Top 101 Translation Agencies : Human Vs Machine Translation

By: Shahzad Bashir Posted on Mon, 14-03-2016

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Top 101 Translation Agencies: Certified Human Translation VS Machine Translation

Before we begin, let’s talk about Machine Translation: Yandex Translate, Google Translate, Babylon, and Bing Translator, are all some basic examples of Machine Translations and how far they have come. All of these services are fine and doing a great job, but the question is: is it really worth it to use free machine translations when you can have a professional translator work for you?

This is indeed a million-dollar question, and to answer that, we have to look at both of these services and draw out their advantages and disadvantages and see how they work to bring us solutions to our language needs.

Translation Agencies and Language Translation Services

Machine Translation: How Does It Work?

We shall talk about Google Translate to draw the comparison because it is the most sophisticated and much-loved source of machine translation that is almost accurate. It works on Statistical Machine Translation; this is a technology that every machine translation uses.

This is basically a system that is built over time because it works by gathering all translation data and when the time comes, it gives you the information you are looking for in any language pair of your choice. All of this does depend upon the statistics, so the accuracy of such services is mostly touch and go.

Translation Agencies and Language Translation Services


1-It Is Completely Free:

This is perhaps the first reason why people all over the world use machine translations like Google Translate in the first place. That’s a business advantage everyone can appreciate, but as mentioned earlier, there is a minimal cost if you’ll be using Google Translate through an API.

2-Online and Instant:

Platforms like Google Translate are always available for cross-platform use. And as you come to expect from such tools, the translations are always efficient and instantly usable.

3-Text and Document Translation:

Apart from translating texts that you can add manually, you can also translate emails, documents, web pages, and even images after the recent Google mobile application update.

4-Numerous Languages:

Many of such free tools provide support in multiple languages; Google Translate of course provides its services in over 100 languages, with 14 more languages in the development phase.


  1. It's Limited:

    Although it is very good, you cannot use this service for every translation need. Plus, there is no way you can get a comprehensive translation.
  2. Incomplete Language Support:

    These Services do provide support in multiple languages, but it is still not enough. Remember that they only provide Translations for major languages of the world. Not every language.
  3. Readable Translation Is Not Its Forte:

    These are called machine translations for a reason. These services basically provide a literal translation of your given words, which always are mechanics and the readability of these translations is very poor.
  4. Accuracy Is An Issue:

    As these are mechanical translations, the context and the demand of the texts or documents do not matter. And this is the reason why you cannot count on these services to translate your texts and documents with accuracy. The machine has no idea what the document is about, it sees texts and translates it based on its database.
  5. A Machine Cannot Do Man’s Work:

    Sure a machine can help humans and make their work more efficient, however, a machine translation is never a replacement for human translators. Translating important things like keywords, company brands, etc. is a task that needs a lot of research and homework before it can be translated. Sadly, a machine cannot help you with it.
  6. Not Created For Every Need:

    Google highlights world-class translation calculations, which offers the best-computerized translation accessible. Be that as it may, it's vital that you see how the lines are connected and if they meet your particular organization's needs.

Machine Translation is not always the best choice. Sometimes, quality human Translation Services are the best and only option. Once your organization comprehends the advantages and constraints of machine translation, you can better decide your particular needs and limitations.

For your better understanding, we should discuss Human Translation: Any endeavor to supplant Human Translation entirely by machine translation is utterly wrong. This is because of a basic reason; no machine translation can elucidate your content in the language of your choice than a Human translator with years of experience.

Case in point, it is just the human translators who are capable of deciphering certain social and cultural references that may exist in the source language content.

How Do Human Translations Work?

Human translators are largely local speakers of your target language. That is the reason why they are exceptionally acquainted with the greater part of its specificities, nuances, expressions, slang, linguistic use, and so forth, which permits them to keep the importance and the tone of the source content and provide the best and most accurate translation.

Likewise, most human translators have confirmed translation degrees and certifications, and some of them may concentrate on a particular industry in which they may have an expert foundation.

Translation Agencies and Language Translation Services


  1. Far-Reaching Approach:

    Why should you remain a local business when your products and services can serve a bigger market? Human Translation Services help your business to open up to new niche sectors that you thought didn't exist or did not have the potential for your services.
  2. Online Retail:

    Managing a business online is not unbelievable; regardless of the fact that your site is focused on a specific type of individuals in a territory, you would regularly discover individuals from numerous parts of the world on your business website. Making your website content multilingual will help new clients from all over the world understand your products and will increase your sales and profits.
  3. Technical Translation:

    Many organizations have tremendously specialized content; this is typically found in specialized manuals, item leaflets, and so on. Translating such documents and knick-knacks help you in creating your brand image and make sure that your clients understand what you are offering them.
  4. Insight of Cultural References:

    Translation unassumingly offers knowledge into the way of life and states of mind of another nation. Case in point, when perusing English books from writers, for example, Shakespeare, Agatha Christie or George Orwell in whatever other language, we learn something about a way of life or the mindset of people who wrote it. A comparable understanding can be drawn when viewing overseas films with English subtitles.
  5. Tourism and Travel

    : Perhaps one of the best effects that translation has had is in the field of tourism. Translation has empowered individuals from one nation to really acknowledge and comprehend the way of life and excellence of another nation.


The main and only disadvantage of Professional and Certified Human Translation is that you have to pay for it.

So by experiencing all the material specified above, we have gone to a certain point where we can say that there is no match for Professional and Certified Human Translation Services. After this, we have organized a Step by Step Guide to Choose Professional and Certified Human Translation Services for you.

A Step by Step Guide to Choose Professional and Certified Human Translation Services:

In the event that you've never acquired a translation service, we are going to offer some assistance. A large portion of our clients have put forth the same inquiries you likely have as a primary concern, along these lines, we've composed the basic strides in the process for you to undertake if you want to have a quality translation service.

Step #1: Measure your prerequisites first

Which kind of translation do you need?

  1. Website Translation
  2. App Localization
  3. Software Localization
  4. Document translation

Step #2: Choose Your Languages And Target Regions.

Which regions do you have to reach and which language do they talk? This is a critical inquiry, on the grounds that the cost of translation can change altogether upon the dialect or language being referred to. Probably the most widely recognized languages that organizations translate into when their source language is English feature European language, similar to French, German, and Spanish, and in addition Asian language, similar to Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

Step #3: Estimate The Expense

Figure your translation cost and make an expected spending plan for what to spend on translation services for your venture. Keeping in mind the end goal to decide the expense of translation services, you initially need to know what number of words you have that need translation.

When you know the number of words, the normal cost per word may go from US$.06 to $.20, reliant upon the language pair and relying upon whether you run with a translation organization, an independent translator, or some other language service provider.

Numerous organizations charge premium expenses if the substance is profoundly specialized or, on the off chance, it requires critical visual depiction or arranging work. Transcreation, likewise, is charged at a higher rate.

For the most part, translation services can furnish you with a quote once they comprehend what kind of service you need, and in addition to your source and target language.

Step #4: Consider using a Professional and Certified Human Translation Company

The expense of interpretation administrations for a solitary undertaking is just a little part of the aggregate expense of possession for your interpretation exercises. On the off chance that you have repeating needs, you can advantage significantly from putting resources into a Professional and Certified Human Translation Services supplier.

Step #5: Decide Who Will Decipher And How

You ought to choose a Professional and Certified Human Translation Services; there is a big chance that you have already discovered different organizations that would love to work with you.

Presently on the off chance that you are confounded by picking the best Professional and Certified Human Translator Services Company in a reasonable rate, we have accumulated information on"101 Top And The Best Translation Companies" in the Professional and Certified Human Translator Services Industry that will be your most solid option.

1- Mars Translation Services

Language Translation services4 - Mars Translation

Mars Translation Services gives quick, proactive and quality Human Translation Services by Certified Native Translators from around the world. Proficient Translation Services by Certified Translators, Supporting more than 230 languages with more than 2000 language sets, covering more than 95 percent of the Professional language utilized by web clients around the globe.

Mars Translation Services has the assets that have made us ready to present to you the best services in the industry. Mars Translation is the primary interpretation/translation organization granted both ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 17100:2015, EN 15038:2006 Certified.

