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Which are the Most Translated Websites in the World


Do you know how the world is connected? This is because of technological advancement. The Internet plays a vital role in connecting the world. But what is the use of connecting the world if your point of connection is not in the customers’ language? Here the global organizations and companies go for website translation. People around the world speak multiple languages. Translating the website in the customer's native language is the best way to show your presence in a global world. Therefore, website translation is very important in running your business. People from all around the world will prefer your website among others if it is provided in their native language. Therefore, if you want to spread your business globally then you should hire a professional translation agency so that potential customers can take leverage from your business. 
If you are not sure about your foreign audience then you need to speak to your website manager and ask them to check your web analytics. It will help you in checking that from where the internet traffic is coming from. They will show you the IP address of various parts of the world. As there are thousands of languages spoken in the world. Depending upon the popularity of a website and its demand in different regions, it is translated into different languages.

Here is a list of the most translated websites in the world.

What Makes a Website the Most Translated One?

You will be very curious to know what makes the website the most translated one. If you check it from different prospects then answers will vary. But the most understood answer is that the number of languages makes the website the most translated one. It shows that the more languages you include in your website interface, the more translated the website is.
Religious Websites are the Most Translated Websites in the World
We assume that the most translated websites in the world are Wikipedia and Google. They are also among the most translated websites in the world. But to your surprise, the most translated website in the world is related to religion. It is Jehovah’s Witnesses and it translated into a whopping 1020 different languages and dialects. It is a very demanding responsibility on the part of jw.org as most of the content on it is from holy scriptures. It provides information on various topics like teenagers, education, and eating a balanced diet. Moreover, it provides a full translation of the Bible in a digital form so that more and more people can benefit from this sacred book. As Jehovah's Witnesses is related to religion so it has used the Bible for reference. 

Knowing Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses are one of the important Christian sects. It was developed in 1900. One important thing to note about it is that its beliefs are different from traditional Christianity. But it has the objective of bringing the religion to its original form. The difference appears because the Jehovah’s Witnesses have interpreted the holy bible and the life of Jesus Christ according to their point of view.  When we look at the history of Jehovah’s Witnesses then we come to know that in 1870, a man named Charles Taze Russell started teaching the Bible in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The Jehovah's Witness is a result of the Bible student movement that was founded by Taze. Taze's different views about Christianity resulted in Jehovah's Witnesses. They don't use the cross in their worship because they think it is an idol. Also, it is against the ten commandments mentioned in the Bible.
The other difference is that Jehovah’s Witnesses do not believe that Jesus Christ is divine. Moreover, they reject the concept of the Holy Trinity. Also, they are against the concept of creating images of God. The other differences between Jehovah’s Witnesses and traditional Christianity are that Jehovah’s Witnesses are against the concept of donating blood to anyone, even in the case of life-saving. Moreover, they don't accept the divorce, no matter how serious the matters are.

Jehovah’s Witnesses is the Most Translated Website

Website translation deals with language diversity. Jehovah's Witnesses is one of the most translated websites in the world. It is not only translated into the world's popular languages like Spanish, Chinese, and English. But it is also translated into languages that we may not know. For example, translation to Czech, and the rare languages like Curripaco or Bembe. Around 3500 to 1300 speakers speak these languages. But still, Jehovah's Witnesses ' website is translated in them.
The estimated number of Jehovah’s witnesses' users is about 8.6 million people. This whopping number is more than the population of Jamaica and Switzerland, Ireland, and Cyprus. People consider the Jehovah’s Witnesses as a source of religious revelation. Therefore, they want to spread it all over the world. The head office of Jehovah’s witnesses is in Warwick, New York. Everyone can move to its office and can view their printing facilities in New York but first, they need to make a reservation.  This religious organization is led by a team of elderly people. They are called the governing body and they reside in the head office to make important decisions.
The main members of this organization follow the rules and if they are unable to follow the rules then they are disqualified from the membership of the governing body.

Why Jehovah’s Witnesses Translate Their Website

Do you want to know the reason why Jehovah’s Witnesses translate their website into too many languages? This religious organization is famous for preaching from house to house. Moreover, they also distribute their religious material in the form of literature. Awake and Watchtower are the books released by this organization. In addition to it, they have also released their version of the Bible. Their objective is to spread the religion through their preaching so that more and more people can enter into their religious sect. Therefore, they translate their website into multiple languages. 

