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A great chance for young interpreters in Germany!


AIIC (the International Association of Conference Interpreters) Germany recently announced a new prize: The annual Young Interpreter Award , aiming to bridge the gap between recently qualified conference interpreters as well as those still in training and AIIC with its varied activities across the world of professional conference interpretation. The prize also aims to reinforce its interpreting course recognition at German universities that are under increasing funding pressure currently. AIIC is longing to establish and guarantee the excellence and flourishing of the conference interpretation in the constantly changing professional environment.

The prizewinner will get a personal mentor to maintain regular contact with her or him during the following year. He or she will also get individual guidance with professional and personal advice on the winner’s career. Moreover, AIIC has established a 700 Euros prize fund to help further finance professional trainings. Remember, the deadline for entries is 1 August 2015. You can check the details of this award here.

Interpretation is a job requiring your non-stop study. Professional interpreters understand this deeply as languages are growing constantly. Keeping your head fresh and skills sharp is a clever way for your bright interpretation career.

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