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Quick Facts


The projects begin immediately after you place order. Mars assigns projects to translators within the nearest time zone. We get your translations ready when you are in dream.


We host one of the most efficient delivery systems; our timer will show when the project will be finished and delivered.


To keep the balance between the speed and quality, our translators translate 200 words in an hour and 10 hours in a day. For rush projects, we split the projects to more translators. We never sacrifice our quality.

Fast Translation on MARS


Human Translation

At MT, only the best native speakers and translators are hired so that they can translate 200 words an hour and 2000 words in a day without compromising the quality.


Efficient and Effective

We have a team of professional translators and proofreaders who work side by side to complete projects on time by splitting the work load between them.


Time to Translate

MT has a timer that count downs the amount of time left in the project. The timer tells you the total time it takes to work on a project and proofread it before it is ready for submission.


We’re Fast Because We Care

MT believes that every client is important and their time is equally important. We try to bring the best translation service in as little time as possible so that you meet your deadlines.


Why is MT Efficient than Most?

With MT, work begins when you place your project in our system.


One-Of-A-Kind Timer

Mars Translation has a timer against every project so that the translator and the client know how much time is left in the project.

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