Language Translation services

They are one of the fastest developing language solution providers since they put a ton of meticulousness to ensure everything is great. They contract local specialists to guarantee Quality Translation Services for our worldwide customers. Aside from translation services, Mars Translation Services gives proofreading, interpretation, voice-over and subtitling services too.

To help their customers in the most ideal ways, they provide services in numerous languages and industries. Aside from Translation Services, they additionally give Interpretation Services, Proofreading Services, Transcription Services, Voice-Over Services and Subtitling Services. Specialists who are professionally prepared to present the best results with exactness, responsibility and proactive administrations give these services.


2- Translation Central

Translation Central range from straightforward report translations to business interpretations, multilingual study and website localization. With their system of qualified and experienced interpreters, translators, editors (proofreaders) and analysts, they can give you brisk and exact results for all your interpretation/translation needs.


3- Alta Lang

ALTA is a representative claimed language services organization that offers business-level translation, language localization testing, and language training programs. Their aim is to help you cross boundaries between culture and language. It does not matter if you want to expand your business and it out to the world; they aim to provide you the best in all things language.


4- Capita Translation Interpreting

Capita Translation Interpreting is not only an interpretation and translation service provider. Their specialists give quality language services to help you speak with the worldwide markets and target audience. Download their free white paper and understand their services and their approach to modern translation services.


5- Green Gate

Because of its astounding services, Green Gate entryway a translation organization in Pakistan, this company is making a huge name for itself in the industry because of thei4 uncompromising quality of their translations, interpretation and subtitling. Working to the most astounding universal measures, they are the main expert translation organization in Pakistan. Offering round-the-clock accessibility, they intend to be your first decision for an expert translation organizations in South-East Asia.


6- Argo Translations

Argo Translations is a pioneer among European translation organizations, putting accentuating devotion to Project Management and great client relationships.  

Of all CEE translation organizations, they offer the most coveted document translation services. They are not shy of providing their services in the tersest and difficult languages in the world. They prefer accuracy, experience, specializations and good translators to provide language services to the clients.

Each of Argos Translations' customers gets individual consideration from an allocated Project Manager who guarantees every task is given equal consideration and the projects are being completed on time. Argos Translations Project Managers are in charge of directing Argo's translators and making sure that they follow the special 2-step quality assurance process: The quality assurance procedure is:

  1. Translation finished by a local speaker + checking and editing by a language specialist
  2. Revision by another local speaker having some expertise in your industry

They provide their services for localization services, voice-over, document translation and desktop publishing (DTP) in a multitude of industries. With their offices in the US, UK and all over Europe, Argos has the fundamental ability to offer vigorous turnaround translation services on tight due dates.


7- Key Lingo

Key Lingo is a worldwide translation organization with workplaces all through the U.S and Canada. A year ago, Key Lingo, alone assisted more than 700 organizations with more than 4,000 interpretation/translation ventures.


8- Trans Perfect

The world's top organizations trust Trans Perfect to help them exceed expectations in the worldwide commercial business. Trans Perfect transforms worldwide objectives into overall accomplishments. It's a group of organizations giving language services and innovation arrangements for every language need. Over 20 years back, Liz Elting and Phil Shawe established this organization with a mission to help the world's organizations explore worldwide commercial businesses. With many years of hands-on experience, their consultative methodology and thorough quality have made them one of the business pioneers.


9- Pro Translating

Pro Translating is an interpretation and translation organization with over 40 years of experience. They offer simultaneous, consecutive and telephonic interpretations too. By All Means is their administration mantra and their guarantee to you. Pro Translating can take projects of any size, language or industry with an individual touch; because their previous 40 years have taught them is that their clients are the heart and soul of their company.


10- Rennert International

For more than 42 years, Rennert International has given top-notch scholastic, Teacher Training, and expert interpretation and translation services for organizations, NGOs, non-profits and individuals.


11- Today Translations

This Award-winning interpretation and translation services company is situated in London. Today Translations is a proficient interpretation/translation organization and trusted worldwide correspondence accomplice. Their certified language services are in the best quality and separated them from the rest.

Today Translations was the main interpretation/translation service that is granted both ISO: 9001 for quality and ISO: 27001 for data security, so you can rest guaranteed that your records will be taken care of with the extreme polished skill and in the strictest certainty from their protected City of London workplaces.

Having been in the business for over 10 years, they have given translation and language services in more than 200 languages to a large number of customers over an extensive variety of industries. Numerous organizations consider them to be their own in-house language division.

Through their worldwide system of expert language specialists, Today Translations is the UK's No. 1 supplier of language and translation services. Their clients trust their project managers to provide the best quality of services at an awesome rate.


12- ToLingo

ToLingo is an expert online interpretation/translation provider for the most astounding standard of translations you will ever find. Your translations can be handled inside the briefest conceivable time as they are instantly distributed to a suitable and qualified translator they have.

On account of their wide assortment of language pairs, they can even offer you translation services in the most remote languages. They are an online translation service provider for any expert translation needs.

Proficient expert interpretations/translations require an extraordinary measure of consideration with respect to the interpreter or translator and a sound learning of the applicable pro phrasing.

At Tolingo, they just work with master translators who continually upgrade their insight and can convey your expert translation needs rapidly and skillfully. To work with Tolingo, a specialized translator must meet their top-notch standards.

With more than 6,000 pro interpreters and translators, they have the best of them at your service in more than 35 languages of your choice, including all major languages.


13- Trans Lingua

Trans Lingua is giving precise, well-timed, and proficient translation services to Fortune 500 Companies since 1972. With Translators situated at their New York City and Boulder, Colorado workplaces, they can work with more than 80 unique languages from around the globe.

On the off chance that your organization is searching for Translation Services, Interpreters, Voice-Over Talent, and Cultural Branding Expertise, TransLingua Translations can cover all your needs.


14- The Translation Company

The Translation Company is an expert interpretation organization with offices in New York, NY, and Silicon Valley, CA. They serve customers in the US and different regions. Their organization is a dynamic member of the ATA - American Translators Association and the NYCT — New York Circle of Translators.


Language Translation services11 - Mars Translation

15- US Translation

US Translation Company's quality translation service team lets you convey rapidly and viably with your clients and accomplices. They help you promote your image by connecting with more individuals.

In today's world, no industry is an island. Organizations are not just associated with their neighborhood group and accomplices, they are also associated with various other individuals and associations around their nation and the world.

The capacity to discuss viably with them is foremost, and frequently needed and this includes the requirement for quality interpretation and translation services.

Since 1995, US Translation Company has been the favored asset for interpretation and translation needs crosswise over a wide range of commercial ventures. They can oversee everything: from medical translations and operations manual translation to interpretations of all kinds.

The certified translators associated with this company can interpret or translate in more than 100 languages and each service is upheld by their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

US Translation Company's excellent translation service helps you to divulge rapidly and adequately with your clients and accomplices and further your image by contacting more individuals. They will allocate a Project Coordinator to your project to guarantee every progression of the procedure is finished by accurate particulars.


16- Asta USA

Asta USA keeps on leading the document translation service industry with its unrivaled quality, deadline-oriented and precision. They also have very competitive rates. They can translate any type of document - whether scientific, legal or technical - and provide a translation of it in more than 70 languages.

At ASTA USA, they are called upon habitually to right such issues. Having your documents translated effectively and precisely the first run-through by their licensed in-house language specialists will spare your organization time, cash, and conceivably, your organization's status.


17- Rosetta Translation

Rosetta Translation Agency gives a full scope of translation services to organizations all around the world. They work in top-notch document translations for commercial and business-related documents.

They promise a reliably incredible translation service in each of these different fields by ensuring they relegate each document translation to the most experienced and qualified editors, proofreaders and translators.

Consolidated with their latest translation technology and their phenomenal adaptability, as respects customer needs, this outcomes in the solid and expert translation benefit that their general clients appreciate.

They are complete with the ISO 9001:2008 International Standard for Quality Management and DIN EN 15038 quality standard for translation services, meaning the translation and different services they give are liable to strict quality control forms. Archive interpretations can be ensured, notarized and sanctioned to meet your precise prerequisites.


