion?

Physical barriers to communication:

Electronic communication is most suitable for requests and enquires that are semi-formal but can be used between friends or business colleagues. Some barriers to this might be that you cannot gauge responses of the readers.

Face to face communication like open, crowd or broad meetings are suitable with visual props, meaning you can show what you mean and explain more cleverly. One downside to this type is it’s not always possible if they live far away or are too busy to arrange a meeting.

Social media broadcasts, for example tweets or status updates, are good method of communication for reaching multiple people who you don’t know on a personal level however they can come across as vague and it’s not guaranteed that it will be received y your specific target.

Video communication gives you benefit from both electronic and face to face communication. It allows you to see the other person and you can gauge their responses. It also allows long distant communication and this type may not be suitable for a more formal request.

Language barrier:

Language barrier is the huge barrier as it varies from country to country. Doing business globally you have to be clear in the language you are communicating. Most of the time people don’t have the same languages and feel really difficulty in expressing their views in business. Most of the companies use documents translation services. These type of services help you in every sought of translation like for business cards translation you can take help from Thai business cards translation services.

Emotional barrier to communication:

Nerves, embarrassment, and lack of confidence are all emotional barriers to communication. To overcome these barriers, there are breathing exercises which you can do to calm yourself down before speaking.

Some of planning techniques to reduce nervousness in present are

  • Narrow your presentation or speech down to 3 main points, so it is less likely you will forget what you wanted to say.
  • Introduce your topic interactively, it should be short and clear.
  • Use repetition for emphasis and to use up any extra line.
  • End up with reinforcing your main point.

How to become an effective communicator?

If you lack communication skills, you would have problems with intimate relationships, at your job, managing employees or running a business. Over all in life having communication skills is important to make your life smooth, just like little things work better for you when you have good communication skills. Communication is something that would last for your whole life. Six basic keys to improve communication skills are:


Being a communicator you have to figure out how you are communicating. You can even communicate through your body language, imagery or other things. Ultimately all ways are used to communicate some sought of message or to deliver some impact. Some of the people communicate things but they can’t express what they actually want because the communication is not assertive. People do not stick up to their guns so that’s why they don’t get what they want.

Your communication should be such that people perceive it as serious not like that it seems like you are imposing your agenda on them. It is very important; you have to know how to be confident in your delivery.


It is about true to you. Most of the people hold back, they want to polite, courteous, don’t want to offend somebody and they will do anything to go verbal transaction well, so they don’t worry about that whether they are honest with themselves or not. They do not honor their own values in any situation. You should be clear about your own values, agenda and what is true. And then have courage and be authentic, when you communicate.

Open mindedness:

Open mindedness means you are willing to consider other perspectives or alternative scenarios and ideas. Don’t close your mind off to alternate point of view because many people in your life would have their different point of view than your own. To be a good communicator you have to listen the other perspective or idea, otherwise it would really create unhealthy environment.


Empathy is very important for communication. As a human being we all have special neurons in the brain which causes empathy with other human beings. This is about experiencing the emotions of others like our own. Empathy creates the common ground, when you are empathizing with the person you are communicating that person will feel like understood.


Communication needs to be clear. Communication is not that you meant to say but it is the other person received. Sometimes you say something and the other person do something else, this means the person has received your work the wrong way. Clarity is all about getting your intention in line with the other person. The best type of communication is extremely clear.


Communication is just not about talking, it’s also about listening others. People want to feel like they are listened too. Listening is not just opening up your ears to people, you have to show them you understand them and you are interested in what they are talking about.