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Some Amazing Employee Awards and Recognition Ideas


Recognizing an employee award is entirely convenient. It is both a formal and an informal acknowledgement of an employer’s effort, behavior and results, supporting the company’s values and goals, clearly gone beyond expectations. In order for an employer to be highly effective in his job, he needs to understand when and why he is praised for his good work.

To decrease the communication gap between the employer and the employees, it has become very important to translate the awards certificates into different languages. This is the main reason why many companies use different certified translation services like the Arabic awards and recognition certificates translation services, to convey their award certificate content to even those people who speak other languages. Here in the Middle-East, several companies use Arabic legal document translation, to translate their certificate content in the required language.

Want to thank your employee for all the effort and work he has put in to enhance your company’s growth? You can give out a meaningful award and recognition certificates to provide an effective, inexpensive way of raising his morale and encouraging higher levels of performance. Many companies have implemented employee award recognition programs, to increase the levels of productivity from their employees.

Here are some of the creative employee award recognition ideas.

Keeping a Good Stuff Book

Make it a habit of writing the good deeds of your employees in a special book, to recognize their efforts. By doing this, your employees can be confident about the awards certificates they have received, for their different accomplishments. By creating a positive and friendly environment in weekly meetings, you can also announce all the employee awards certificates you have given.

This is the best way to declare the accomplishments the employees have made, which otherwise would not have been noticed. Any award certificate that you are giving your employee has to be understandable. So, it is obvious to hire the certified language translation services, to help you with the exact and accurate fast translation, making it easier for everyone to understand.

Best Loved Employees

Pick out those employees who create great customer experiences to build a strong bond by keeping your client’s happy. Instinctively praising the employee can be very effective. One way of appreciating what he has done, is by thanking the employee by stating his name. You can specifically explain why the employee is being given an award certificate, thus, identifying and reinforcing the desired behavior.

When your company expands due to the hard work and sincerity of your employees, it is very crucial that they receive recognition in the form of awards certificates. This proves valuable to boost and encourage them further on. You can do this by handing out best loved employees’ awards and certificates, uniformly providing a balance for efficiency.

Cater Your Employee Award Programs

Encourage your employees for constant improvement in both small and big ways, by making work flow much easier, faster and also smarter. Also find out what types of recognition your staff members are looking for. So, just by asking your employees exactly how they would like to be recognized, can be very beneficial and helpful to you.

It is not possible that every member of your company speaks the same language. There can be a lot of staff members who have come from other countries, and are not familiar with the Arabic language. Therefore; Certified Language Translation Services Company has experienced and professional people, to handle your translation needs without any faults and discrepancies.

Go the Extra Mile Program

This is a special program that several companies have started in a way to congratulate and award those nominated employees. It is only because of them that the company has further enhanced and is now globally recognized. According to a study, a team works much better when one of the team members is more willing to go above and beyond his job obligations, to provide better results.

The strategy to go an extra mile improves team dynamics as well as their performance. These employees who go an extra mile not only to physically assist other employees with their job, but also help those employees who are relatively isolated, and do not interact with others. This can only be possible if there are no language barriers and thus, no communication gap. Having a certified translation company, can help you with this issue and can provide you 100 percent satisfied result.

Social Media

Using social media to extend employee recognition has become a fundamental component of many companies. Through this, you can send profiles of the nominated employees on Facebook, Twitter, Skype and many more, especially to make recognition on the different social media websites.

Even those dedicated employees who are working late shifts need to be justly recognized. You have to make sure that you are using the perfect service for translating as Arabic Awards and Recognition Certificates translation services. These services ensure that they are authentic and can resolve your multilingual issue through proper translation.

Recognizing Their Passion

Among several employee recognition ideas, this idea involves recognizing every employee’s passion from the very core. Among some of the translation agencies, the certified language translation services agency has a special program called 60/60, which grants different employees, 2 hours every week to work on a specific project they are excited about.

Due to this program, numerous employees have started to work on all sorts of projects, those relating to their clients and even those that do not relate to their clients. It is only when you value an employee’s passion, then you can understand them much better as unique individuals.

These are just some of the ways that you can reward your employees with recognition certificates; to further boost them to be more dedicated and sincere with their work. Recognizing an employee’s hard work and his initiative to do something special is a key success factor in the management of the company. It is even better to celebrate the company’s success, by presenting the nominated employees with awards certificates.

In order to run a healthy business, it is very essential to create a friendly environment on the whole. In doing this, you have to understand and recognize the achievements and accomplishments each and every employee has made, only to bring your company to the very top.