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USCIS Certified Translations with Fastest Turnaround


Mars Translation has been providing USCIS Certified Translations By Certified Translators. The experience gained from this has helped Mars Translation become a translator guaranteed and certified by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The USCIS is the primary department of the US’ Homeland Security which is given the task to collect official and certified documents from various customers. The main role of the USCIS is to monitor the immigration and travel process of the people entering the united states at various times.

Mars Translation has worked with thousands of different clients who have been a part of the migration process and this experience has given Mars Translation the know how to translate the proper way to make sure that all your documents in the right way.

Mars Translation will also plays a major role in the translation process that makes sure that the translation given is of the highest quality and is not taken lightly. If you work with Mars Translation, you will be guaranteed to be provided a smooth process that will be 100% accepted.

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USCIS Accepted Translations at Mars Translation

Substantial knowledge of legal records is required as a demand of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services for overseas records issued in a language other than English and more than 18 years of experience has made Mars Translation a 100% approved and accredited translation alternative of over 7,000 clients from all around the world making Mars Translation an accredited service provider.

Whether it is a certified translation of a one-page birth certificate or even a whole package of files different files, Mars Translation Services will help you translate all necessary files at a top quality and according to all standards. Professional experienced translators may translate and reevaluate the translations at a very affordable and competitive pricing rate of $15 each page over just 1-2 days from more than 90 different languages making Mars Translation the best option for getting your USCIS certified translations made for the United States Customs and Immigration services.

The United States Custom and Immigration a government agency processing applications such as immigration, permanent residence, and citizenship, adoption, working and visiting the United States. This agency receives a large number of applications so that it is crucial to assemble the files correctly for timely processing. Obtaining your translations done by a reliable agency brings you one step nearer.

The Different types of Documents translated at Mars Translation:

  • Birth Certificates;
  • Marriage Certificates and Divorce Documents;
  • Diplomas, Transcripts and Educational Documents;
  • Police Clearance Certificates;
  • Passports and other I.D.;
  • Driver's License.
  • Any other document type.

Get your Translations made easily

Together with the translation we offer at Mars, it is easy very easy to get your translations ready from the convenience of your home or office, together with guaranteed 100% acceptance by USCIS along with other government and private agencies, at prices starting from $15 for every  page and super-fast and accurate delivery times accompanying them.

Having helped hundreds of clients, we are looking forward to serving your translation requirements, too. Please contact us with any queries on accredited USCIS translation, the way to obtain it, demands for the translation and any other queries at MarsTranslation.com

The Affordable Translation Rates Offered by Mars

Mars Translation provides some of the most competitive Translation Rates in the translation and localization market. The rates supplied by Mars are as low USD 15 Per Page (300 words) in terms of translation rates per page.

When you have a look at the rates supplied by Mars in comparison with other translation agencies, Mars has the edge over all other companies. And the Affordable translation rates combined with almost two decades of expertise in the market make Mars Translation one of the greatest options to get your documents translated.

High-quality Translation Services

Having over 17 years of expertise in the market, Mars provides a number of the highest quality USCIS Translation solutions at a fraction of what it costs to receive your documents translated at other major translation and localization industries.

But, Mars has never taken their reduced prices to be an excuse for decreasing their degree of quality. Sure that its customers find the best solutions in the business, Mars Translation has used a wide array of rigorous measures to make certain that quality is not compromised.

Languages Covered

Of clients have to select between range and cost-effectiveness. Many men and women who search for translation providers often wind up compromising a huge variety of factors simply to acquire affordable translation solutions.

They make compromises in time, quality and Languages among other items. But at Mars Translation, you have the chance to work with a huge variety of distinct languages. Mars Translation offers linguistic providers in over 120+ languages.

At Mars Translation, you will find the chance to utilize a number of the most affordable and cost-effective translation Prices regardless of which language Pair you decide to utilize. Whether it is translation rates each phrase English to Spanish or Translation rates for English into Hindi, you may always get to use high quality translation solutions at a Few of the most competitive rates in the global translation marketplace,

Promised Quality

At Mars Translation, quality is not compromised for USCIS translations, and Whilst the low and affordable translation rates are an important part of the company model at Mars, they come with many other guarantees that Mars also provides alongside there feasibility.

Mars Translation also supplies its customers with 24/7 customer service as well as a state of the art User Interface where you are able to work side by side with your translator in making certain that you get exactly the translation alternative that you want.

Mars Translation provides some of the very feasible rates in the market when it comes to getting personalized translation alternatives made to match your exact requirements from the market that you work in.

Per term, Mars Translation also supplies other perks such as the discounted packages that you can purchase from the shape of Mars' Credits.

What makes Mars Special?

Given that you are someone who is searching for a relatively cheap option that does not compromise quality then Mars Translation is the ideal option for you to get USCIS translations.

When dealing with Mars, you won’t be disappointed and will get high-quality services at a fraction of the typical market price all the time being able to maintain the high-quality standards that you need for your translation dictates.