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What Is the Most Translated Document in the World

In this blog, we will discuss the most translated document in the world in 2022.  

One needs to consult a credible source to find out the most translated document. And what source could be more reasonable than the biggest hub for Records, the Guinness World Record Database?

'Universal Declaration of Human Rights Is The World’s Most Translated Document In 2022

As per the Guinness Book of World Records, the most translated document in 2022 is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This document was published by the United Nations back in 1948. Since then, it has been translated into 500 languages.

Initially, the Universal Declaration of human rights held the record in 2009 when it was translated into 370 languages. Eventually, the number did not stop. The United Nations kept on rewording the document. As of now, in 2022, it is readily available in over 500 languages.  

The flow of translations provided by the government, civil society groups, and dedicated individuals have been ongoing. The text is currently accessible in dialects and languages across the globe, ranging from Abkhaz to Zulu. It is also transliterated into British in addition to Spanish signs.

The translation number 501 refers to the language that is a dialect of the native Quechua indigenous language spoken throughout the northwestern Bolivian department known as La Paz by some 116,000 people.

The UN Human Rights Office aims to make the UDHR available to all of the world, and everyone is encouraged to submit a translation that is not part of the database for consideration.
But before we get into more details, let's briefly discuss the history of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


On 10th December 1948, the UN General Assembly declared the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The document's Declaration took place right after World War 2 to avoid such conflicts and atrocities ever happening again.

The International Community vowed to guarantee the rights of individuals everywhere. And the document was a sort of consent form which supported the notion. 

The Commission on Human Rights comprised 18 individuals from different political, social, and strict foundations. Eleanor Roosevelt, the widow of American President Franklin D. Roosevelt, led the UDHR drafting board.

With her was René Cassin of France, who made the primary draft out of the Declaration, the Committee Rapporteur Charles Malik of Lebanon, Vice-Chairman Peng Chung Chang of China, and John Humphrey of Canada,

Director of the UN's Human Rights Division, who arranged the Declaration's plan. Yet, Mrs. Roosevelt was perceived as the main thrust for the Declaration's reception.
Cassin gave the last draft to the Commission on Human Rights, held in Geneva. The draft announcement conveyed to all UN part States for remarks became the Geneva draft.

The primary draft of the Declaration was proposed in September 1948, with more than 50 Member States taking part in the last drafting. By its goal 217 A (III) of 10th December 1948, the General Assembly, meeting in Paris, embraced the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with eight countries swearing off the vote; however, none contradicted.

Why Was The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Translated In So Many Languages?

It is an important historical document for humanity. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been translated many times to reach readers across the globe. The document's premise is that everyone, regardless of background, race, nationality of origin, or other aspects, has the same rights as those enumerated in the Declaration.

The same is true for languages, too, and is the reason for the plethora of translations done, as the Declaration is embraced all around the globe. Various people from different backgrounds and cultures from all over the globe met to create the document, and it's just as pertinent today as it was when it was first introduced.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is an essential document in and of itself. It has also influenced and opened the way to various global and regional human rights agreements.


In this article, we discussed the world’s most translated document, which is the Universal Declaration of Human rights. Initially, the document was translated into over 370 languages. And the document held the record in 2009. Eventually, the record was broken when the UN allowed the declaration to be translated into more languages. As of 2022, the  Universal Declaration of Human rights has been translated into 500 languages.

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