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12 Best Game Localization Services Companies

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With the ever-changing technological landscape, few things have grown as exponentially as games. As more game manufacturing companies seek to capture international players’ interests, game localization has become even more important. While competing with global markets and having work involving multiple languages, it becomes necessary for a company to localize its products. A successful localization focuses on providing an excellent performance of the game on various devices and systems.

Game localization is a very difficult process. Any service related to this field should be capable of dealing with a long and complex piece of work. It also means that a transparent portfolio of clients’ recommendations and achievements is required.

If a customer requires a skilled gaming localization, he must ensure that the agency he is going for should have a very strong record of accomplishments to back up the service.

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Game Localization—a Brief Look

One of the main reasons for game designers to outsource their translation services is that they are unable to arrange an experienced staff for completing video game localization for overseas audiences.

Appointing full-time professional groups for each target language is mostly impossible, as developers should focus on gameplay, graphics tasks, and programming. Therefore, they hunt for the best game localization enterprises to get the job done. Furthermore, it is economical to outsource tasks for all targeted audiences and assists designers in providing remarkable results.

Any game translator uses identical tools that are used by other professionals of this field for doing a proper translation. However, game localization is based on powerful management and proper teamwork.

Therefore, group effort tools are mandatory for regular translation software. Designers generally use professional solutions like SmartCAT or TextMesh for suitable collaboration with a skilled team.

Services proposing gaming solutions should localize their official websites for all gaming assignments such as websites, which involve user reviews, promotional content, news, game hardware requirements, notifications, downloadable patches, and customer support options for fixing the bugs.

Many services add blogs as well which are full of articles written by fans, players, and sponsors. While it is true that all gamers don’t speak identical languages, they are attracted to a shared experience. Universal game revenues at present have exceeded 100 billion dollars per annum and continue to evolve.

Here are a Few of the Most Reputable Game localization Companies:

Mars Translation

When it comes to translating online games, Mars Translation is the choice of many game developers. Founded in 2000, it has been providing accurate, cost-effective, and efficient game translation services to global clients. The expert translators and interpreters of Mars Translation uphold the company’s core vision of easing business expansion through globalization by delivering top-notch game translation services. With expertise in the translation of games in more than 230 global languages, Mars Translation not only translates online games but also game-related content such as game websites, software, instruction brochures, controls, and gaming interfaces.

User’s games might be available internationally; the question which arises here is whether they are multicultural and multilingual. With the help of Mars Translation, a user can adapt video games and smartphones for any market and can enhance his audience and revenues exponentially.

Adding to this after familiarizing themselves with users’ games, they localize content, choose actors to carry out remarkable performances and test multiple platforms and devices for giving top results. With this capability, game developers’ games are able to work well on multiple operating systems, platforms, and devices, ultimately leading to a large audience of universal game players.

CCJK Technologies

CCJK Technologies is a renowned gaming translation service in the market, with an appreciable portfolio of clients to prove it. With an aim to serve both local and international customers with its translation, transcreation, and localization services,

CCJK has delivered translation projects in more than 2000 language pairs. With CCJK, game-developing companies seeking to expand beyond their current markets can easily make the transition in the most professional, cost-effective, and reliable manner.

CCJK technologies use human translation services for their game localization activity. Language localization needs a thorough and personal approach, therefore, the company uses the most operative tactics in hiring and headhunting.

Their services have been used for such a long time that their company has appointed a large team of professionals. They specialize in 230+ languages and are capable of protecting users’ interests.


TheWordPoint is one of the most reliable establishments that program games for consoles. In order to ensure the quality of the localized game is of high quality, the company teams up with staff to discover the top solutions for games that are based on apps and personal computers.

TheWordPoint is the best option for any web developer, businessman, entrepreneur, or game designer who wishes to promote his product globally, as it has multilingual capability and boasts of a large audience.

Countless individuals across the world throng this website daily. While many of the viewers request a localized website from TheWordPoint.com, many others are simply interested in PC apps or game localization services.

With their eyes on the global audience, they often overlook the fact that a skilled technical adaptation of their games will be required in the process. This is why in order to eliminate cultural and contextual differences, localization is important.

Each of the website’s language professionals is certified by the top world universities and is well-qualified to handle any kind of game-related content.


Andovar covers a vast selection of multimedia services and game localization in the majority of advanced commercial languages. Andovar.com promises to provide a special combination of resources and technology to ensure the top possible quality for users' gaming projects. 

It also proposes advanced language solutions for all localization requirements, enabling growth without the evolving pains. In short, it is more than some simple full-service localization company.

By offering turnkey solutions in more than 80 languages and almost 140 workers across six states, Andovar has the skill and adaptability which is necessary for managing projects at any scale. It is well-versed in all types of applications, websites, digital media, games, and software.

Consisting of 6 international offices that provide non-stop customer service and round-the-clock support, the company has made a name for itself in the game localization market.


