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Certified Thai Birth Certificate Translation

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Thai, the official language of Thailand, is the first language of the Central Thai people. Being a member of Tai group of Kra-Dai family of languages, Thai is spoken by 40 million people as a native language.

Thailand, the place where Thai language is spoken in the largest majority, is home to advances in science, information technology, and commercial businesses. One of the most rapidly advancing nations of the world, Thailand is a breeding ground for global investments and commercial progress.

Having considered this, it is no wonder that people are seeking certified Thai birth certificate translation for moving into this lucrative area.

If you are an immigrant in Thailand looking for a good job, or a student seeking to get higher education degree in Thailand’s universities, a birth certificate is an essential document that you need in order to make that transition possible. And when birth certificates are needed, certified birth certificate translations are a must.

This is where Mars Translation comes in. Read on to know what services has this translation and localization agency got to offer.

Translate Your Birth Certificate

Certified Linguists

Having certified and professional linguists is one of the major factors that is required to be present in a professional translation agency and Mars Translation has got it. The expert and professional linguists of Mars, numbering more than 5000, are not only native individuals but also hold credible qualifications in their area of language and expertise.

Quality Certification

Other than the presence of certified linguists’ support, quality certifications play a major role in ensuring you get your certified Thai birth certificate translation in the best quality. To ensure the highest possible quality standards for its services,

Mars Translation is ISO 9001: 2008 certified and is a member of GALA. Not only that, Mars Translation also complies with GDPR standards that implies that the company keeps itself ahead of all quality updates and standards.

Service Offering

Besides delivering quality birth certificate translation, Mars Translation has got a number of other services to offer. It offers document translation services along with localization of websites, software, games, E-learning and E-commerce. Additionally, it also offers desktop-publishing (DTP) and translations.

Customer Support

For a comprehensive client and customer support, Mars Translation lends a support service that is unmatchable as well as continues throughout the translation process. As a result, the certified linguists at Mars Translation not only offer translation and localization support during translation but also after the translation is delivered to the client.

In case any potential customer has a query related to translation, these localization experts deliver free consultation services. To get your free consultation by our localization and translation experts, click here.

Multilingual Support

Mars Translation, established almost two decades ago, has offices in 6 major commercial hubs of the world and a 24/7 translation support in case of any query or problem. As a result of its wide reach across the countries, Mars Translation’s native linguists offer translations in more than 90 global languages and cover a vast number of language pairs.

This means that you can easily get your certified Thai birth certificate translation, irrespective of the language of your origin.

Affordable Pricing

One of the major concern of people wishing to move and for companies aiming to localize beyond their current markets is pricing. A company or an individual has to keep localization costs down and Mars Translation understands these cost concerns fully.

This is why the translation rates of Mars Translation are the most affordable and competitively priced among the competitors, with standard translation rates per word. This means that any individual or company can get seamless translation and localization services at affordable rates, without compromising on quality of these translated services.

The Last Word

Thailand and the Thai language in particular, has a lot to offer to individuals seeking to move into the highly-lucrative area of Thailand.

Those people who need to translate their birth certificates in Thai language along with a quick and efficient project delivery only need to contact Mars Translation to avail the translation services of more than 5000 expert linguists for the birth certificate or any other document.

They are sure to get a seamless and comprehensive localization and translation experience if they choose Mars Translation as their translation partner.