18- Gengo

Gengo gives quick, reasonable and quality translations by local speakers from all over the world. 95% of projects placed on their system are started inside 120 minutes and finished in 60 minutes or less, contingent upon the language.

A year ago, their group of more than 15,000 local speakers—situated in 140+ nations—translated more than 130 million words crosswise over 35+ languages. With rates beginning at just $0.05/word, they are utilized by 1000s of organizations with the satisfaction level of 98%.

Their certified translators get the opportunity to work inside minutes, utilizing their creative online devices. With translators from all around the globe, and more than 35 languages as of now accessible, turnaround times are reliable regardless of when you put your order. With Gengo, you can do anything and that's only the tip of the iceberg.


19- Pangeanic

Pangeanic is the translation agency you can trust. An expert translation company to translate your website, translate documents belonging to any industry and transcreate your required material, especially when you require ideas and translations with a flair for creativity.

Pangeanic has given quality translations at reasonable costs since 1997. They specialize in Spanish translations, French translations, German translations, Italian translations, Chinese translations, Japanese translations, and 450 more language pairs!


20- Translation Services USA

With more than 13 years of experience and reliable commitment to their clients, Translation Cloud (previous Translation Services USA) has gotten to be a standout amongst the most imaginative and dependable translation organizations in the business. They have constructed their organization on the establishing standards of value, honesty, and consumer loyalty, and they keep on living up to those standards today, with over a 99.8% endorsement rating.

They consider what they do is important. For them, translation is not just about changing words, starting with one language then onto the next. It's about passing on the genuine importance of those words, in every one of its nuances, so that the translation is characteristically adjusted to its intended interest group and localized for demographics, culture, and topic.


21- BetterLanguages Translation Agency

Whether you are a UK organization or working in another part of the world, Better Languages are here to offer assistance. 2016 guarantees to be an energizing year in the field of interpretation and translation, as the business keeps on developing and growing.

Did you realize that betterlanguages is ISO9001 certified for translation services? A duplicate of their enlistment endorsement is accessible in the about us segment of the site.

For some organizations, the New Year is a period to consider targets and spending plans, business points and destinations. In the event that you are extending globally, now is an extraordinary time to converse with us about your translation necessities.


22- Morningside Translations

Morningside comes out on top in giving precise, superb language translation services in more than 100 languages. With its Headquartered in New York with a worldwide group of 5000+ language specialists and industry specialists (SME's), Morningside helps enterprises, law offices, and government offices impart and succeed in the worldwide target market.


23- GEO Language Services

At GEO they offer an answer for any sort of language need - be it interpretation, editing, voice-over, translating and so on.

More than 95% of their customers stay with them and would suggest them. Quality is vital and as only expert translators and interpreters are hired, they take pride in each range of the service they give. They are benevolent, useful and they truly have faith in keeping up an open, legit collaborating approach with every one of their customers.

Geo helps you to connect with the culture and language of your target market, so you can succeed in the global business community. They take a simple approach and offer a savvy one-stop administration for interpretation, translation, multilingual website and desktop distribution, and much more.

With more than 10 years of professional experience in the language industry and expert, Geo's team will make sure that your projects are completed on time and that you receive what you paid for.


24- Alchemy Translation

Alchemy Translation is resolved to give the most productive and client-centered services. They offer translation services as well as give many language solutions. Their well-disposed methodology has given them an expert edge in the Translation Service Industry.

They have a group of natives for interpretation, translation and localization. The group comprises of individuals who have demonstrated mastery in the fields of Translation, Interpretation, Localization and Education. The group is comprehensive, which helps them to work with determination and provide you services which you can be proud of.


25- Click For Translation

Click For Translation offer proficient and inexpensive translation service. In a brief time, they have accomplished an immense status and respect from their customers. They are the ISO certified translation organization that offers language services to their customers all around the globe. Their customer base is expanding each day and has added numerous new and rehashed customers to their organization.

They take pride in offering focused services to their customers from all areas including training, legal, corporate and that's just the beginning. On the off chance that you are searching for an energetic group of translators who can offer remarkable quality administrations, then you should consider Click for Translation for your online translation vendor.

Click for Translation in the US are one of the prestigious translation suppliers. They are assertive about serving their customers with the most elevated quality services.


26- Trusted Translations

Trusted Translations, Inc. is a universally considered pioneer in multilingual interpretation and translation services with more than 10,000 master translators and more than 5,000 fulfilled customers. Many Fortune 500 organizations, top government offices and non-benefit associations use their services.

With the capacity to translate more than 200 languages, they give complete language solutions in the form of multilingual interpretation and translation services. Trusted Translations has always demonstrated their experience by taking care of translation projects of all sizes and is a one-stop answer for any association looking for prevalent interpretations and translations at economically focused rates.


27- Win Translation

Win Translation is an award-winning translation organization situated in Ottawa, Canada. They give culturally fitting translation services in more than 100 languages, including the Aboriginal language of North America. A pioneer in the field of multilingual translation and localization, they serve organizations and associations trying to market to multicultural crowds locally and abroad.

Their multilingual abilities joined with a best-in-class project administration approach furnish customers with a one-stop accommodation facility. Their mastery in transcreation, the translation and localization of marketing materials, is exceptionally significant to advertisers and specialized communicators alike. Their translators are prepared to translate marketing and SEO (search engine optimization).

Win Translation's staff comprises of certified localization experts and terminology experts. They are a group that concentrates and deals with your association's semantic resources. Their group of experienced interpreters, translators and localization experts make sure that you get localized, culturally appropriate and top translation services in any layout or format you desire.


28- Universal Translation Services

Universal Translation Services is one of the best translations in the market. They are one of the world's top translation organizations that offer proficient translation services.

They offer excellent worldwide translation services for individuals and businesses alike. They have hired the top language specialists and have enrolled a large number of experienced translators to work on your projects.

Their expert translation services are accessible all over the world, guaranteeing nobody is left without quality translations for their language needs.

They have offices all over the world, including Europe and USA and they are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, regardless of when you require their services, they are constantly here to offer assistance.

Universal Translation Service is your main association to translate any kind of document belonging to any industry. They offer their services in multiple languages, including all major languages and language pairs.


29- Be Translated

Be Translated is a system of independent translators gathered from all over the world, these translators are accustomed to working exclusively or in translator groups.

Their dedication towards their accomplices and clients is respected amongst the individuals who have chosen to work with them. They fill in as a decentralized group of experts (consultants are spread out in various European, Asian and American nations) that effectively conveys translations as per the accessibility, specialization, ability and assets of the translators.

Since the translators are spread all over the world, they have the opportunity and the means to work in multiple time zones and complete the projects under the client’s specified deadlines. They are extremely adaptable and take pride in their ability on working with translators who understand the importance of quality, work with mutual respect of each other’s abilities and communicate openly about their strengths and weak points.

With every working as a home-based translator (with nothing that will hinder their concentration) they can provide their services with a reasonable rate and share their high-quality services with you at a price that will be in your budget.

Be Translated comprises only of expert translators. One Be Translated Representative will be your contact point and will manage every part of your projects, regardless of the time barriers.


30- GTS Translation Services

GTS is an expert translation services company that gives quality translation services to an extensive variety of industry-driving customers around the world. With their main office in Miami Beach Florida (USA), they have provincial workplaces in Montreal (Canada), Bonn (Germany) and in Tel Aviv (Israel). They are certified by both the ISO 9001: 2008 and EN 15038: 2008 quality guidelines. So quality is guaranteed with this company.

Large portions of their clients feel that they are the best translation service provider that fits their requirements. They are profoundly receptive to the requirements of the client: they reliably complete projects on time and at a rate that will always fit your budget. Their costs are exceptionally competitive.

They essentially provide their service for are website translation, document translation, software/apps localization and advancement of machine translation. Their interpretation and translation office was established in 2003.

GTS, or most commonly known as Global Translation Services, is a DBA (Doing Business As) name of Localization Technologies LLC, an organization consolidated in the State of Florida USA.


31- The Translation People

The Translation People offer cohesive translations that are effective, correct and always on time. Their services are developed to pay attention to your needs and every single aspect of the project. A team of professional translators who are experts in their fields handles every project and their expertise will always benefit your business.


