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Use of Electronic Medical Records in Germany


The use of the medical records is pretty abundant now. It is the best way to keep the records of the patient in a proper way. Even it happens; the medical records are kept safe in other languages. This is done in order to keep the record of the patient safe in multi-languages, if the case is severe. These records are then sent to the experts in other countries for clear understanding. For the translation of the medical records Online Certified Language Translation Services is very reliable. This service gives you the instant results.

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The terms like medical and health records are interchangeable. But these components make up the certified medical records. The medical records include a variety of types of ‘’notes’’ entered over the time by health care professionals, recording observations and administration of the drugs and therapies. But, if this information is specified only in one language, professionals from other countries won’t be able to understand it properly. So, it is important to use the Online Certified Language Translation Services Agency. It can change the content of the medical record into other languages as well.

Characteristics of the medical records:

The maintenance of the complete and accurate medical records is a requirement of health care providers and is generally enforced as a licensing or certification as a requisite.

The terms are used for both the physical folder, which exists for each individual patient. The entire information is found in that medical record of the patient.

The legal and ethical standard of the medical record is very important. These rules and regulations in Germany are now printed in many languages. This is done so; people all around the world can understand the content of the ethical issues properly.

So, for the convenience the professionals use the Dutch Records Translation Services. It is helpful to convert the language into other forms for the convenience of people accordingly.

Although the storage equipment for the medical records generally is the property of health care provider. The actual medical record in many authorities is considered to be the property of the patient, who may obtain the copies upon the request.

Project of the Electronic Medical Records:

In Germany, the project of the Electronic Medical Records was introduced in 2004. There were many setbacks found in this project, so it was banned for some time and later it was renewed in 2010.

Due to the concerns of many doctors and IT security specialists regarding to patients’ health data, then the electronic medical records were established properly. For the safe understanding of the medical records, now the use of the Dutch Records Translation Services is acquiring peak.

The first version of the e GK was launched in 2006; it stored the medical details directly in the chip of each individual’s card. This project was then abandoned and then was launched in 2010.

Components of the Electronic Medical Record:

There are different parts of the medical records, which are playing an important role in the medical field.

  • E-prescriptions.
  • Emergency Medical Data.
  • Treatment History.
  • Discharge letters, notes, X-rays reports and Test Results.

Patient’s electronic medical records should be accessed on the confidential basis. For the understanding of all these requirements, the use of the Online Certified Language Translation Services Company is very important. It will convey you the information in your own native language.