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The Evolution of Gaming


Gaming in the 21st Century

According to research on the Game Report, every generation plays video games in every country. Compared to other entertainment channels like shopping and travelling etc., gaming is the cheapest way to satisfy our entertainment craving. Contrary to other types of traditional entertainment as mentioned above, gaming does not require you to spend as much money. You can play anywhere at any time on a number of different platforms.

The Advantages of Localization

For video game developers, if they want to explore new markets and attract new customers from different segments, they should have their games localized to the target demographics regional language. Although English is a global language and is being learnt by a vast majority of people in the 21st century, game translation is still a very valuable service that can be availed by developers. Often times, players do not play games that are not available in their native language.

Besides, in this age of gaming, language is a very important aspect of the gaming world as it plays a vital role in conveying the storyline and narrative of the game. Therefore, if your game is localized, it will become more competitive and attract a higher number of players.

Adding Value to the Players Experience

A well translated gamed can increase the quality of the experience for the players. It is a vital tool in strategy and RPG games as it is responsible for conveying the narrative, without which the game can lose all of its immersive qualities. Hence, a well translated game can provide you with a higher quality product which can attract more customers. It is no surprise then, that localization and translation of games is a major factor in their marketing and development.

Gaming has evolved significantly since the turn of the 21st century. With the rise of new technology and the smart devices, gaming has undergone what some would call a complete makeover. Where there were once only a few video games that were enjoyed by a small margin of the population, there are now millions of players playing a plethora of games on multiple platforms.

Different Platforms in Gaming

Gaming can be subcategorized into many different segments. Among these, the most common are Console Gaming, Pc gaming and mobile gaming. Each of these targets a particular set of players. With this diversification in the gaming industry, video games have become much easier to market. And nowadays, developers can reach out to millions of gamer. One of the best strategies of attracting multiple groups of video gamers is to implement localization during the development phase.

Game localization builds credibility worldwide—in the form of higher rankings, more downloads and increased sales. Translating your games in the language of your target customers will help the developers reach out to non-English speaking gamer and as players feel more comfortable with the user-friendly interface, the value of the games will increase leading to an increase in sales and revenue generation for the game developers.

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