32- Global Language Solutions

Global Language Solutions (GLS) is an expert interpretation and translation Services Company headquartered in Irvine, California with quickly enlarging workplaces in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. They give language solutions in more than 100 languages, including Asian, Eastern, and Western European languages, so that your business can thrive anywhere you want it to.

Their expert language solutions contain linguistic validation; document translation, transcreation, translation, and interpretation project management. They are certified by ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17100 (in the past EN 15038), and there are 2,500 expert language specialists and more than 20 years of experience to back them and their cliams.


33- Translations ABC

Translations ABC gives translation services in more than 200 languages with accuracy, top-notch services, and unparalleled precision. Over the 27 years, they have been in the business, they have accumulated a database of more than 4,000 expert language specialists with cutting-edge degrees and/or certifications.

Translations ABC's main offices are found right over the Potomac from Washington, DC. They work in the heart of the global business; their expert language experts are from all around the world so that they can give you localized translations every time.  


34- Multi Ling

Multi Ling is the imaginative pioneer in IP translation and related support services for every patent filing by Global 500 legitimate groups belonging to any country.

Numerous potential customers have long-haul associations with MultiLing as a result of Multi Ling's work ethic and of course, their best practices in translation administrations and its solid reputation with IP and patent filling translations needs no introduction.


35- Language Connect

They are a fast developing organization. Being established in 2003 by Iwona and Ben, LanguageConnect has become one of the top worldwide language solution suppliers with support from around the world. They are constantly making new customer associations, meeting new staff, and winning honors.

They have accomplished a ton in a very brief timeframe, and they are here because: they expanded their business on solid organization values and working with consideration in each part of their associations with customers, suppliers, accomplices, and each other. And that is no small feat.


36- RixTrans

RixTrans is an expert, dependable and inexpensive translation organization, which offers quality language solutions in over a hundred unique languages. Their services comprise of multilingual interpretation, translating, proofreading, localization, editing, subtitling, DTP or Desktop Publishing and other industry-related services that many companies need for their day to day needs.


37- All-Translation

All-Translation is a greatly demanded service in the current times. It crosses over any barrier between various diverse societies and distinctive cultural mentalities. It joins individuals and helps them locate a typical language and the same vision.

Translation is a troublesome yet compensating process that calls for genuine experts with an abundance of experience in the translation industry. All-Translation Company gives quality translation services in for all intents and purposes; they offer their services for industries like technical, medical, juridical, legal and judicial. They convey your message and thoughts to the intended interest group, to comprehend and be comprehended by the others.

For the last 10 years All-Translation Company has been giving expert translation services over the US, Canada and Europe. They have built up an enduring association with numerous customers and driving organizations all over the world.


38- Waterstone Translations

Started in 2005, Waterstone Translations is a supplier of fantastic interpretation and translation service providers. Their workplaces are situated in London and Shanghai and their group incorporates proficient interpreters and translators with more than 10 years of experience. Keeping in mind the end goal to address the issues of their customers, they filter out the finest interpreters and translators with a 4% pass rate and have additionally built up a bank of terminology in various fields and industries.

Their translators and interpreters know that their work ethics are very important. This combined with a strict quality control framework implies that Waterstone Translations has naturally developed year on year. Existing customers bring roughly 30% of new customers to the company. This shows how much their clients trust them and their services.


39- London Translations

If you need someone to work on your language related projects efficiently and in little time, London Translations is the company for you. They understand the budget implications and this is the reason why they always keep their bills to you in check and make sure it is not more than what you can handle. They always offer competitive prices for their services, and they will make sure that you are only paying for the services you ordered. They try to match their competitor’s rates, and they do so while keeping the quality of the services in check.


40- Language Translation

Language Translation, Inc. gives a wide range of language solutions, including interpretation, localization, and translation. Their customers range from new organizations to Fortune 500 organizations to government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels.

Their leader, Ana Maria Nevin, who has been a Spanish interpreter for more than 30 years, established their organization. She is licensed by the American Translators Association and ensured by the State of California as a Court Interpreter. She established Language Translation, Inc. in 1989.

From that point forward, they have worked with more than 2,500 striking organizations over the United States and abroad. In its 25 years in the business, Language Translation, Inc. has built up a translator database of more than 1,200. These expert language translators give language solutions in more than 60 languages.


42- EDGE Professional Translation

EDGE Professional Translation is one of those translation service providers that concentrated on quality and consumer loyalty. Their accomplished group of translators has the skills to make your projects shine because they understand the culture behind the language and understand the demands of the industry that you belong to.


43- Lengua Translations

Lengua will satisfied you with the accurate, high-quality translations provided by their highly qualified and trained translators. Their translation services will meet all of your requirements with regard to accuracy, timeliness and quality.

Today's business is worldwide. This implies your business will frequently be confronted with correspondence, contracts and documents from firms working in a language you don’t understand.

You have to utilize the services of an expert translation organization. Tragically, there are not many companies that can help you with it. Lengua Translations offers proficient and reasonable language services that are furnished by local speakers with college degrees in translation.

You will be exceptionally satisfied by the exact, excellent translations gave by their very qualified and experienced translators. Their translation services will meet the majority of your necessities with respect to precision, opportuneness and quality.

Bad translations can cost you a lot, especially when you have badly translated product descriptions, instructions, contracts etc. Your company’s reputation can be badly damaged by such errors; your clients will stop trusting your products and services. Precise and accurate translations by professional and experienced translators can keep these issues from happening and can help your organization to become a brand name all over the world.


44- Orange Translations

Orange Translations offers proficient language translation services in every single major language. The company began in 2006 in Greensboro, North Carolina and now, they have translation offices in Canada, Germany, Switzerland, France, the Philippines and Hong Kong, in addition to interpreters and translators in more than 100 islands and countries.  

However, they are still a little organization, so they are naturally more prone to follow the client than the other way around. They have small teams in multiple offices that make sure that the clients are happy with the work they are getting and they come back for more. They have 400 freelance translators from all over the world to manage the workload properly.

They provide quality translations of every project submitted to them. The main reason for providing high-quality content ever single time is that they have hired translators who have specialized in specific industries. As they are the experts of their fields, they make sure that everything is perfect before the project is sent back to the client.


45- Advanced Language

Advanced Language are a group of exceedingly trained project managers with groups of qualified, capable language specialists, engineers, and artists. They are just not bilingual or multilingual; they are people who understand language and art behind it. They believe quality comes first, and quantity second and rates third. Plus, they have ISO confirmation to back it up their claims.

They know the importance of your success because they know it that this is the only way they will succeed too. By serving the greater part of your translation needs, they plan to help you succeed abroad.



PYRAMID has more than 20 years of experience giving quality interpretation and translation services. From its unobtrusive beginnings in the mid-1990s, Pyramid has the trust and loyalty of its clients, both locally and around the world. They take into account an expansive scope of national and worldwide non-legislative associations, and additionally to private, business and governmental agencies.

They are situated in the heart of NGO domain encompassed by the clamoring Preah Sihanouk and Preah Sothearos business centers. Their cutting edge and professionally run workplaces give legit and genuine client care. Pyramid is enlisted with the Ministry of Commerce of the Kingdom of Cambodia.


47- Lingotek's

Lingotek Translation Network is the main cloud-based solution that gives you the ability to deal with your image around the world under a single roof. Their industry-driving innovation is key to stay in touch with your international clients and offices, regardless of where you are and where you work. Their multilingual support is considered to be the best.

Their customers successfully oversee translations of their projects utilizing an instinctive, cloud-based dashboard. Their translators utilization a browser translation interface that gives access to every one of the devices expected to deliver astounding translation, including style guides, glossaries, and translation memory.

Their translation services and software are designed to adjust to fit your translation needs by coordinating with your timetable and budget to provide a smooth service.


48- LinguaLinx

LinguaLinx with a many customers and language specialists from around the world, they are a language solution supplier that offers considerably more than just translation. Whether it's a HR Manual, a brochure, the localization and translation of a website or a complex multilingual launch of a new product, they can deal with anything.

