Medical terminologies are tough to understand and not easy to comprehend by everyone. Although these terminologies are difficult to understand by English speakers residing in the USA, it is even more difficult to comprehend by non-English speakers. Owing to the critical need for professional medical interpretation, we have come up with a list of leading medical interpreters in the USA that ensure all the elements related to communication in the medical field and are desirable for all stakeholders.

If you own any type of medical practice in the USA, and your patients belong to a diverse set of language communities, you can highly benefit by hiring healthcare or medical interpretation services doing so will prove that you are culturally sensitive and accept patients belonging to all languages without compromising on the quality of services. Furthermore, by hiring a medical interpreter, you will start to see more patients who are likely to choose your healthcare facility over competitors, thus increasing your ROI.

Top Medical Interpreters in the USA

Whether it is a patient form/document or complex and lengthy medical research, providing accurate and professional medical interpretation is a must. As new medical phenomena surface and healthcare sciences gain advancements every day, it is mandatory for medical companies to get a professional medical interpretation for all their needs, including patient files, pharmaceutical files, and research papers–just to name a few.

Here are some of the top medical interpreters in the USA:

1. Mars Translation


Mars Translation is a renowned name in the medical interpretation and translation industry. Founded in 2012, the localization and translation company has been providing professional interpretation and localization solutions for over a decade.

It is among the most reliable interpreters in the USA, providing seamless language solutions in an efficient manner. With a pool of native and industry-specific interpreters, the company provides flawless interpretation and a hassle-free experience. It facilitates clients to enable smooth communications in all situations. Whether you need remote interpretation or onsite, it covers everything.


Industry: Medical & Life Science

Type: Privately held

Headquartered in: California, United States

Founded: 2012

2. LanguageLine Solutions

LanguageLine Solutions

LanguageLine Solutions is a translation and interpretation company based in Monterey, California. Founded in 1982, LanguageLine Solutions provides language interpretation solutions as well as document translation globally for law enforcement organizations, healthcare, legal institutes, academics, businesses, and more in over 240 languages. Considered by many the largest interpretation providers in the USA, LanguageLine Solutions has a global workforce of over 9,000 interpreters who can handle more than 36 million calls each year.

Interpretation is not the only type of service provided by LanguageLine Solutions. The company also offers video, remote, and onsite interpretation, translation and localization, and language proficiency testing and training services.

Industry: Localization and Interpretation

Type: Privately held

Headquartered in: Monterey, California, 

Founded: 1982

3. The Language Doctors Inc.

The Language Doctors Inc

Language Doctors (TLD) is amongst the leading medical interpretation companies in the USA. Founded in 1994, the company holds a leading position in document translation, website localization, and medical interpretation worldwide. The company operates on six continents and its interpreters are fluent in over 300 global languages. Other than this, they have an experience of 25 years and continue to grow with a growth outlook for the future.

To provide unparalleled medical interpretation, the company has over 5000 expert translators and interpreters who can interpret and translate in over 200 language pairs. With a specialization in healthcare interpretation, TLD has a comprehensive screening process that assigns only certified linguists to each project based on their interpretation experience, education, and specialization. The extent of skills of these interpreters can be estimated from the fact that the specializations of TLD language experts have enabled them to serve the USA Department of Justice as well as the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Industry: Localization and Interpretation

Type: Privately held

Headquartered in: Landover, Maryland

Founded: 1994

4. Cyracom Language Solutions

Cyracom Language Solutions

Another leading medical interpretation and translation provider is Cyracom Language Solutions. Founded in 1995, the company boasts of serving thousands of clients since its inception. The company supports more than 100 language pairs and its interpreters are skilled at delivering interpretations that are a class apart. In addition, the company also provides various services such as phone interpretation, video, and onsite interpretation.

The skilled interpreters at CyraCom Interpreters take approximately 120 hours of comprehensive healthcare training, which is approximately three times more extensive than the competing interpretation providers. Consequently, according to a poll, over 95% of customers refer to CyraCom as one of the best interpretation providers.

Due to its professional interpretation solutions, CyraCom has audited and gained multiple ISO certifications and is well-reputed to provide help to hospitals regarding communication with their patients. CyraCom works in collaboration with its clients to determine the various needs of clients–including language needs, type of appointment, and frequency of usage.

Moreover, CyraCom has over 500 healthcare providers residing in hospitals and insurance companies. Due to the untiring efforts of its medical interpreters, CyraCom has been awarded the Gold Best in Biz Awards for Company of the Year Award and Website of the Year Reward.

Industry: Localization and Interpretation

Type: Privately held

Headquartered in: Tucson, Arizona

Founded: 1995

5. Morningside Translations

Morningside Translations

Morningside Translations is another name in the interpretation market, known for providing world-class interpretation and localization to a large variety of industries worldwide.

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in New York, Morningside Translations equips the leading organizations of the world with their end-to-end translations and medical localization solutions in more than 200 languages. The company has over 4,000 clients in 55 countries and is well-recognized for subject matter expertise in regulated industries such as legal, corporate compliance, medical interpretation, and healthcare sciences.

