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10 Oldest Languages in the World

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Long time ago, before civilizations, kingdoms were established. They used to communicate by using gestures and ancient oral sounds. The necessity of language occurred 10000 years ago and it changed the path of humanity. Use of the language has opened new era of development for us. The origin of the first-ever language is highly demanding question in the history. Certain ancient scriptures and cave carvings affirm some of the oldest languages in the world.

We often take our language for granted for example English is not only popular language in the world. Presently linguists estimate that there are over 6900 languages spoken on the earth and they need to start from somewhere. There are many languages which are traced back thousands of years. Let’s see some of the oldest languages in the world.

1. Sumerian Language

Sumerian is one of the oldest language and it is advent back in 3500BC. The oldest proof of Sumerian language was Kish Tablet which was found in Iraq. Sumerian language is older language than Egyptian and was replaced by Akkadian (spoken language in southern Mesopotamia but Sumerian Language continued to be used as a sacred, ceremonial, literary and scientific language in Mesopotamia until the 1st century AD.

2. Egyptian Language

Egyptian is known as primitive language of Egypt and a branch of Afro-asiatic language family. Written record of Egyptian language is found in 3400 BC.For couple of years, linguists have translated this language which means this language is easily understandable. This language was spoken around the 17th when there was a writing change over time.

3. Mycenaean Greek

Mycenaean Greek is the most primitive form of the Greek language. It is the chancellery language used mainly for records and inventories of royal palaces and commercial establishments. Mycenaean Greek language is originated in 16th century BC and it is interpreted in 1950.

There is no literature written in Mycenaean Greek. The use of this language ended up when Mycenaean civilization fell.

4. Old Chinese

Old Chinese is also called Archaic Chinese. It is originated 3000 years ago. The old Chinese was found at the archaeological site of the ancient city of Yinxu where researchers found oracle bones with the earliest form of the Chinese language.

Old Chinese was not tedious. It encompasses the rich sound system in which rough breathing differentiated the consonants. Work on old Chinese Language started with Qing Dynasty.

5. Aramaic

Aramaic is a language which belongs to the Semitic subfamily of the Afro-asiatic language family. Aramaic language has been used for more than 3000 years but now its existence is at stake today because people who speak it are in retirement age.

Aramic is the language which has served as a language of administration of empires and divine workshops. There are still Semitic peoples from the Near East who still speak this language in spite of its unpopularity.

6. Latin Language

Latin is the classical language which belongs to the Italic branch of the Indo-European languages. Some people think that Latin is the dead language but it is not correct. People see Latin as a language which is written on paper but not one which is traditionally spoken.

Pope Benedict XVI changed this view when he resigned from his post in 2013.In 75 BC classical Latin, is the common language but it is unknown how many people speak Latin language . There are many lovers of Latin Language who have keep the language alive.

7. Tamil Language

The Tamil Language is renowned language of the Tamil people and it was originated in 500BC.There are approximately 70 million people who still speak Tamil language.

Tamil is the language which is recognized by modern speakers of the time. People who speak Tamil could read old Tamil Texts. With the passage of time this language has lost its importance.

8. Sanskrit

Another primitive language is Sanskrit and it was originated in first century AD. The first manuscript of Sanskrit was found in the Ayodhya which is in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Ancient Sanskrit is also found in Indian State of Gujrat. Sanskrit is the ritualistic language of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

This language was once considered the language of munis and rishis but now modern world is of the opinion that Sanskrit is the best language to be used in computers. It is also a scientific and systematic language further more Sanskrit is considered the richest literature in the history of mankind.

9. Mayan Languages

The Mayan languages is considered one of the oldest in the world. Mayan language was originated in third century. It has 32 different dialects. The oldest Mayan language is not words but still they are old pictures called glyphs.

The manuscript of Mayan language was first found at the ruins of Tikal which is the oldest city discovered in the rain forest of Guatemala. Within the temple there are stone shafts. One of these shafts is Stela 29, which contains the oldest example of Mayan Language.

10. Arabic Language

Arabic language is ranked as top six of the world’s major languages. It is the language of the holy book of Islam and is widely used in Muslim World. It is associated with Semitic group of languages which includes Hebrew and Amharic, the main language of Ethiopia. The Arab language was originated in early 300s.

The first known example of the Arabic Language was from Namara inscription which was found in 1901. The inscription was found on basal rock which had come from the tomb. This inscription is of great importance because it depicts that Romans and Arabs knew each other in the fourth century.

Final Verdict

Language is an integral part of our lives, It differentiates us from primates. In this era of digitalization and globalization language is more than just a means of communication. It is also integral part of cultures and civilizations. History shows that all the civilizations and cultures who have taken action for the survival of their language are very successful.