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Top 10 Translation Companies in Pune

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Pune is rightly termed as the industrial powerhouse on India.  Many local and international companies are located in Pune which adds to its value and makes it a significant and highly potential market in terms of business and economic growth.

The top industries found here include engineering, manufacturing, automobiles, and a lot more. It is among India’s most thriving business center. Among other industries, there are many translation companies in Pune. Their services can be very helpful to those who want to go global and enjoy long-lasting success for their business.

Outreaching to new markets in order to attract new customers for your business is the need of the present age. In this competitive world of digitalization, the first and foremost thing needed to stand out of the crowd is to expand your customer base. The most effective means to do that is grabbing the attention of potential clients from multiple regions across the world.

If you are planning to boost your business growth by targeting multiple marketplaces all over the globe, you will definitely need to take translation services by some professional service provider. Seamless translation of all your digital content is the most important thing for effectively communicating your message to the target audience.

If your existing content is in a language which they are not familiar with, this language barrier will cause disastrous consequences. Therefore, it is critically vital that you transform your content into the native language of your audience.

Remember that it is not enough to just translate the text literally into another language for targeting other markets. Along with word for word translation, the transformation of the whole content and concept as per the regional preferences of the markets is also important. 

You must make sure that your translated content is translated while catering the local needs of the audience. It should contain relevant terminologies and maintain a natural flow. The quality of translation needed for delivering a strong impact on the audience can only be delivered by native and certified professionals. If you are in search of reliable and professional translation services in Pune, we have got you covered.

Following is the list of most recommended translation service providers in Pune. Take a quick look at their most promising features and choose the most suitable one as per your business needs.

Mars Translation

Mars Translation is among the leading translation service providers all over the world. Not only in Pune, India, but we also offer remarkable translation, interpretation and a lot more services in almost every country across the world. It has over 17 years of experience in delivering flawless translations related to many different business industries.

We cover website translations, game and software localization, e-commerce translation, subtitling, captions and a lot more. Some of the major industries we encompass include tourism, manufacturing, healthcare, banking, Home appliances, IT, and a lot more. Moreover, we cover more than 120+ different languages which are used all over the globe.

No matter how long your task is, we always deliver in time and provide unmatched quality at a very economical price. Thus, if you are in search of an experienced, pro, ISO certified and reliable translation service provider, Mars Translation is the best choice possible. Above all, we offer a rapid turnaround and always meet the given deadlines.

Global Translation Services

The Global translation services are one of India’s most renowned and reputed translation company based in Pune. It proudly stands among the best translation service providers. Timely delivery of flawless translation and ability to deliver content in a diverse range of languages make it a preferred choice.

The company is a certified translation provider which covers almost all the areas of specializations including business, finance, literary, education, medical, legal, document, manual, entertainment, advertisement, pharmaceutical, and website translations. If you need high-quality content at a reasonable rate and on-time delivery, this one is a highly reliable choice.

Bhasha Bharati Arts

There is no doubt that India has many known translation service providers. Along with well-recognized translation companies in Bangalore, there are many famous and credible language services providers in Pune too.

The one mentioned here is among the top 10 companies and it has gained much reputation because of the rich experience and availability of a skilled team of native language experts. It works with an eye for detail and ensures customers’ satisfaction at a very affordable price.  It is a proud member of the American Translators Association and an ISO certified company and you can rely on it for exceptional quality results.

BITS Private Limited

BITS is known as one of the most innovative and experienced professional language service provider located in Pune.  The company was built in 1993 and over these years it has become one of the most credible options for all types of translations.

It offers impeccable translation services for all type of academic, non-academic and marketing content along with other types of texts and documents. No matter how simple or completed your task is, it has the expertise to provide you with the best results possible as per the industry standards.

Besides, it has a wide client base of over 1600 clients from all across the world. Thus, you can rely on it for international standard and high-quality results at a quick turnaround time.

Language Services Bureau

Here is one of the most trusted and credible translation services in Pune and it was established in 1979. Throughout these years, the company has maintained excellent professional standards.

They have a skilled and dedicated team comprising experienced and professional translators who work with exclusive attention to detail and deliver translated content which is free from all the major and minor errors. They specialize in technical translations and cover other fields as well.

Translang Ways

Here comes another known name. It is one of the best and most preferred translation companies in Pune and it offers world-class localization, excellent translation, and reliable interpretation services at very cost-effective rates.

The company aims to break the linguistic barriers and offers consistent and smooth translations to deliver guaranteed satisfaction. It also integrates state of the art technology to deliver fast and accurate outcomes. The best part is, it never compromises on quality. No matter how tight the deadline is, you will get your order delivered in time as per high professional standards.

Translation Panacea

Among the number of translation companies in India, translation Panacea is one of the most efficient ones in terms of expertise and results. It is a known and dependable language service provider with extensive experience in translations for corporate clients, authors, and publishers. 

It helps the clients to communicate in target audiences’ primary language for making a strong impact and beating the competitors. If you are looking for an experienced translation provider for transforming your content into multiple languages, you can trust Translation Panacea.

Galaxy 4 U

There are many known translation agencies all over India.  In addition to world-class translation companies in Delhi, there are many reputable service providers in Pune too. The one mentioned here is among the best translation companies in Pune and it offers translations in multiple languages including Tamil, Arabic, Spanish, French, and a lot more. The company offers translation services for a range of industries including IT, Advertising, Telecom, Media, Publishing, Training and a lot more. The best part is, it is an ISO certified name which adds to the company’s credibility.

Lingua Firm

There are numerous language services providers all across India. In addition to several translation companies in Chennai, there are many reputed translation services in Pune as well. The one mentioned here is one of the widely known and highly dependable names of India.

It specializes in Translation, interpretation and training services. It covers a number of key languages that are mostly used in the business world and offers unmatched services at very competitive rates. Whether you need an economical price or top-quality, it has got your back.


Last but not least, PEC is also among the renowned translation agencies. It is known best for error-free and smooth document translations.  If you want to get perfect, in context translations at an affordable price, here is a good option for you.

They have experienced translators who are willing to go the extra mile for ensuring customer satisfaction. In addition to translation, the company also offers free of cost attestation.

The Last Words

These are the top translation companies in Pune according to the level of expertise, years of experience, functional efficiency and delivery of commendable translations. You can choose any of these for translating your content.

Among these, Mars is indeed a promising name with impressive experience, diverse portfolio. Whether you need professional translators for translating technical documents or you require native language experts for transforming your official websites as per the needs of foreign target audiences, we have got you covered.

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