Having so many translators and interpreters gives Morningside Translations an edge over its competitors, which means that many healthcare organizations seek the help of Morningside Translations for their medical interpretation tasks.

Along with providing end-to-end intellectual property and language solutions, Morningside Translations is globally recognized for its technology innovation in regulated markets such as IT, legal, and interpretation of diverse medical documents.

Industry: Localization and Interpretation

Type: Privately held

Headquartered in: New York, NY

Founded: 2000

6. United Language Group

United Language Group

Renowned for providing localization and interpretation solutions in over 200 global languages, United Language Group is another name in the list of medical and healthcare interpreters. The company delivers various interpretations for its clients, including over-the-phone, simultaneous, video remote, and in-person interpretation. In addition, the company has the ability to adapt to new and latest interpretation technology and expertise.

Founded in 2015, United Language Group delivers a wide range of interpretation and localization solutions to various industries such as government and healthcare sectors, as well as legal and insurance providers.

To ensure better service consistency and business continuity, the company relies on its over-the-phone contact services that are spread throughout the world. This is the reason why these interpreters receive millions of calls per year.

The medical interpreters at United Language Solutions know and understand the nuances of vertical markets from healthcare to finance. This allows them to speak to customers in ways they can understand. Moreover, the company has dealt with many medical interpretation projects in the past and continues to do so with a professional approach in perspective.

Industry: Localization and Interpretation

Type: Privately held

Headquartered in: Minneapolis, USA

Founded: 2015

7. Interpreters Unlimited Inc.

Interpreters Unlimited Inc

Interpreters Unlimited Inc. is one of the oldest and most well-known interpretation companies and localization service providers based in the USA. With an experience of 70 years, Interpreters Unlimited has delivered thousands of interpretations since its inception. The company provides interpretations in more than 200 different languages, including some of the hardest languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, Hmong, German, French, and Italian.

Interpreters Unlimited’s unique edge that sets it apart from its competitors is the different mediums it uses for its interpretation services such as telephone, video, and on-site interpretation. Due to its unwavering professionalism, the company has gained over 9000 contracted interpreters which aid it in assigning the best interpreters for all its projects. Moreover, these interpreters are trained under the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) rules and regulations and have achieved numerous awards such as San Diego Business Journal Fastest-Growing Private Companies 2020, Common Sense Advisory Top 100 Language Service Providers Worldwide 2020 and Nimdzi Top 20 Global Interpreting Leaders Award.

Industry: Localization and Interpretation

Type: Privately held

Headquartered in: San Diego, CA

Founded: 1970

8. GTS Translation

GTS Translation

GTS Translation is an internationally and globally recognized translation and interpretation industry. It specializes in providing document translation services, localization, and interpretations for various industries. Founded in 2001, the company is a well-known name in the delivery of medical and healthcare interpretations that are a class apart.

A competitive edge that GTS Translation has is its commitment to upholding quality in all its interpretation and translation projects. The GTS Quality Management System (QMS) is compliant with the ISO 17100:2015 standard and is audited annually by an international certification body. Furthermore, the interpretation and translation projects that the company executes are reviewed thoroughly before delivery in order to ensure high quality in translation.

In addition to providing accurate and professional localization and translation solutions for medical devices and healthcare documents, the company also specializes in medical interpretation.

Industry: Localization and Interpretation

Type: Privately held

Headquartered in: Miami, Florida

Founded: 2001

9. Sorenson Communications

Sorenson Communications

One of the leading names in localization and interpretation providers, Sorenson Communications is well-known for its quality services. The company delivers accessible communications for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people as well as interpretation. The company combines patented technology with human-centric services in order to connect spoken and signed languages.

Founded in 2003, Sorenson Communications is one of the best localization and interpretation providers in North America. The company operates more than 100 interpreter centers in North America and offers caption and video relay services, video and in-person sign language interpretation, and post-production language services.

Sorenson Communications is the pioneer of videophone, which has enabled communications with the deaf. In addition, Sorenson is the first company to start the emergency call system popularly known as 999. In addition, the company is a leader in American sign language providers.

Industry: Localization and Interpretation

Type: Privately held

Headquartered in: Salt Lake City, UT

Founded: 2003

10. Stepes


Stepes is undoubtedly the largest and most well-known translation company that specializes in delivering modern translation services and solutions. Founded in 2015 in San Francisco, California, the company is a pioneer in chat-based mobile translation technology. The company delivers interpretations for corporate, medical, legal, and government sectors in over 100 languages.

Stepes revolutionized the language interpretation business by providing on-demand and just-in-time interpretation solutions over the mobile phone or on-site for global companies. Stepes’ mobile-powered interpretation technology is designed to keep ahead of the competition in this digital age. With medical interpretation, a healthcare business’ medical staff can easily schedule on-site, and in-person interpretation solutions from all devices–be it iPhone, IPad, or any Android device.

