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10 Ways to Boost Sales This Christmas


Christmas is almost here. And we all know what time of the year it is! Christmas Boom!!

Yes, this time of the year is notorious for increasing your sales and making you rich. But you will not be able to reap the benefits of the Christmas boom if you are inadequately prepared. What is that? No one told you that you had to prepare for Christmas time? Well, you have to. You need to make an effort before you can get those big bucks in the prime sale season.

Granted, there are multiple ways to boost your business, but you need to pick and choose the ones that actually work. What’s that now? You actually have to research? Don’t worry, I have done that for you. There are 10 sure-fire ways to boost your sales this Christmas and I have compiled them in a single article. All you have to do is read this article through, and well, apply them to your business before Christmas is here because last minute Christmas preparation never works to its full potential.

So what are these 10 sure-fire ways to boost your sales? Read on, my friend!

  1. Use Social Media But Don’t Over Do It!

    Your social media account is your weapon in this battle for most sales. However, there is a limit to how much you can use this shiny weapon before it gets rusty. I know, I know you have a lot of posts and news to share with your clients, but don’t overkill it. You do not want to crowd their timelines and become a nuisance. There is a time for a post. This is the reason why experts advise to start your Christmas campaign at least 2 months before Christmas.

  2. Boost your Website!

    E-stores are going to see a huge influx of customers on their websites in the upcoming month. So you need to boost and optimize your website to make the experience as easy for the clients as possible. If your website is running smoothly, you will have less dropped carts on your website and have more successful purchases. Do the math!

  3. Have a Seasonal Special!

    Alright, hear me out. Having a seasonal special will be useful. I know this particular point as a lot of bad reputation, but there is a way to run your seasonal special. Just because your competition is putting something in the “Seasonal Special” deal, that does not mean you have to put that in yours too. Research your past sales, see what product was sold the most on your website and then pair that up with something that has average sales. That is the right way to do it people!

  4. Indulge Your Clients And Suit Up!

    When I say suit up, I mean suit up your website. I mean, who does not like a snowman and snow? Its Christmas you guys, dress up your website. It’s a festival so enjoy and let your clients join in. Give it a Christmas feel and see how that affects your traffic.

  5. Respond Proactively!

    If there ever was a time to be proactive, it is now. Let’s be honest here guys, people have a lot of things to do just like you do. But it is your job to make their Christmas shopping easy because you want to earn those extra dollars. So respond quickly and efficiently. The quicker you respond, the happier your client will be. And we all know what happy clients do? They come back again and again and again.

  6. Make Special Banners!

    Do you have those “Seasonal Specials?” Good, now make banners, big banners with high quality image and keep showing them to your clients. This is the best way to attract the attention of your clients and entice them to buy it. Even if you have specials like “Free Shipping” or “Buy One Get One Free,” don’t be shy. If you don’t show it to your clients, how else are they going to be encouraged to shop from you?

  7. Offer Different Samples!

    If it is possible, offer free samples of your products. If you are selling things like chocolates or other edible things, send little samples of those to your regular clients. If they like those, they will order that with their Christmas gifts and goodies. Who knows? Maybe these chocolates and whatnots will be your saving grace this season.

  8. Make It Available On Mobiles!

    Granted this is one thing that you must have already done, but it is still not too late. Make sure that your website has its mobile interface because let’s face it, people prefer to use their mobiles and tablets to do their online purchasing and exploring. If you have an app, then this would be the time to make sure that it is working smoothly!

  9. Bring In The Traffic Folks!

    I’m pretty sure you must have heard about SEO and content management. It is a website’s best weapon (no kidding here folks). If you already have a blog on your website, this would be the best time to update that and bring in customers by generating SEO content on your blog. This is perhaps the best possible way to increase the traffic flow on your website.

  10. Localize Your Business People!

    Attract international clients? Do you have a smooth business in another region of the country or world? Well, now would be the time to localize your website and bring in translators to provide an accurate translation of your content. Also, it would be great if you had a translator or two working as your live agent who will handle your foreign clients and provide customer service in their own language. This will not only increase your sales, but it might actually make them your recurring clients.

Providing customer services to your clients in their own language will put out a positive image of your company and we all know that image is very important, especially in the online community.

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