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Certified Vietnamese Birth Certificate Translation

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Vietnamese, the official language of Vietnam, is the 16th largest language of the world and spoken by more than 75 million people worldwide. Having its origins in the north of modern-day Vietnam, it is spoken in Australia, Cambodia, Finland, China, and France. 

As a result of the popularity and fame that this language has in Vietnam, it is considered an important hub for immigration and expansion. Not surprisingly, individuals are seeking to move to Vietnam, and for that they need a certified Vietnamese birth certificate translation.

And this is where Mars Translation comes in.

Mars Translation is a certified and professional translation and localization agency that has a lot to offer other than translation services. Read on to find out what these benefits are.

Translate Your Birth Certificate

Certified Linguists

Mars Translation has an expert cadre of more than 5000 expert translators and linguists who are not only adept at handling translations of documents but also hold credible and qualified degrees in their areas of language expertise. This is the reason Mars Translation enjoys a reputable name among the league of translation and localization companies.

Quality Translations

Mars Translation relies on its certified linguists as well as its experience of almost two decades of delivering translations to its customers. That is why it places the highest priority to the level of quality it delivers in its translations. Mars Translation is ISO 9001:2008 certified and is a member of GALA as well as complies with the quality standards set by GDPR for ensuring that quality of its services are up-to-the-mark always.

Multilingual Support

Mars Translation prides on not only delivering quality translation services but also covers a wide number of languages. In order to provide a multilingual experience to its customers, Mars Translation translates in more than 120 global languages. So if you are a US citizen in need of a certified Vietnamese birth certificate translation, or in any other language of your choice, Mars Translation will ensure you get the required services on time.

Competitive Prices

Mars Translation is renowned for delivering quality-backed certified translation services to its global customers. And it is considerate of the cost burdens that its customers have to deal with in the process of translation and localization into another language. That is why Mars Translation’s prices are affordable and low as compared to prices of its competitors, with standard rates per word. In addition, Mars Translation maintains transparency in its pricing model by not charging any expert fees on the translations.

Wide Portfolio of Services

At Mars, translation and transcription services for documents like the birth certificate are not the only services. In fact, Mars Translation covers a wide range of services including translation and localization of websites, documents, software, games, E-commerce and E-learning projects. It also provides desktop publishing services to its clients from all spheres of industries such as automotive, electronic, manufacturing, education, medical, legal, and retail.

Faster Turnaround

Accurate and fast turnaround of projects is a hallmark of Mars Translation’s seamless services. That is why its linguists take special care to deliver the project before their due dates while complying with all the requirements of the clients and ensuring the best possible quality is delivered to them in due time.

Certified Translations

Some of the frequently asked questions and concerns of the clients are about the quality certifications of the translated projects. To ensure that these translations are of the highest quality and are certified as well, a letterhead is attached to the translated documents that acts as notarized guarantee for all the relevant authorities wishing to check the quality and certification of the translated projects.

Comprehensive Document Translation

In document translation, certified Vietnamese birth certificate translation is not the only translation that Mars Translation delivers. It also covers documents from the legal, medical, entertainment, automotive, electronic, manufacturing and retail industries, often translating high volume documents of technical nature that require technical expertise and knowledge of terms.

Final Words:

If you are an individual seeking certified Vietnamese birth certificate translation in order to apply for immigration visa in Vietnam, Mars Translation is the translation partner you should be hiring for giving you a comprehensive and certified translation service at affordable costs and in due time. All you have to do is to consult our localization expert for free and get your translation quote or just discuss the terms of the translation. It’s as simple as that.