The platform operated by Steps is powered by an AI-enabled Translation Management System that has cloud-based translation memory searches and continuous terminology management along with workflow automation. Additionally, the company can work with various content formats such as videos, software, and websites.

Industry: Localization and Interpretation

Type: Privately held

Headquartered in: San Francisco, California

Founded: 2015

11. AMN Language Services

AMN Language Services

AMN Language Services, previously known as Stratus Video, is a localization company. It offers comprehensive language services such as remote video interpretation (VRI), over-the-phone interpretation, and error-free communication with local onsite interpreters.

Founded in 2012, AMN Language Services is the most extensive and fastest-growing video remote interpretation company. It offers over 200 audio languages and serves over 1900 hospitals across the US to aid providers to increase patient access to quality language solutions.

AMN Healthcare is the parent company of Stratus Video, a specialized healthcare interpreter company. It serves people with limited English proficiency as well as deaf or Hard-of-Hearing patients. In addition, the company works in over 200 languages across the world. It also offers other available sources such as audio interpreting, on-site interpretation, video interpretation, and call centers. Moreover, the company has over 3000 qualified interpreters and is currently leveraging more than 65,000 devices in the USA.

Industry: Hospital and Healthcare

Type: privately held 

Headquartered in: Dallas, Texas

Founded: 2012

12. Ulatus


A Crimson Interactive Company, Ulatus is a well-reputed company offering “ready-to-publish” translation and localization solutions. These solutions, which are unique in themselves, use the best advancements in the market to support customer growth and progress.

Founded in 2005, Ulatus has been offering specialized business and translation solutions to supply and support organizations, digital specialists, medical researchers, and other stakeholders worldwide. The company uses 1st multilingual solutions in over 50 languages and 125 local dialects.

Ulatus delivers a unique and competitive edge over its competitors by being multifaceted Its unique and in-country “linguists team” delivers state-of-the-art technology as well as quality control processes that deliver a global perspective to customers.

Due to its professional translation and localization solutions, Ulatus is becoming one of the fastest-growing global transformation solutions. The company strives and aims at delivering professional interpretation solutions to its customers. It operates in more than 200 global languages and has offices in the USA, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Turkey.

Industry: Translation and Localization

Type: Privately held

Headquartered in: New York

Founded: 2005

13. Day Translations

Day Translations

When it comes to translation and localization solutions, Day Translations is amongst the leading companies to provide these services. Day Translations provides localization and translation services in more than 116 global languages. Among the many services that it provides, medical and healthcare interpretation are just to name a few.

Day Translations has a vast and extended team of 10,000 linguists and language service providers present throughout the world. Working remotely, they deliver professional and unwavering translations and interpretations. The company provides extensive and professional interpretations for the medical industry through various methods, such as in-person, video, and over-the-phone services. Additionally, the certified linguists of Day Translations deliver 100% human translations that are accurate and highly precise. Moreover, the company possesses a five-step quality assessment process involving meticulous proofreading, precision editing, and project management reviews.

Industry: Translation and Localization

Type: Privately held

Headquartered in: Tampa, Florida

Founded: 2007

14. Telelanguage


Known especially for providing interpretation over the phone, Telelanguage is a renowned name in the translation industry. Founded in 1991, the company has been delivering accurate and highly professional interpretations irrespective of the industry and type of business.

The company has more than 6000 interpreters throughout the world who execute the interpretation through phone calls. The company has a track record of delivering translation and over-the-phone interpretations in more than 350 global languages.

One unique service that Telelanguage delivers is remote video interpretation. For customers who require fast communication and correspondence, Telelanguage delivers video interpretation. The process of video remote interpretation (VRI) involves the use of devices such as web cameras or videophones to provide sign languages or spoken interpretation. This video interpretation is handled by professional interpreters in a remote or off-site setting in order to bridge the communication gap between two parties communicating remotely. In addition to remote interpretation, the company also delivers on-site interpretation for all industries such as tech, legal, and healthcare.

Industry: Translation and Localization

Type: Privately held

Headquartered in: Portland

Founded: 1991

15. K International

K International

K International is another well-renowned name in the translation and interpretation industry. With its team of highly skilled and professional interpreters, K International delivers interpretation for all industries, including the healthcare and medical industries. Founded in 1986, K International has worked with public and private sector organizations to deliver translation and internationalization services.

In addition to providing remote interpretation, K International provides translation services such as retail label packaging translation, interpretation, and accessibility services. These are delivered for all industries such as retail, legal, entertainment, and healthcare.

Industry: Translation and Localization

Type: Privately held

Headquartered in: Milton Keynes, Bucks

Founded: 1986

Key Takeaway

Medical and healthcare interpretation are amongst the most sought-after services in the United States. The reason is that some diagnoses, treatments, and medical advice are shared only over the phone or through videos. This requires professional and accurate interpretation to communicate the particulars to the other party. To make it easier for companies to select medical interpretation providers in the USA, we have compiled a list of the best and most highly professional medical interpretation companies for hassle-free service.