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Study The Computer Languages


This technological world is filled with wonders; the most important of all used widely is computer. Computer is operated by its special languages. The work you do on computer is converted into any other language and computer operated on it. You can even translate your digital content by computer into any language you demand for consulting Latin American Spanish translation services for Digital Content.

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Why not English?

The CPU cannot understand the English language; it is just set to on/off switches. It has to interpret things that are about very basic binary language. There few reason why we cannot use English as a programming language for CPU.

First of all there is the huge vocabulary, natural like human languages like English are really big. They have lots of different meanings in different context. There are also the lots of things like weird special cases in grammar. There are lots of different ways of saying things that are kind of similar but not totally the same. This will just make the tool incredibly complicated. It also has this interesting problem of being kind of ambiguous, because it is slow to new answers, strange references people use in English when expressing themselves.

Why there are many languages for computer?

Some programming languages are better at something’s, for example C++ is faster than java, but it is more difficult to program C++. Other languages are older and this means that may be using obsolete technology or you cannot use into your systems. Older languages are even worse that’s why new languages always keeps on replacing all the time.

High level and low level languages:

Simply think that human is at the top and machine is at the bottom, and what are you doing is that you are kind rationalizing those two things. This means that high level languages are the one which favorably understand the human. They are closer to where the problem is and how you are actually stating the problem. High level language is closer to the problem easier for human. High level language is more abstract to do things for you and also contains natural language elements.

Whereas low level language is at the bottom, it will more closely to machine. Low level language is closer to solution which is easier for machine. Low level language is difficult to read. It is real issues of the detail of control that how much control you want on what you are doing. If you are using high level language it will do a lot more for you, but you lose the certain amount of control.

Normally this is good thing for you because you don’t have to do that work yourself. But sometimes you have to dig down a little more in certain environments. Usually you are trying to do something that your high level language doesn’t understand. There are different ways about thinking about the problem or using different pieces of hardware that it doesn’t normally experts.

There is the idea generated that you are at the top and you the human and as you look down depending on your expertise you are going to understand certain things with certain number of levels down. It will be programming language, the working of the memory, work of the CPU, work of the transistor and the work of quantum among electrons. At some point you are going to fall off enough to think that all these belong to some magic.

So there is this threshold about magic that tells you how far down or up level hierarchy, you can go where you actually comfortable.

Compiled or interpreted:

Compiled language is converted into binary code directly. This means you get the source code for example in language called C++. You run it through the program called compiler and outcomes binary code. The computer only understands binary code so this perfect for you and a computer. You give the computer the binary code and it runs through it pretty quickly.

Interpret languages can be translated into different language or directly executed. This means that you will get your source interpreted language and you have to run that source code through a program. This program will communicate with the computer, on with a processor. Your code doesn’t get converted into binary code directly. This is slower because depending on a program to communicate with the computer and not given the computer the instructions directly.

How do they work?

Compile language is converted or compiled to binary code and then computer run that binary code. It is very simple, you will get your source code, give that to compiler and then you get binary code and then you get a computer.

Interpret language is ran by a program that interact with a computer and this extra step with interpreter. This program interacts with the computer instead of giving the source code or the binary code directly to the computer. This extra step meets interpreted languages slower because you are depending on another program. It goes like, you get your source code, and then you can translate into a simpler language or you can directly interpret it. It is up to a program design.


In terms of imperative languages this is sought of a most obvious class. Imperative is just the sequence of commands. So in this case program itself is operating within the machine that has the state which can be distorted. And you have to do things, like writing to memory, drawing to the screen or something like that and that changes the state of the machine.

It is based on being able change state by command. Commands themselves are describes how to implement the algorithm. This is also very similar to how the CPU works; the CPU is the state machine which takes one command or one instruction, one after another. It also makes sense with the human point of view that when you are trying to think how to do something, you will get the instruction manuals and try to assemble something.

The manual tells you the list of instructions or the list of commands you need to follow to implement to describe the object. These all computer language works along with Professional Language Translation Service to translate your documents you wish to.

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