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Understanding the Role of Translation Project Manager

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We are living in a globalized world, where we have to deal with people that speak different languages. Thanks to translation services which have mitigated the communication barriers.  Translation services hold great importance in the global world. It helps to expand your business outside the borders. Therefore, if you are unable to get impeccable translation services, it will become impossible for you to reach global customers. Moreover, the global business world is very dynamic, and it keeps on evolving. Therefore, you need translation services on time to keep pace with the global business. A qualified project manager, if hired for translation and localization projects, can provide state-of-the-art translation services in a fast turn-around time. The project managers know how to take along all the team members for the accomplishment of a project. Moreover, he knows which task to start first, how to schedule them so that no tasks overlap each other. Simply put, a PM accelerates the translation process and gives quality results. 

Who is a Translation Project Manager?

A translation project manager is a person that handles and manages the translation team which has given a translation project. A translation project deals with different documents. These can be legal, business, medical, and other different subjects. Language pairs also vary. The important thing to note is that the translation project managers don’t deal with a core task which is translation, they deal with the management side of the task. This is because they are not translators themselves.  A person that has supervised the translation projects before is eligible for this position.

Project Manager is a Single Point of Contact

A translation project is not handled by a single person. The entire team that produces seamless translation includes translator, editor, proofreader, desktop publisher, and quality assurance teams. A client requests for translation and a person that receives the request is the project manager. Therefore, the project manager is a point of contact between the client and the translation team. It is expected from the project manager that he will be available 24/7 both for the translation team and client. In this way, he can address any translation issue that can pop up. Moreover, if the client wants some modification in the project, the project manager is there for them. Each project manager has a deputy manager who can take over the responsibility, in case, if he is not available.  A project manager is fast enough to make a change in the translation project immediately as soon as he gets requests for modification.

Project Manager Understands Client's Preferences and Specific Requirements

A proficient project manager is a person who knows the technical aspects of translation projects. For instance, communication strategy and writing style according to the language nuances. He represents the translation agency and makes sure the translation team works according to the clients’ requirements. Moreover, all regional and cultural intricacies are taken care of in translation projects.

Resolves Issues Among the Translation Team

Normally, the translation project is handled by three people which are translators, an editor, and a proofreader. If any conflict arises between them, then they need to discuss it with a project manager. He will resolve the conflict between them that arises because of conflict of opinion. He will take ideas from a translation team to make the translation process more systematic and transparent. At times, he gives his professional ideas that are of great help to translators.

Assembles the Translation or Localization Team

You have got a large translation project and the language pairs, which the client is asking, are unfamiliar to you. What to do. Trying to find a subject-matter expert of their fields and native translators is a tedious task. Here the project manager is of great use to you. They will assemble the native translators and subject-matter experts from around the globe so that translation work can be started on time. After assembling proficient translators and subject-matter-experts, the project manager assigns the translation project according to the skillset. This will make you feel satisfied by the fact that your translation project is being handled by industry and linguist experts.

Take Cares of Schedules and Timelines

A proficient translation manager makes sure that the project is completed on time. He distributes the translation tasks among the team in such a way that they are done systematically without overlapping each other tasks and without getting failed. He has the authority to change the scope of the translation project according to the client’s demand. The project managers, editor, and proofreader are the permanent members of the team, whereas translators can vary according to the scope of the translation project. A project manager makes a team of translators that can complete the translation project on time.

Manages the Translation Process and Provides Necessary Accessories

A translation project manager is responsible for managing the entire translation process and providing them with all necessary help. He customizes the translation workflows according to the demands of the clients. He also prepares quality assurance checklists to provide impeccable translation services to clients. Furthermore, the project manager provides translators with glossaries and translation memory that is specific to the translation project. If you use them in your tasks, they will save lots of time and money. The best part of having a translation project manager is that he documents each task and evaluates it so that it can be used for future projects.

Wraps Up Your Translation Project without any Hassle

At the end of the translation project, the translation project manager discusses all the elements of the project and asks clients to give them feedback. Apart from the client, the translation project manager will evaluate the task of each translator and editor. Additionally, the proficient manager also performs the post-project assessment. In this process, he reviews the deliverables and makes notes to learn a lesson from the completed project. The lesson learned from the project makes them give recommendations for translation improvements in future projects.

Wrapping Up:

Are you worried about whether you will get state-of-the-art translation services on time or not? Cost, quality, and time are the things that haunt you. However, if you are giving a translation project to the translation company that assigns a translation project manager to each project, then you don't need to worry. You will get impeccable translation services at a fast turnaround time and economical rates without taking too much stress.

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