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Why you must translate your website into multiple languages?


Do you know what successful companies have in common, regardless of having thousands of employees around the world? They communicate in more than one language. Are you wondering how to make your business more successful? The best way is communicating with your customers through your website, in their languages.

1.You will earn more

Have your company met a revenue plateau? Or you are growing in a high speed? If your answer is yes, then It's time to think about solutions to continue growing your business. Gap is just about to do that. Its CEO Art Peck said that Gap would continue to grow e-commerce and its global operations. The main growth of Gap comes from international expansions, especially in Asia and China. Its e-commerce sales have expanded by about 60% year-over-year between 2013 and 2014.

2.You will have new markets

Translating your website through Quality Translation Services is one of your best expansion strategies. For example, translating your website into Spanish by using Spanish Language Translation Services, you will be able to cater over 37 million Spanish speakers in the US. And if you want to go abroad, better take Asia as your destination. The growing consuming abilities are attracting.

3.Beat your competitors

If you want to win in globalization wars, you should never forget to do researches on your competitors to see if they have their websites translated into multiple languages. If they don’t, you are lucky to beat them now. If they do, see how they did it and you can make yours better.

4.Provide your customers better experiences

You must know your products perfectly. But how about your customers? If visitors of your website can’t understand the content related to your products, they will most likely leave and go to other websites they understand, for example, your competitors’. Even if your customers know some of your language, it’s never better than their native languages. Try to translate your website into multiple languages; your customers will be multiplied.

5.Increase traffic to your website

Neil Patel has just increased his search traffic by 47%. Why? He has translated his blog into 82 languages. Imagine your business website with so many customers visiting, what will happen if the number is increased by 47%? Although he was using translation tools like Google Translate or translation plugins. But your business needs loyal customers, not just random readers, so Professional Translation Services are recommended.

Want to go global?

Translate Your Website Now!

Website Translation Services

Mars Translation is experienced at translating and localizing various websites into over 150 languages. We are holding the weapon of languages to help you mastering any of your target markets. The types of website translation include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Affiliate Agency
  2. Archive site
  3. Blog
  4. Celebrity website
  5. Click-to-donate site
  6. Community site
  7. Content site
  8. Classified ads site
  9. Dating website
  10. Electronic commerce (e-commerce) site
  11. Government site
  12. Information site
  13. Media-sharing site
  14. Micro blog site
  15. News site
  16. Personal website
  17. Question and Answer (Q&A) site
  18. Religious site
  19. Review site
  20. School site
  21. Search engine site
  22. Showcase site
  23. Social bookmarking site
  24. Social networking site
  25. Webmail
  26. Web portal
  27. Wiki site

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