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Why you should localize your mobile app/game?


The number of worldwide Internet users already exceeded 3 billion people in January 2015, according to Satista dot com. And the global web traffic share of mobile devices is expected to overpass 91% (more than 3 billion people) by 2017. The world including people and things in it are closely connected by the Internet. Globalization is happening right now and will be in the future, it’s not prediction anymore. Put your products into the connection and let people across the world understand and accept it them, then your international business starts. Besides the huge growing number, there are other reasons you should consider to localize your mobile app or game.

1.The ROI is excellent

The statistics shows that in the first week after localization, the download volume of apps grows 128% and the revenue bumps 26%, and the number will grow in the future.

2.Your biggest market may still be out there…and it might not speak English

You can’t predict the destiny of your product across the world precisely, but you can know more by testing mobile apps in new markets by localize the app store description first.

3.Your competitors are doing it

Top developers move quickly to establish a presence and brand recognition overseas by localizing their mobile games into multiple languages.

4.The future requires localization

The worldwide mobile game market revenue is not very high, but the potential is enormous, especially in China

Summing up
Localization isn’t just about ROI. It’s about building a reputation overseas, and positioning you to thrive in the years to come. And today is the best day to start, not tomorrow.

Want the world to be addicted to your game?
Localize your app/game now!

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