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Armenia – A Shrine for the Art Admirers

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Armenia has a history of an artistic way of life that is demonstrated in its architecture, music, literature and other works of art, such as paintings and sculptures. You can virtually experience their unique civilization by reading art books written by famous authors like Jean Michel Thierry.

Books can also be translated to the language of your choice, through Book Translation Services. The literature available for Armenian art is like an ocean, but some books are hard to find because they can only be searched by their Armenian title. However, it is possible to convert books into any language with the help of Armenian Art Books translation.

Ancient buildings in Armenia are the most fascinating pieces of art; there exist carvings and churches from as far as the 5th century. Some say that it was the first nation to officially embrace Christianity and hence, a lot of its architecture symbolizes scripts of the Bible.

Armenia is like an open museum; its sculptures and monuments are one of a kind due to their special design known as “khachkar”, also called ‘cross-stones’ in English. Some of the must-see historic sites in Armenia include:

  • Urartu Fortress ruins
  • Khor-Virab monastery
  • Pagan temple of Garni

There are more than four thousand historical locations to see in Armenia and the city of Yerevan alone houses over forty art galleries and museums.

Music is sacred to the Armenians, which is evident in their beautiful compositions produced over the centuries. They had the most unique musical instruments and their traditional folk songs are being rejuvenated in the form of modern jazz and pop music nowadays; they are popularly known as “Rabiz” music.

Literature plays a significant role in Armenia’s cultural distinctiveness. Before writing was introduced, their stories were orally transmitted through generations and gradually took the form of manuscripts in several foreign languages. The best place to witness Armenia’s literary treasures is the “Matendaran”, located in the city Yerevan.

Matenadaran is an organization that possesses a collection of fourteen thousand antique writings in complete original form. The scripts majorly consist of research on subjects like astronomy, medicine, religion and poetry done by scholars of old times.

Painting emerged as another attractive form of art in Armenia by the nineteenth century. Hakob Hovnatanian (a portrait painter) and Ivan Aivazovsky (a panorama artist) are recognized and admired internationally. “Saryan Park” is the place to visit if you want to experience modern art of Armenia provided by the current generation.

Other artists worth mentioning include Martiros Saryan, who brought nature’s soul to the canvas and Arshile Gorky who is idolized by young Americans.

Armenia is one of the countries where the art of carpet making was initiated. Armenians specialize in producing the finest rugs in exceptional designs and colors. They make countless unique handicrafts and ornaments such as dresses, bags and jewelry that you will definitely buy once you set eyes on them.

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