By translating their website into multiple languages, they can reach wider target markets and can convert people’s religious beliefs. So, they started with their objective by translating the books. The Bible, which is also called a New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, is translated into 187 languages, Awake into 225 languages, and the Watchtower is translated into 369 languages. The Jehovah's Witnesses' translation in multiple languages shows that they are actively preaching their religion because they are aware of the fact that people are more prone to listen if they are communicated in their native languages. 


Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites in the world. People turn to Wikipedia to seek information. It is created by a network of users and possesses many unique properties. The interesting thing about Wikipedia is that anyone can contribute to the articles on Wikipedia. Consequently, making it the most translated website in the world. It is estimated that Wikipedia contains about 37 million articles that are translated into 300 languages. There is no exact estimate because popular articles on Wikipedia are translated into many languages whereas lesser popular articles are translated into fewer languages.

Wikipedia is a branch of a project called Nupedia. Nupedia is a digital encyclopedia. It is developed by internet entrepreneurs Jimmy Wales and Philosopher Larry Sanger. It was expected that it would be a free encyclopedia of articles that were written by experts only. But it was not the case, its slow review policy resulted in only 24 articles a year. So, they aspired to create a Wikipedia version that can be accessed by everyone without editorial oversight. Wikipedia is multilingual. Therefore, it has many language editions. For example, English Wikipedia, Spanish Wikipedia, Moreover, 299 other Wikipedia. There are around 302 Wikipedias, out of which 292 are active. 302 is a rough estimate because each language has different dialects. For example, Portuguese has two dialects like Brazil and Portugal. However, there is only one Wikipedia called Portuguese Wikipedia. The same is the case with the Arabic language because it has different dialects spoken in various Arab countries but there is only one Arabic Wikipedia. As far as the Chinese language is concerned, there are a few separate Wikipedias.
There are a few versions of Wikipedia that deal with some objectives like simple English Wikipedia. It aims to provide English information to those people that are not proficient in English. In reality, there is a main edition of Wikipedia called English Wikipedia.  This Wikipedia is a source of wide knowledge and educates you about thousand languages that are used in various capacities. No doubt, that English Wikipedia is in English, however when it educates you about other languages, it considers regional and cultural differences and uses relevant languages for demonstration.  


Goolge is the world’s largest and popular search engine. However, it contains very little text. It is estimated that the google website is translated into 164 languages. But basic information and instructions are available in the English language. Let's assume, you are working on a project and you need to search for a topic on google. Furthermore, you need to search different websites about your topic. In this case, you need to put your query in google to get the required result.
Google is the best digital platform as it helps you to search the whole web. The best thing about Google search is that if you want to search a business website then it will get you the information according to your territory. Thus, by understanding what the best practices of google are, you can rank your business well in a global world. You can easily optimize your websites to attract global potential customers. The other amazing thing is that Google will give you business information in your required language.


Facebook is a social network platform. The best part of this social network is that it does not contain any default text. Therefore, its content is generated by users. It is observed that text appeared by users on Facebook is so fast that it gets difficult to translate the text so the translation on Facebook is done by real-time translators. Here the question is how come. As we know, people who speak different languages use Facebook. Therefore, to make communication understandable among multiple speakers, Facebook is the pioneer website that has implemented automatic translation software. This software translates the clients' comments and posts into a foreign language.
Facebook is available in 101 languages and at present, three new languages are added. For example, Maltese is the official language of Malta and is native to 400,000 native speakers. The second language is Pulaar. It is a dialect of Fula and is native to 7 million people. These people live in West and Central Africa. The third language is Corsican. This language is considered an endangered language and it is native to 200,000 people.

Human translation is very important for facebook's growth. This is because 1.7 billion people who use Facebook speak other languages than English. In this digital age, this number will increase more and more as more people are coming towards digitalization. Moreover, with the evolution of new languages, people that use Facebook will also increase. The objective of Facebook management is to translate it into other languages according to the customer’s demand. It is expected that 40 more languages will be added to Facebook.

Top Tech-Savvy Companies Have Multilingual Websites

Many Tech-Savvy companies of the world are translating their website into customers' native language. This is because people tend to buy those products that are in their native language. Therefore, top-notch companies of the world are translating their websites into multiple languages so that they can compel people to buy their products. Apple and Samsung are translating their websites into multiple languages. Apple has translated its website into 125 languages whereas Samsung has translated its website into 166 languages.

Wrapping Up:

It is an era of digitalization. Therefore, to get leverage from digital technology, it is important to reach customers in their native language. Although translating your website in multiple languages is a tough task. But you will reap profitable results if you go for it.

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