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Translation Services: The Impact Of Smartphones On E-Commerce Industry


In the last two decades technology has been significantly changed. Computers specifically are now faster and most importantly more accessible. Convenience is becoming more and more important and contacting people throughout the world has never been easier, as the result of this e-commerce is born. This world has become a truly mobile society with worldwide smart phone sales. These smart phones data are now being translated by the help of e-Commerce Website Translator provided by e-Commerce Platforms Translation Services.

Retailers are beginning to discover ways to harness outgrowing love affair with the phone. Consumers are already using those phones at the shopping aid and making purchase with their smart phones. And using them to compare prices and even change their mind in store.

Clearly smart phone are now the central part of the shopping experience for many people. In 2012 top purchase was made by smart phones in the EU including clothes, accessories, books and consumer electronics. Evidence suggests that mobiles have the direct impact on the consumer loyalty and trust. For example 52% of global consumers surveyed lower their opinion of a brand because of the poor mobile experience.

Research has shown applications have yet to catch up with what consumers want. Shoppers want to use smart phones to buy online but find the process flunky and confusing. In the smart phones sizes also matter like studies shows that 50% of e-commerce revenues work more on tablets or laptop may not translate to mobile. But now it has become common websites can be optimized for mobile, simple process that can transform us slow and frustrating experience into one intuitive and easy at the same time.

Social media gets retailer and opportunity to recreate that shopping with friendly experience this approach has become increasingly important. 47% of the world’s social networking done by the mobiles and it is only going to grow and virtual fitting can allow users to superimpose images of clothing, by picturing themselves. The growth of mobile wallet technology pioneered by Google in paper that seems to be adopted by main stream banks.

This may resolve the extended standing issues of costumer disinclination to spend over the mobile network. Expectations are very high. The global mobile wallet market is predicted to reach one thousand sic hundred billion dollars by 2018. Ultimately the future of retailer will be defined by people power, intelligent communication and seamless experiences. With consumers moving smoothly with different channels and devices often at different stages of purchase process and fulfillment remains at crush point. Late and incorrect delivery and return options are the big costumer complains.

E-commerce providers need to be accurate on the promises they make. E-commerce is the next great retail opportunity and it is the start of the journey.

Mobile Payment:

Mobile commerce has become so much easier with the advent of companies offering mobile payment. It’s become clear that mobile payment will change the way you spend. Mobile payments have transformed costumer’s lives by providing a smarter, richer and more boarding reality and in new age of mobile payments retailers, financial institutions technology companies and wireless providers will have the power to deliver it.

It is a different world which is full of new possibilities with flexible payment options, costumers will have the opportunity to complete the purchase with not just one but several payment method. Payment terms can be completely redefined and financial institutions will have the ability to personalize terms for every single purchase for every particular purchase. Vendors and credit card companies may just have to compete for costumer payment selection for every individual purchase. Now with the absence of physical credit card, card marketing as we know it may have to evolve.

Customers will have unprecedented control empowered by personal financial management to monitor their money in real time.

Make e-commerce work better through Smart Phones:

Now days most of the costumers use mobile phone for their online shopping as it is really handy. If a retailer provides high quality services the consumer would want to use your service over and over again. The take up mobile commerce is clearly defined through the user experience is which you can be divided into three categories, which is bandwidth, reliability and latency. No double mobile phones are creating a major disruption in the way you shop.

Small and medium ventures that work hard for competing with the other larger companies use mobile marketing techniques to get an edge. Some of these ways your local business can use mobile marketing to grow sales are mentioned below.

Social media:

The most popular social media networks are present on smart phones and even on the most basic cell phone, which is best for today’s business. Your business tweets can be picked up by the costumers in the locality of your business. You can use the method to promote offers suited to those who can quickly reach your physical location. You can promote restaurant’s menu, items, and special sales on a particular day and so on.

Interacting to your Fans on Face Book will ensure that they are always up-to-date. The social site Ads would help you to create a geo-specific advert to attract more people towards your site.

Use mobile coupons:

You can attract mobile users through social media sites, or text messages to your plain mobile pages which help to entrance a coupon for your products or services. This is the very easy and highly effective marketing method that can generate sales and more traffic.

Generate a mobile commerce site:

This will allow people to make purchase right after your mobile website and not restricting them to do so only at your standard site. Try to make shopping fast, easy and fun for your costumers to do business  with you on their mobile phones and make your online content translated for your costumers by using e-Commerce Stores Translation Services, only than you can popularize your brand into costumers.