They work with all types of customers belonging to any and language. We've put resources into new innovation and great work ethics to make sure you get what you want. They believe that in international business, marketing is more than simple translation, there is a lot more to the picture than what you usually see. There is a lot of hard work, and most of that will come from your products that need multilingual support.

At LinguaLinx, they believe that the future is in your own hands. They help their clients go global and make sure that they do it well. And they make that happen with the help of their global resources and targeted approach.  


49- Exigo Translations

Exigo was initially settled in Barcelona in 2006 and soon migrated to Oxford to focus on their key UK market. Albeit moderately new as an organization, they are not new to the business as they have more than 100,000 words translated per translator, and bilingual staff with more than 5 years experience in the business in UK and abroad.

They are entrenched in the translation business sector in Europe, overwhelmingly in Spain and UK, with a quickly expanding rundown of customers, that depend on their:

  • Quality of translation
  • On-time delivery
  • Delivery in any format (.html, etc.)
  • Competitive price

Their main aim was and still is to give an expert translation service through qualified translators to people who need translations, organizations, multinational companies and government offices.

By far, most of their translators hold the degrees in translation in their specialized languages from the Chartered Institute of Linguists or its national equivalent and have made their vocations and callings out of their translation skills.


50- MultiLingual Tech

MultiLingual Tech. or MLT as it is most commonly known, is based in Californian, the heart of Silicon Valley. It is a multilingual localization and translation service company that has some expertise in serving innovative industries, particularly IT, Electronics and Life Sciences. They give high caliber and inexpensive localization and translation services in languages like English and most Asian and European languages.

MLT is completely outfitted with cutting edge machine translation tools, engineering capabilities, proficient project management, an ISO 9001-2008 confirmed quality assurance framework and multilingual language specialists.

MLT has hired specialists who provide website translation, technical translation, localization of all kinds, DTP and much more. They work on heir projects on real-time and make sure that both clients and their translators are confortable with the work they are doing.

MLT has manufactured its own project management and customer services system. The system is solid enough to handle any kind of project related to localization and translation.


51- Kwintessential

Kwintessential was conceptualized in 2003 by three people who wanted to provide solutions to companies and individuals who were having troubles with globalization and internationalization. They anticipated the future interest for language solutions and services, and they knew that people would soon be looking for global and cultural savvy services that will build their businesses and take them to new heights.  

The organization began by offering cultural awareness, language lessons, interpretation and translation. It extended to incorporate further key items, for example, desktop publishing, website design, conference transcription and interpretation.


52- Columbus Translations

Columbus Translations and Subtitling is a youthful flourishing organization set up in the UK since January 2009. Being a medium-sized organization, Columbus Translations are equipped for giving bespoke expert translation services suited to individual customer's needs, whether it's editing a short report, translating a manual, subtitling a corporate video or localizing a website.


53- International Translating Company

ITC was established in 1969 in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas territory. With constant support of extremely committed customers, the organization set up itself as a vital accomplice to numerous Dallas-based organizations.

Concentrating fundamentally on translation services, the organization kept on developing by winning over extra customers including the infrequent Fortune-500 organization. Customer's new and old trust ITC's capacity to comprehend and address their issues.

ITC's administration kept up easy associations with customers and kept on growing through the 70's, 80's, 90's and mid-2000s. Amid this time the organization kept on putting resources into procedures and individuals, delivering quality services that matched the best translation services in the business.


54- TrueLanguage

At TrueLanguage, they are prepared to help you enter the worldwide market. They offer organizations of any size a broad scope of language services: interpretation, translation, transcription, software localization, process consultancy, multilingual terminology management, and the sky is the limit from there.

They utilize the most recent in language service innovation to furnish you with precise, top-quality services at an affordable rate. What's more, their online portal and project management staff offer you consistent overhauls and access to your projects. You can keep up with the status of current activities or start new ones, wherever you are, day in and day out.


55- Translated

Translated was established in 1999 by a computer scientist and a language expert with the point of delving deeper into innovation to enhance human translation while diminishing its turnaround time and cost. Since its origination, Translated has closed every monetary year with a net profit and can now rely on a group of 167,337 experts, local translators and an equally vast repertoire of clients from all over the world.

Our point, right from the very first moment, has been to offer our clients a guarantee of quality, cost and efficient delivery. They have dependably stood out from our rivals because of our ability to incorporate innovation into the translation process.

This, and in addition our aggregate appreciation for the classification of customer's archives, has permitted us to rapidly win the trust of major multinational and government clients, for example, IBM, Hewlett Packard, RAI Television, ENEL and L'Oréal to give some examples.


56- Globalization Partners International

Globalization Partners International (GPI) was established in 2001 by a group of business, language, technology and project management experts. Our center group has more than 20 years of broad experience helping organizations impart and lead the business in any language and in any area. They do this by giving a variety of globalization and translation services.


57- Quills Language Services

Are you confident that when you are conversing with your international customers, you are speaking their language perfectly? On the off chance that correspondence misses the mark, chances are you will lose your competitive edge just like that. By translating your message into your most used foreign languages, your business will have the capacity to open to new businesses and extend its client base.

Successful correspondence with your customers is vital to your organization's development. Inside the setting of a worldwide business sector, it is important to translate and adjust your messages to remote gatherings of people keeping in mind the end goal to get to new global markets.

This translation organization offers you the most qualified experts to accomplish that objective. Consider how Quills Language Services pros can make profitable commitments to the viability and proficiency of your business and enhance its aggressive edge.

They do offer an extensive variety of language services, extending from translation to interpretation in various fields, both in specialized and general points. At the point when discussing your organization, customers' early introduction will rely upon the data you give and its quality.

Try not to depend on conceivable outcomes but on the outcomes you can accomplish when a particular expert is responsible for transmitting your message to the global business market.



With a language services’ history going back years, ENLASO gives business language services including interpretation, translating, and localizing services to its clients around the world.

Setting up quality language procedures throughout their worldwide venture, ENLASO's central multilingual services include: Technical Documentation Localization, Website Localization, Software Localization, Multicultural Marketing, Multimedia Localization, Localization Testing, Consulting and Training, and Language Technology Engineering.

Their continuous ISO 9001:2008 certification asserts that their localization and translation services meet globally perceived guidelines at each hierarchical level, including a thorough linguist selection procedure and client centered record administration philosophy.

They are completely dedicated to the requirements of their clients and you can be sure that their experience managing language and global traditions coordinate your organization's worldwide advertising objectives.

Their task managers work intimately with you to guarantee that your language project is a win from every single aspect it will be inspected.  


59- Multilingual Translation Services

Multilingual Translation Services (MTS) is a long-settled organization with more than 28 years' experience in project management, localization and venture translation. They translate and adjust general, scientific, technical and financial documents for most industries and every niche market you can think of.

They additionally give continuous and concurrent, printing services interpretation, multi-dialect WP and DTP, rentable SI equipment and website translation. MTS is also associated and member of multiple translators’ associations and organizations in the US.


60- Al Wadi Translation Services

Having a worldwide presence is an unquestionable requirement in today's business world. So whether it's a business extension, logistics for global philanthropy activities or precise multilingual material, you require an accomplice that conveys precise, trustworthy and auspicious quality in each translation project.

In the wake of perceiving a noteworthy need in the business sector for such an accomplice, ALWADI Translation Services was built up as an exceedingly experienced and effective company with no reservations or industries, their main aim is to provide language services in UAE that covers all of your language needs.

What makes them remarkable is their mix of top rack ability, dynamic collaboration, all encompassing consideration, quick quotes and their Ministry of Justice approval.

Their group contains sworn and certified translation units, devoted proofreaders, editors and industry-particular interpreters – which imply that your translations will always be precise, regardless of what field you work in.

They utilize a dynamic and comprehensive way to deal with each task. This profoundly effective method permits them to embrace countless projects and deliver them at unimaginable rates – so even the most critical projects are maneuvered carefully and speed.

As your translation vendor, they are prepared to take care of any of your projects at whatever time.


