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Top 10 Translation Companies in Delhi

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Delhi, officially termed as the National Capital Territory is India’s union territory and a city having New Delhi which is the capital of the country. The city is among the most productive metro areas and it is certainly one of the wealthiest cities of India.

Speaking of the industries, there are many real estate firms along with finance, banking, IT, Tourism and many more. Besides, there are many translation companies in Delhi. The city is a potential place for those investors who aim to enjoy long-term success.

Besides, with the help of localization agencies, you can establish a solid foundation for acquiring success across the globe. The present world with cut-throat competition in every field demands corporate businesses to go global.

For making your mark and gaining popularity worldwide it has become vital to expanding your business to other countries. It is high time to step up and plan to tailor your business as per the local audiences of the foreign market.

Speaking of accessing the international markets, the most effective way is to localize your website and other digital content. For doing so, you can take the assistance of a professional agency many of which are located in Delhi.

Here is a list of top translation agencies in Delhi for those who are in search of a reliable name for localization of their website, e-store or other content.

Mars Translation

Mars Translation has topped the list because of its extensive experience, commendable track record, a diverse pool of native linguistic experts from multiple geographical areas and a broad array of services.

We proudly serve several different industries including Engineering, Medical & Healthcare, Travel, IT, Finance, Business and many more. We offer translations, transcription, transcreation and a lot more in 120 plus languages including 2000+ language pairs.

Our efficient team of over 5000 translators works with special attention to detail and ensure utmost client satisfaction by delivering immaculate translations. We don’t only translate your content literally, but also translate the context to deliver the best results.

Besides, fast turnaround, timely response and supportive customer care service make us a favorable choice. In addition to website localization, we also offer excellent translation services for documents and world-class localization for games and software.

If you need impeccable translation services by the top professionals at reasonable rates, Mars Translation is your go-to option.


Modlingua is ISO 9001:2008 certified, Delhi-based Translation Company. It is an experienced language service provider that offers high-quality translation and interpretation services in multiple countries along with India.  

Over these years, the company has emerged as a reliable name that delivers quality translations in multiple languages. With a diverse translator base of over 15000 native linguistics, the company aims to offer a blend of quality and affordability.

French Interpretation and Translation Services

French Interpretation and Translation Services is a renowned name in Delhi which offers English to French, French to English and Hindi to french translation services. The company signifies quality, economic affordability and punctuality.

They deliver flawless translations in a fast turnaround. Besides, their translators have experience in multiple industries including technical, commercial, legal, political, and administration. Lastly, they offer accuracy and timely delivery of all the projects.

La Classe

La Classe proudly stands among the top translation companies in Delhi and it claims to break language barriers.  This is also an ISO certified firm that promises to deliver uncompromised quality at the best rates possible.

A diverse base of native translators, industry-specific experts from multiple domains and rich experience make La Classe a favorable choice for translation of all type of content. No matter how big or small your project is, the company ensures high accuracy and guaranteed satisfaction.

All Translation Services

The All Translation Services is a known language service provider which works to deliver utmost satisfaction by providing flawless translations in multiple languages.

Their easy affordability, accurate translations, quick turnaround, responsive team of customer care and native experts from a range of geographical regions make the company a preferred option for your translation needs.

They offer quick and economical solutions and maintain their quality for both the short and extensive tasks.

Global Multilingua Services

Here is another one from the most recommended translation companies in Delhi. Global Multilingual Services was founded in 2010. Since inception, the company has been offering world-class translation services to Indian corporates and Japanese companies. They have a personalized approach and they offer competitive rates to facilitate the clients in the best way possible.


The company offers top-class Russian translation services to private organizations, government agencies and individuals at very fair rates. Along with Russian, they also translation services in multiple languages including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Italian, German and some more.

They have skilled translators that can overcome the language barriers and provide you with good quality translations in a short time.

Advika Translations

Advika Translations is another ISO authorized company that was established in 2001. It offers seamless language solutions at economical rates.

It makes the best of efforts to deliver remarkable customer service, timely response, accurate translations and reliable results at unbeatable prices.

The company caters the translation needs of both the corporate businesses and individual clients. The proven track record and professional approach add to their credibility.

BOL (Business of Languages)

BOL is a reputable and well-recognized name of Delhi that specializes in providing localization and translation services for multiple platforms. With an impressive experience of more than 20 years, it is one of the oldest companies in the industry.

They offer translations for websites, documents, web series, movies, marketing material and a lot more. The creative approach and special attention to detail make them a reliable name.

HSS Translation

Lastly, the HSS translation is another Localization expert company which offers a range of services that can help your company to go global. It offers transcription, proofreading and some other services along with the translation. The dedicated approach, precision, high-quality results and availability of native experts make the company among best translation companies in Delhi.

The Last Words

Whenever you plan to prepare for reaching new demographics, make sure you hire a professional translation company for tailoring your online content as per the needs and wants of the target market. All the companies mentioned above are among the top-rated and most preferred choices. You can select any of these as per your translation needs and budget.

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