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Top 10 Translation Companies in India


India, situated in South Asia is one of the largest and most populated countries of Asia. With an estimated population of 1.4 billion, India is a rapidly advancing country, particularly in the field of science and information technology. Not surprisingly, companies all around the world understand the diverse business advantages that this land has to offer with its growing population, infrastructural development, and commercial progress.

Whenever a company plans to localize into India as part of its expansion and diversification, it researches the localization and translation companies operating in the country. No translation company understands the importance of translating business better than these translation agencies.

Whether you own a start-up firm or belong to a multinational, you will always need to employ the services of reliable, expert translation companies for translation of your documents, websites, software, and online stores.

List of Top 10 Translation Companies in India

There are many localization and translation companies in India. In order to find the right one for your project, you need to consider a number of different factors. These factors mainly include: Rates, turnaround time, languages, industry-specific expertise, and years of experience, etc. 

Considering all the important factors, we have compiled a list of the best translation companies in India. Take a look!

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1: Tridindia IT Translation Services

Established 15 years ago as an online translation agency, Tridindia is one of the most sought after translation companies in India. The reason it is included in the top 10 translation companies in India is due to its professional services. Tridindia is a privately held language service provider, yet it has gained expertise in providing translation in over 3000 language pairs. That is the reason that 40% of its clients are listed in Fortune 500 companies.

2: Mars Translation

Mars Translation is an IS0 9001:2008 approved translation company and a member of ATA and GALA. Established almost two decades ago, Mars Translation is one of the oldest translation companies and offer attestation and interpretation services other than translation covering a comprehensive array of industries such as healthcare, medical electronics, manufacturing, retail, and tourism, along with providing localization services for websites, software, games and E-commerce platforms.

3: Shakti Enterprise

One of the oldest and most well-established translation companies in India, Shakti Enterprise has been providing professional translation and interpretation services since 32 years. Having a reputation of providing services for commercial giants such as Cisco, Coca Cola, and Shell, Shakti Enterprise uses advanced computer-assisted translation tools to provide error-free translation.

4: Lisan India

Lisan India is a leading language service provider offering a wide range of language-specific solutions to international companies. Providing localization, translation, interpretation, and content management services, Lisan India has been in the translation business since 2013 and is situated in the heart of Indian capital, Delhi.

5: Translingua Global (TGC)

Translingua Global is also one of the leading translation agencies in India. Based in Mumbai, TGC has never let its geographical presence limit its seamless translation and interpretation services, covering a variety of industrial domains including education, science, technology, business, banking, culture, and entertainment industries.

6: Feenix Language Solutions

Feenix Language solution is an ISO 9001:2008 certified translation agency based in Bangalore. Providing translation services to a wide range of industries, Feenix has a main objective of translating for medical and healthcare companies around the world. Nevertheless, it covers a wide range of Asian, European and Middle Eastern languages as part of its translation services.

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7: Somya Translation Pvt. Limited

Somya Translation is a certified private translation agency based in New Delhi. Having an aim of providing professional translation solutions to worldwide customers, Somya has delivered numerous translations in over 100 language pairs since its inception.

8: Cuttingedge Translation Pvt. Limited

Staying true to its name, Cuttingedge Translation is a private and certified translation agency in India. Inspired by “water”, this translation company bestows the utmost importance to transparency and quality in translation, localization, desktop publishing and interpretation services. The company translates in over 200 languages and has an impressive client base including big names such as Bosch, Pearson, and McGraw Hill.

9: Lyric Labs India Pvt. Limited

Lyric Labs India is the market leader in the league of private translation agencies in India. Established in 2005, the company believes in delivering high quality translation services for clients belonging to a wide range of industries and has a support of more than 1500 expert linguists to make that possible.

10: Linguainfo Language Translation Company

Linguainfo is another reputable name in the league of the top 10 translation companies in India. Established 10 years ago, Linguainfo provides comprehensive translation solutions to international companies belonging to different industries including automotive, electronic, life sciences, manufacturing and retail.

Which Company Should You Choose?

When it comes to choosing a certified professional translation company for your business, there is no dearth of expert translation companies to choose from in India. Before making the choice of picking the right translation partner for yourself, don’t forget to do a thorough research of the Indian market dynamics and understanding the culture and language of the Indian people. Only then you can be assured of seamless expansion in this highly lucrative market.

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