61- LAT Multilingual

LAT Multilingual has a proficient team of Project Managers, Social Media Strategists and Content Editors who work together with gifted experts from everywhere throughout the world to work on your projects and very language need. From corporate documents, website translation, intranet and business communication, to creating new, fresh and enthralling content for your marketing team to gather more clients and bring you more business.  


62- Global Voices

Global Voices are a talented, driven and determined language service provider, one of the fastest in the UK and with solid clientele over Europe and the USA. Their group is committed and proactive and will guarantee a quality of service that you will not find anywhere else.


63- Skrivanek

Translation of your message for the whole world starts with a solitary contact at Skrivanek. Let them know what you need, and Skrivanek will appoint an accomplished project manager (PM) to your worldwide correspondence needs. This devoted proficient professional will translate anything you want for your business ventures: he or she will oversee everything and make sure everything goes according to your plan and deadline.


64- PoliLingua

PoliLingua began business back in November 2002. The business was conceived out as a translation service supplier, continuously growing to multilingual translation services, voice over and global Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They do all of this as an attempt to meet their clients' requests.

Numerous customers simply utilize either the translation module of their business, yet progressively customers are seeing the advantage of incorporating what they can offer into the overall service package.

At first working from home, they have immediately moved to decent workplaces in Chisinau, Moldova and in addition they have representation in New York City, London and Berlin. Right from the beginning, they have invited customers from huge organizations through to small time consultancies.


65- Asia Translate

Asia Translate is developing as one of the pioneer's in Asian language localization and translation services. They began in mid 2009 and their development in the recent years has far surpassed their objectives.

It's been exceptionally energizing and they are presently extending at a day-by-day rate. They are right now chipping away at a completely integrated translation platform, which will empower you to transfer, revise and recover your projects 'progressively'.


66- Tomedes

Tomedes has been translating all types of documets for just about 10 years. They are working with the greatest worldwide organizations; however, they still cherish their small-scale business clients the same.

They are a youthful group of individuals who have confidence in their rates and services. They treat their clients with respect and honor their wishes by bringing the best quality results.

They give translations by their native human translators and they make a huge effort to give you day in and day out support by a project manager.

Obviously, they give incredible translation. They welcome you to get a free quototation as well at any time you desire. They anticipate being there for you at the snap of your fingers.

Tomedes founder and CEO, Ofer Tirosh, began the organization out of interest for language and linguistics. His techniques, knowledge, and objectives for Tomedes have changed the organization into an imaginative, customized and a professional company that has almost changed the face of translation services.


67- Interpro Translation Solutions

Interpro Translation Solutions was established in 1995 with an unmistakable goal: "To give unparalleled quality and services to organizations that desire to offer multilingual approach to heir clients of their services, products, and content to target their market so as to build brand image, get competitive edge, and improve customer satisfaction."

They are a multiplatform; multilingual master translation service organization concentrated on the translation and localization needs of their customers. They are in fact situated with superb information of websites, software, multimedia presentations, manuals, documentations, graphics, and they also localize them to perfection.

Interpro was established and is possessed and oversaw by Ralph Strozza, who has been effectively included in the localization, internationalization, and translation industry since the mid 1980s.

This incorporates experience (both in North America and in Europe) in offering translation tools and in sorting out and overseeing limitation and global improvement groups for commercial software developers, for example, System Software Associates (SSA) and Intergraph Corporation.


68- Allingus Translation Services

Two determined translators who believed that go-to translations would make our lives less demanding and lot easier established Allingus Translation Services. Following 10 years in the business and having encountered both sides of words, today, they are the biggest system of Turkish language pros in the world.

They offer completely incorporated localization, translation, DTP and interpretation services. Their project managers and managerial staff including various veterans and illuminating presences who have made exceptional and persevering commitments for the whole advancement of the translation business are working with devoted groups of local interpreters, proofreaders, editors, translators and localization specialists to guarantee quality and social precision of your business.

They translate patents, news, minutes of meetings, annual reports, tender documents, websites, instruction manuals, technical catalogs, and that's just the beginning. They translate everything with quality, included design, authoring, printing, publishing, hosting, online project management and web security. They are furnished with the right instruments at all times to finish your tasks in a convenient and powerful way. They are online and their administrations are anything but difficult to utilize.


69- Myanmar Translation Co

Myanmar Translation Company was set up in 2011 to react to the developing need of value English to Myanmar translation for organizations and development offices to have the capacity to speak with Myanmar audiences and partners the local language. A group of talented interpreters and translators who are language experts, industry specialists, history specialists and retired academicians makes them equipped for tackling the most perplexing and industry particular transaltion needs.

Their main group includes ten interpreters and twelve translators, each with somewhere around five and ten years or a greater amount of experience from working in interpretation and translation industry. To stay at the front line of translation services in Myanmar, they keep on adding capable native translators with aptitudes in various specialties in their team.

Myanmar Translation Company is a private, Myanmar registered company. They give high importance to precision and efficient deliver of their translation in time. They reliably convey phenomenal administrations to a growing circle of satisfied customers.


70- Eriksen Translations

Eriksen Translations helps organizations contact their target audience in the local and worldwide business. Situated in downtown Brooklyn, Eriksen accomplices with major organizations in insurance and finance, health care, law and education, not-for-profits and NGOs, and also museums and cultural institutions around the world.

Established in 1986, Eriksen gives multilingual services in more than 100 languages, offering interpretation, translation, production and layout, multimedia and web localization, culture appropriating, and subtitling and voiceover services.


71- Best Language Services

Best Language Services (BLS) is an expert language services organization organization on the Internet. BLS is a pro in legal, technical, packaging labels, medical and manual document translation services.

BLS is one of the main organizations in localization, interpretation services. Our expert interpreters will help you with all translating assignments. The organization offers reasonable, quick and solid online record language services for organizations and companies all over the world.

BLS translates documents in more than 160 languages. The organization has workplaces in UK, US and Kenya. BLS is here to help you with all your language needs.


72- Vocabridge

Vocabridge is one of the best language solutions organization situated in London, UK, giving completely mastered language services for organizations, NGOs and Government offices. They send translation specialists in more than 50 markets, to localize and translate your campaigns, documents, content and products into powerful and coherent correspondence that your group of onlookers/customers will get.


73- IBIS World

IBISWorld is one of the world's driving distributers of business intelligence; they are experts in Procurement research and Industry research. Since 1971, IBISWorld has given completely researched, tested, exact and current business information.

Today, IBISWorld utilizes groups of experts in the US, UK and Australia that scour demographic, economical and government data so you don't need to. IBISWorld research furnishes your association with profitable industry statistical surveys and procurement research, so you can settle on better business choices.

IBISWorld's unrivaled scope of business knowledge is accessible online wherever and at whatever point you require it. Whether your organization requires a superior comprehension of economic situations now or later, whether you require a clearer picture of real suppliers or an inventory network, or whether you have to stay informed concerning competitor activity, IBISWorld's suite of business knowledge reports will keep you in front of the opposition, never behind.


74- Lingo24

Lingo24 is a worldwide group of more than 230 cordial and eager full-time Lingo-ists and 4000+ translators. We are focused on conveying best of the best translators for our clients and top notch "services".

They are spread all over the world, with their main offices in the UK, Romania, Panama and the Philippines, with small workplaces in Germany and New Zealand that are deliberately put to fulfill your requirements and offer 24-hour services.


75- Acclaro

Acclaro is a translation and localization service provider that helps the world's biggest brands succeed internationally and nationally. Their organization represents considerable authority in expertly adjusting brands, services and products to new language regions.


75- JR Language

JR Language gives proficient translation services to organizations and people all around the world. Established on a few vital standards, they chose at an opportune time that "alright" quality was just unsatisfactory. They have high standards considering quality; they push the limits until the customer is 100% satisfied.

Localization and translation services are the center of their business. Headed by an administration group with multilingual, multicultural and multidisciplinary experience, they bring to the table a blend of multinational corporate skills sets and a tendency to make everything perfect.


76- Global Translation Services

Global Translation Services is an interpretation and translation service provider and they have been giving their interpretation and translation services in more than 90 languages since 2002.

As one of the main Interpreting/Translation Agencies in Birmingham, Global Translation Services gives quality translation, interpretation, desktop publishing and software localization services. Their point is to help their clients in an inexorably tough worldwide business sector; they simply want to encourage these companies to extend heir business around the globe by connecting with the clients on a more personal level.