LevelUpTranslation Company is well known for its localization in game services. Catering to multiple platforms and taking stock of customers’ traditional specifications, the company offers localization for AAA and indie games. Owing to its professional and affordable game localization service, a game developer using the services of this company is rest assured that his game titles will be well-localized.

Poor game localization leads to glitches in voice acting, extra coding, bad PR, and re-translation expenses. This is why game developers should make the right decision to choose a professional localization company from the start.

The excellent quality of this site is that it certifies translations from a user’s game to conform to the first-party naming agreements. It allows its users to connect with game players globally, directing them to install video games on their PCs while reaping the benefits of localization.

One famous game that has been localized by the company is “Ghost of a Tale”, which is adapted to all cultural sensitivities in the entire story. The users of this game commented that they felt the staff was very passionate about providing the best possible localization, which they found very impressive.

Moreover, they also claimed that LevelUpTranslation.com is very easy to use, provides a remarkable translation quality, and helps in building effective communication.


Local soft feels proud in providing its users a good quality and quantity of video game services. The company localizes in more than 50 languages and hires local speakers exclusively to get the job done. Local soft is known as one of the leading video game localization enterprises in the world.

Along with hundreds of localized game titles completed, it boasts the best localization facilities for game commerce comprising of proofing, translation, desktop publication, subtitling, publishing, testing, and audio.

The company specializes in mid to large-size assignments and sets up project groups that meet its needs and requirements. Localsoft also suggests a one-stop solution for all localization requirements.

Having translated countless video game titles since 1988, it guarantees that the user’s tasks will be carried out within time, budget, and with the best quality and confidentiality.

Not only that, it provides post-production facilities and dubbing for the global games market by using specialized, native language voice skills. Furthermore, its testing services guarantee the top quality of user’s localized assets including audio, text, cinematic, art, first-party guidelines, and subtitles.


Tragora Traducciones group focuses on all the material they use in their work and includes a number of requirements for formatting. This shows their quality, quickness, seriousness, and sincerity regarding their work.

They are also known as “Professional native translators”. TragoraTraducciones.com provides its users with the facility to speak the language of their customers. In short, one can have an excellent quality of work at a very cheap price.

These professional translators at Tragora Traducciones are designed to deal with various portions of the industry to serve the global market of today. One should trust a company that has been working for more than 10 years and delivering a specialized translation in over 50 languages ​​to its consumers around the globe, and this company is a loving testament to that service.

Any interested person at any time can request a professional translation quote without any commitment. Also, it prides itself on providing its services to its users at low prices and ensures delivery of their work within time, along with assisting them through suggestions as well.


MorningTrans enterprises use enormous resources and skills for the provision of continuous localization assistance to customers globally, working with all platforms and formats. MorningTrans.com is entrusted with 500 international companies of the world for creating and providing the best quality multimedia content in all required formats.

Their full collection of multimedia services consists of voiceovers, graphics, subtitles, and all other components required for providing fruitful software localization. MorningTrans.com is able to provide infinite solutions when it comes to audio mastering, video editing, and production services, and works with state-of-the-art recording studios for games.


Any game developer seeking to localize his games in the language of the target audience knows has come across TextMaster. Relying on technology, TextMaster builds its work routine around the creation of dialogue between customers and businessmen.

Its reliance on technology enables it to show high productivity rates and results in a short time. In fact, TextMaster is the world’s first global translation solution, and its cutting-edge technology, as well as a range of value-added services, gives it a unique edge over its competitors.

Having the support of translating content in more than 50 languages, TextMaster boasts of a huge clientele of more than 10,000 companies of all sizes and domains. TextMaster understands that with globalization comes the need to expand beyond boundaries, which is why it especially caters to the huge game developing community to provide hassle-free and professional localization solutions at affordable rates.


Tomedes provides its users with the facility of acquiring a quick quote depending on the volume and complexity of the project so that the user can easily integrate localization assistance into his budget without expanding it afterward. Not only that, Tomedes specializes in delivering professional game localization solutions to game developers across the world easily and efficiently.


A common name among the localization market, DayTranslations focuses primarily on translation into Asian languages. It provides game localization facilities across various devices and operating systems.

One of the best qualities it possesses and the one that makes it the top choice of companies is its ability to run intensive code testing before providing the completed localizes project to the client. This code testing eliminates any probability of error, making it easy to localize into the chosen language.


Alconost does localization and translation in more than 60 languages. Alconost Company does not limit its services and assistance to string resources but deals with game reviews, descriptions, and other things as well.

Communicating with its clients via a cloud platform, Alconost makes sure the game titles, descriptions, and other content is translated into the target language quickly and efficiently.

The Last Word

Game localization is more than just converting game features from one language into another. A lot of effort and work is required to localize games into the target language. As the game landscape shifts to include more technologically driven ideas, there is a dire need for game developers to choose game localization services that promise to provide an error-free localization service. Remember, localized content is worth half the work—only a careful approach to localization can complete the other half of the work.

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