Drinking water is an important part of our lives and extremely important for good health. After all we all are made up of 65% water, it helps you lose weight and stay younger. So which water is better for you, do you trust the water that straight comes out of your tap, or you spend money and buy a water of all kind. Now you would be really confused about that water choice.

You can clear out your confusion by going through the original lab test of the water by taking help from Language Translator services to check the documents yourself. Make sure you know how that water is manufactured into the sealed bottles what chemicals they are using to purify that water. Brand testing can be examined by the help of Portuguese (Europe) Brand Testing Translation Services at any place.

Do you know the difference between the tap water, acidic water, and the alkaline water?

You can conduct water at your home by yourself by making up your small lab. Here is something that would help you to conduct the test. Our blood has the pH level of 7.35 on the pH scale this is slightly alkaline. In order to achieve optimal health you must constantly increase the alkaline substance in your body. To hearten disease and sickness just adopt an acid lifestyle. So it is highly important to test your water in order to prevent sickness. You can also take help from Portuguese (Europe) Brand Testing Translation Services to conduct a test.

Hare some of the steps to conduct the water test

  • Buy the water bottles of all brands and read its specification given on the bottle. If you can’t simply consult Document Translation Services to translate the labeling.
  • After going through its specification, let’s compare it with the test.
  • Grasp a test tube and pore it half with water to be tested.
  • Add few drops of iodine and shake the test tube well
  • After few time it will change the color, match it with pH scale and you get the results.

If the color of water changes yellow the water is acidic. And the acidic substance causes inflammation of the joints. The type of water you drink can add to your arthritis pain. Cancer cells feeds on acid, it is so simple to remove them by flooding them with alkalinity and they starve to death.  If the color of the water changes green than it is alkaline which really beneficial to drink.

Tap water is although free and cost effective the chemical used to treat it can be very harmful to your health. To make this water drinkable the chemical used is chlorine which is used to kill bacteria but you might not know is that chlorine does not kill algae. When chlorine and algae are combined dangerous gases are released. These gases have been linked to miscarriage in women, rectal, colon and a lot of cancers.

To keep yourself and your family healthy please try to examine your water drinking it. And convey your test results to public taking help from Portuguese Translation Services to make your research worldwide to save the lives of people.