Their customers belong to the Health, Public Sectors, and some more sectors and industries. By utilizing their broad assets and experience, they can both meet your day-today prerequisites or any crisis or transient interpretation and translating needs. Their services are given from their broad 'in-house' resource group of remote interpreters and translators.


77- Translation Services Experts

The world is changing and it is evolving quickly! In a split second, numerous things con happened. Unconceivable can be conceivable and incomprehensible could have turned comprehensible!

Numerous hindrances may have been broken to set new records. Call it enchantment or innovative gift! With progression in the technology, even limits are no longer obstacles for leading business, and even individuals' development starting with one place then onto the next.

Among all miracles, correspondence between individuals living in one side of the globe to another is additionally captivating and a major accomplishment for humankind. Interestingly it is not only development of individuals that has made numerous individuals speaking many languages, it is also because of the language industry that people are now more open to expand heir horizons and take their businesses all over the world.

There are numerous individuals who have exploited innovation to get them acquainted with different language. And it is thanks to translation services like Translation Services Experts to make that happen. People are now more confortable in expanding their business and help more people discover brands that they may like.


78- ISO Translations

They offer high quality, expert translation services. The greater part of their editors and translators are qualified and experienced local speakers, which guarantees cultural accuracy and quality. Full-time, committed groups of experienced editors, translators, proofreaders, web engineers and localization experts verify that your organization's message is unmistakably imparted to your clients anyplace on the planet, in each language you may chose without any difficulties.


79- Traducta

Traducta's success is an aftereffect of various durable aspects that empower Traducta employees, management and partners in the industry who cooperate to convey driving translation services for business experts. Subsequently, their customers can completely depend on Traducta with the trust that they will get high quality translation services.

The verification is that more than 25% of their clients have stayed with them for over 15 years, RFP after RFP and through large numbers of corporate restructurings and redesigns. Traducta's beliefs, strategies, collaborations and viewpoints are to a great extent got from its dynamic management group.


80- Blue South

Blue South translation service offers services that are created for every business type. Whatever your industry you may belong, whether it be expert and import, advertising, tourism, manufacturing or government, Blue South can help with your every translation needs. They comprehend the necessities of business clients; they give the most high quality translation, on time, always in your budget and with very little issues.

Their Topic Targeted Translators™ live in the nation of their dialect, inundated in the way of life and in contact with current fads, this guarantees business translation are customized to the intended interest group and utilize a localized approach that your clients will appreciate.



Transipex gives High Quality Translation Services, their punch line is "They talk your language, your connection with the World"

Transimpex is a Foreign Language Communication/Translation Company. They have an excellent reputation for the best quality Translation Services and Professional Interpreting; their translations have been alluded to as "Superior to the Original", and they have frequently turned into the "rescue squad" for translation that had been procured from lacking sources.

They work with experienced and qualified translators (most with cutting edge degrees in translation or specialized in industries or foreign language experts), including the proprietor of Transimpex. Their online database contains roughly 3500 translators (they are available to you according to language pairs and industry expertise), and they have the ability to connect with thousands more through Translator and Interpreter affiliations and partners around the world.


82- Ap Portugal Language Services

The Ap Portugal has a group of expert translators who have experience in many different areas and knowledge of industries. They are pros in specialized technical translations regardless to which industry they belong to, including science, business, economics and political.

Since the technical translation services require skill, simply select proficient translators who are acquainted with the topic of the document and translate it to perfection. The legal validity of the document is ascribed by its certification from a state body, person or entity controlled by the law of the country in which it is proposed to have lawful worth.

They have translators with technical experience for providing translation services in different industries, for example, finance, legal or commercial, in which translation services are regularly used and have become prerequisite.


83- Inter-Com

Inter-Com Translations was set up in 1994 with the efforts of Carolina Lehrian and Patrick Beacom. It was created because of their broad involvement in the translation industry and in various other industries they belonged to or came in contact with. Their main aim depends on the understanding of client’s goals; they take your goals personally and work on them with diligence and optimum focus.

Inter-COM's expert, yet individual methodology has been generally welcomed by worldwide corporates requiring top quality, affordable rates language services. They are extremely pleased to name a noteworthy number of multinational organizations as their customers.

They know they can rely upon them to give a quick, individual and quality service. Their highly qualified level of services, mixed with profoundly qualified and experienced staff, has been generally welcomed by organizations in different fields, including: Oil, Chemicals and Pharmaceutical organizations to Insurance and Law firms, Airlines and Tourist Authorities to Government Departments and International Commissions, Software and Hardware developers to Video Game, Online Gaming and Betting to Multimedia developing organization.


84- Logos Group

The Logos Group commends humankind and the diversity in our world. The Foundation works to promote multi-cultural trade by providing language and dialect support to the world and generally help in making us a whole global village.

The Web-based group flourishes on account of numerous and great many donors talking several unique language and dialects. The mission of the establishment is to record the dialects and languages of the world as an outflow of their distinction and humankind - making an abundance of society established in region.

The Foundation is worked as a non-revenue driven activity. They share and open the ways to the individuals who wish to share their insight about their language. They give free access to look, refine and add to their aggregate information about language.


85- Language Line Solutions

The thought for LanguageLine Solutions started when Jeff Munks and Mike McFerrin, creators of LanguageLine Solutions, were motivated to build up a more viable strategy for correspondence with non-English speaking people.

While serving as a cop in San Jose, CA, Jeff reacted to a pressing call one night from a man who didn't communicate in English. He landed at the scene with no idea of the circumstances and had no idea of the potential peril anticipating him. Fortunately, he could resolve the disarray and call an emergency vehicle for the man's child who was experiencing difficulty breathing.

Despite the fact that Jeff could help the man, he knew others may not generally be so lucky in the same situation and was resolved to locate a superior approach to help people find everything in their native language, regardless of where they were living.

From that point onwards, LanguageLine Solutions has turned into the pioneer in via remote, personal, and video interpretation and document transaltion service proivder.

With more than 200 language offered and day in and day out, year-round service, LanguageLine Solutions keeps on developing as a global service provider, with their offices in over 18 time zones, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Peru, and Panama.

They look forward to serving the diverse needs of their customers and continuing to deliver the high level of interpreting and translation services they deserve.

They anticipate serving the assorted needs of their clients and keeping on conveying the high quality interpretation and translation services their clients expect from them.



California Center for Translation and Interpretation is committed to encouraging verbal and written interchanges between countries and far off regions. Their group of interpreters, translators, proofreaders, and editors are focused have various degrees and they have the competence to convey exceptional translation services.

When you have hired their services, you will learn why CACFTI has become a standout amongst the most trusted companies in the translation business! They exceed expectations in the translation of documents in different fields, for example, medicine, education, technology and law.

They constantly help international students with their studies in the United States of America; they translate their documents from any language to English and vice versa. Without their certified translation service to back them up, they couldn't meet the admission prerequisites of U.S schools and colleges. And they do it proudly.


87- Keego

Keego, the expert online translation company, they give translation services and software localization for organizations, associations and people around the world. Keego gives quick, inexpensive and quality translations by expert translators. Their services are offered in more than 70 languages and are accessible all day, every day.

Their main goal is to disentangle your translation needs so you can concentrate on what makes a difference and helps you to develop your business and spread your message globally. They promise you high quality translation deadline oriented deliveries, a project manager to keep you updated and very affordable rates.  


88- Textualis

Textualis is a language services organization that has been in operation for more than 30 years. It is the aftereffect of a merger between Traductions Amérique Latine, a firm that gave translation services in Spanish and Portuguese to several associations, and Traductions Castel, which had some expertise in English and French translation in industries and technical fields like automotive industry.

Today, they give linguistic and translation services to more than 100 governmental organization and private companies. Their experience is a demonstration of their unwavering quality and the nature of their services.           

It is regularly said that workers are an organization's most prominent resource, and that is particularly valid in the field of translation. At Textualis, they no compromise mentality with regards to procuring translators and project managers, and they have an in-house group of multi-skilled experts who share a genuine enthusiasm for their work.

They give their language specialists the flexibility to seek further training and tools, keeping in mind the end goal to persistently enhance their abilities and investigate new regions of aptitude. They are constantly on the look out for new degrees that can help them to enhance their trade and become better at what they do.


89- Lifeline Language Services

Established 1990 giving emergency language solutions to haulage, Lifeline appeared to be suitable! Presently one of the UK's most experienced and trusted suppliers, they give Translation, Interpreting, Voiceover, Subtitling, Transcription, multilingual Typesetting and more in more than 150 languages. They have more than 6000 translators and provide their clients with an extensive to choose their translation team from.

Since then they have completed more than 33,000 projects from more than 30 million source words with extremely positive input. They are truly useful and generally suggested because, they know their stuff and know what they should be doing. Not at all like most suppliers, they are a Translation Company, NOT only an Agency – this matters! Every one of their language specialists is native of their specialized language, professionally qualified and experienced, and ALL translations are open to revisions and reviews.


90- Idiom Express Translation Services

Idioms Express offers amazing translation services for individuals and organizations. Their group of talented and experienced translators can meet all of your translation needs.

If you are searching for a Spanish to English translation service provider, require a document transcribed or translated into Arabic, or in the event that you are searching for somebody who can make an translate an English meeting into Spanish, they can provide a quick service, that gives perfect result at exceptionally affordable costs and offer an extensive variety of services to suit all your language necessities.

They are situated in Philadelphia (United States), with many workplaces in Canada, Middle East, and Latin America. Their groups of profoundly qualified proficient translators work with an assortment of business customers and people to give completely flawless translation services.

They trust their experience, instruction and responsibility to provide perfect results; perfection is what separates them from the restand their numerous fulfilled customers concur.


91- Translate Media

Translate Media has assembled a fortunate notoriety for their astounding transcreation and innovative translation work that they do for their customers, and they have been doing that since past 10 years. They truly have their skilled group of employees to thank for the greater part of their stunning accomplishments.

Here are just a few of the reasons why They think we’re able to deliver a better service than the rest of their competitors.

Here are some of the reasons why they believe they are ready to provide you with a superior service than the ones provided by their many rivals.

  • Detailed on-boarding process
  • Personalized Project Management
  • Dedicated Account directors
  • Specialized groups of language experts
  • Amazing quality assurance procedure
  • One of the best translation management system


92- Pennsylvania Translation

Pennsylvania Translation is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified organization; their translation services are exactly according to the worldwide benchmarks. They are focused on giving translated documents of high caliber with 98% accuracy.

They have a pool of capable specialists that work from home. They always keep them updated on the most recent procedures and give itemized directions in their customer's prerequisite. They are ordered to firmly co-ordinate with them for any further updates and or concerns regarding their projects. Once they've finished the project, it is checked in their office.

They utilize the most recent devices, techniques, equipment, and software to eradicate the flaws in the content in the language you chose. They further proofread and edit the document before it can be sent to the client. They do this to make sure that the quality of the document is what they promised.


93- Global Translation Systems

Global Translations System has been giving interpretation and translation services to business, pharmaceutical companies, regulatory companies, medical industry, education, private clients and legal companies since 1992.

They convey Ethnically correct translations of:

  • Pharmaceutical documents,
  • Technical documents,
  • Informed consent of clinical trials,
  • Regulatory documents,
  • Medical transcripts and records,
  • Documents for naturalization and migration; including, marriage, birth and divorce certificates and official transcripts of college, secondary school and vocations
  • IEP Documents

Global Translations Systems is a corporate member of the American Translators Association and the Carolina Association of Translators and Interpreters; they use most modern translation innovation and no less than two expert translators for every translation project. Their Global Translation Process guarantees complete precision and on-target significance and, more imperative, a smooth and simple procedure, in any language, on due date.


94- Expertrans

ExperTrans Global Company is an expert Asian language translation service that has a lot of experience in providing high-quality interpretations and translations of any project at any time and under any circumstance. And they do it successfully every single time.

Right now, ExperTrans is a fabulous supplier of interpretation, translating, voice-over, and transcription for Asian language alongside staffing arrangements and worldwide business support, with several employees, in addition to 3,000 qualified specialists from numerous nations all over Asia, US, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Applying ISO 9001 - 2008 and being a member of ATA, ELIA and AATI, ExperTrans exists exclusively to help Asian corporates and associations extend their business sector and advance their business relationship all around the world with great interpretation and translation services while continuing to support multinational companies putting resources into Asia.

Their group comprises of experienced specialists and business experts in the fields of language interpretation, translation, recruitment, localization, security, business, intelligence and data management, and information management technology.

With profound involvement in translation and interpretation services, ExperTrans knows that quality translation services are very important and they provide their services in a way that is superior to anyone else’s in the world.


95- Elite Translations Asia

Translation Services South Korea – they offer their Translation in document translations, management, and legal translation. They are a translation organization that is more than able to be your one-stop bilingual correspondence accomplice anytime you want them to be.


96- CETRA Language Solutions

Dr. Jiri Stejskal a Czech immigrant, who was completing his Ph.D. at the University of Pennsylvania and was building a business as an independent translator, established CETRA Language Solutions in 1997.

At the point when a noteworthy Philadelphia law office reached out to him about translating a great many case reports from Czech into English, Jiri hired all the Czech translators he knew and began an organization under the name Central European Translations.

A couple of years after that, the organization widened its center and started to serve corporate customers in all the major languages of the world. A year after that, it turned into a favored supplier to the US central government and started taking an interest in prominent tasks, for example, translating and transcribing Saddam Hussein's trials.

To mirror the new extent of services amplifying past Central Europe, the organization changed its name to CETRA. With a specific end goal to suit customers around the world, CETRA now has workplaces in Pennsylvania, Virginia, California, Ireland, Germany, Ghana, and Korea.


97- Globalization and Localization Association (GALA)

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is one of the world's most successful companies in the language industry. As a non-profit company, they support their sub-organizations and the language industry by making groups, sharing knowledge, technology, and championing high standards of translation.

GALA vision is to be the voice of the language industry and an asset for the language solution companies.


98- Brightlines Translation

Josian Phillips and Neil Gauld established Brightlines Translation Ltd in 1999. Neil handles operations and technology, and Josian handles customer services and communication. Brightlines has its head office in Wiltshire close to the city of Bath. In 2014, it opened new workplaces in London and New York.

Proficient and experienced however they are; it is their group of experienced professionals that makes Brightlines so great. The Brightlines group is broad. More than 3000 (and rising) top-level language specialists with specialties, HR experts, global SEO specialists, content makers, tech-heads and mathematicians guarantee they can simply offer you the most recent and most developed translation technology.

They are a group of proficient multilingual project managers with their eyes on the prize: keep your work on the track, on spec and on time – to outstanding quality.


99- HSS Translation

HSS Translation Services is a main European translation organization having their root in France (Paris), going back to 1760 – they merged their worldwide business projects amid 1980s.

From that point forward they have assembled a group of utilitarian specialists from various expert backgrounds, ready to cover the complete range of the organization's key territories. The Group utilizes their expert translators in its subsidiaries all over Europe, Asia and America.

With their main services in localization and translation, they moved towards India in 2005, building up their operations under the brand HSS Translation with their Indian subsidiary Heka Support Services Pvt. Ltd.


100- HouGuan Translation Service

They are Elite Chinese Translation Services, an expert Chinese translation service made out of national-level translators from China and Taiwan, Chinese living overseas, and translators with master's/PhD degrees in related subjects from well-known colleges. They can translate the mentioned language: English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and so on into traditional and simplified Chinese.

Their translation services incorporate oral interpretation, document translation, website translation, thesis translation, video and audio translation, resume translation, data translation, writing and typesetting, transcription, voice recording and website localization.


101- Asist Translation

Asist Translation Services, INC. was established in 1983 with the objective of turning into 24/7 language service organization for companies that needed and regularly expected to grow their business, achieve new clients and compete for a greater market share all around the world.

They translate all types of documents relating and belonging to all types of industries. They have expert linguists who can handle any kind of translation work. They offer their services in a multitude of major languages and language pairs.



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