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Translation Services: 9 Predictions Of 2024


The future of Professional Translation Services is very bright. With the passage of time, people are finally accepting that Language Translator services are actually good for their business and customer services. This is exactly why translation services had a great year last year. 2015 was a mega success for the translation industry. In the United States of America alone, translation services did a business of $6 Billion. There was a 5% growth in the overall businesses with the help of this industry, and that is saying something.

And this is just USA market statistic. The translation industry is perhaps the only one that is not as affected by the general state of the economy. Since 2008, there has been a steady increase in sales due to translation services and it is not slowing down. Every year, there are a bunch of prediction that are all set to make 2024 an even bigger success.

Here is what you can expect from Translation Services in 2024.

One Language Service Will Not Be Enough

With the passage of time companies have come to acknowledge that translation services are good for them and their bank accounts. And since then, companies see all the good Quality Translation Services can bring to them.

9 Predictions Of 2016 For Translation Services

This is the reason why companies are going to start using multiple language support from translation industry. It is predicted that 45% of the companies will expand their language support to multiple languages. They would want a localized approach for the new-targeted markets and they will revert to translation services for this.

Apart from that, every 2 out of 10 companies will hire translation services to get the same result as their competition. The competitors will hire language translation services to make sure they are at least walking along with their competition rather than one step behind.

Also, the language support will go beyond the major languages. As the e-commerce has taken the business world to the far off regions, companies are now exploring new markets and niches. And to make their services relevant, they use language support that goes beyond French, Chinese, German and Spanish.

Companies Using These Services Will Succeed

Since 2008, companies have seen a boost of 56% in their sales after they started using translation services. And after the success of 2015, it is expected that the companies who use multiple language support will see a 25% increase in their overall sales for 2024.

9 Predictions Of 2016 For Translation Services

This is because human translators understand the language at a deeper level. They localize the content and make sure that the reader feels a connection with the company, which makes it easier for the companies to build their brand image in their targeted regions.

In 2024, even small business will use these services to expand and increase their services. Since they can see the trend, they are going to hire translation services providers to get better results with their customers and their sales.

Whenever companies will talk about branding, they will talk about translation services. English is no longer the only language of the Internet and the companies are now finally accepting that. So, they will brand according to their regions and their niche markets. They will make their brand images with the help of Translation Services to make it rock solid.

Language Services Will Be Necessary

With the current market trend, Language Translation Services are becoming increasingly popular. As companies are now familiar with translation services and they have seen the benefits they bring to the sales, companies are now going to be more open to using translation services and get the same results.

9 Predictions Of 2016 For Translation Services

In fact, companies are now going to use translation services to handle their customer services. Already major e-retailers are using translation services to handle their customer support. They are hiring people to provide support in the native languages of their clients. And now this will become a part of every company’s customer service.

Hence, translation services will become an integral part of every company. Plus, companies will now frequently use translation and interpretation services to communicate with new, old and potential clients to make the communication channel clearer and better for both parties.

SEO And Language Diversity Will Become One

Up until 2012, SEO and Content were considered a single entity. However, since Google Hummingbird came to the rescue, content and SEO are totally two different entities, in fact, the content has more power over SEO than it used to have. This is the reason why companies will now use language focused SEO and content strategies to make sure they are getting the results they use have.

9 Predictions Of 2016 For Translation Services

Companies will have language focused Keywords to ensure they get the right results in their targeted markets. For example, companies will have keywords created in the language of their choice and then have it indexed in the Google of their targeted regions to get the maximum effect.

Plus, companies will have translated versions of their Meta tags and descriptions to make their SEO more strong and effective for the readers. According to the predictions by the experts, this new use of translators has the potential for providing something terrific for the companies.

Language Targeted Mobile and Website Optimization

Since mobile apps are becoming a new market, companies see great potential in them. In fact, many of the companies started using translation services for their mobile apps as early as 2013. However, since then, more companies have come to understand the potential of translation services.

9 Predictions Of 2016 For Translation Services

Companies are now creating different versions of their mobile apps in multiple languages. Apart from that, they are also localizing their apps into several languages to get the right results. Companies are also creating multiple versions of their websites.

Instead of proving and English and Chinese or French version of the websites, companies will create multiple language versions of their websites according to their regional markets. And along with that, companies will localize their websites to get the maximum effect.

In-House Translators Will Become A Part Of Companies

Since, companies will frequently use Fast Translation Services, they will hire multiple in-house translators to keep their budget in check and have a couple of translators handy when they need something translated super quick. They will also hire in-house translators to check the quality of the translated material to make sure that they are getting what they paid translation services for (just to be sure).

9 Predictions Of 2016 For Translation Services

The language support of the companies will be more focused on the most frequently used languages that require immediate attention, whereas companies will still keep using translation services for bigger projects, like translating 60,000 words in a couple of days.

Crowdsourcing companies will become more popular than they are now, simply because they provide diverse services from all over the globe and their turnaround time is even faster. Plus, the crowdsourcing companies have huge teams of translators for every single language and they have separate teams of proofreaders to make sure that everything is processed in pristine quality.

Machine Translation Will Get Better – But Not Accurate

Here is the thing; you cannot expect machine translations to become more sophisticated. With the passage of time, these services have become better and more accurate, however, there is still a major fraction of mechanical-ism in them that makes them awkward and sometimes, just plain wrong.

9 Predictions Of 2016 For Translation Services

However, many of the major machine translation service providers are trying to incorporate more languages in their systems and make the translations as accurate as possible. The algorithms will be tried to become more airtight and work with languages as free as possible for a machine.

Multiple language translations have always been an eyesore for the machine translations. People who want to translate a text into multiple languages at once face the problem of ridiculous translations that make no sense at all. Many of the machine translation services are already working on it to make the process better and smoother for the users.

Nevertheless, it will still remain machine translation and there are going to be some major accuracy issues, no matter what.

Language Translations For Social Media

Companies are now going to create separate social media pages for their different regions. Every social media platform will have a separate page for every region, like Buzzfeed does for its clients and readers. Everything relating to digital marketing and branding will be handled on these separate pages to make sure that the relevant clients read the relevant company news and stay up to date about things that matter them and their region.

9 Predictions Of 2016 For Translation Services

The companies will also hire dedicated native translators to handle these pages and make sure that communication between the company and the clients goes smoothly. They will handle the pages, the page content and the demands of the clients.

Lastly, things will go way beyond language on these social media platforms. The clients will be able to interact with the companies on a daily basis, have competitions dedicated to their regions and so much more. Plus, with this added feature, companies will be able to understand their regional audience and create a better experience for the clients to earn even better sales reports.

Translation Industry Will Grow

With this trend finally catching on, more companies will use translation services, but in a very creative and interesting ways. More companies are going to use crowdsourcing translation services to get their desired services at the price that fits their budget and a quality that is unmatched by others.

9 Predictions Of 2016 For Translation Services

Because of this, the demand for translation services will increase by 35%. As more companies will be dabbling in international business, things will get fascinating very quickly. But that is not all. Translations will not be the only thing that these companies will crave. They will require all types of language services including interpretation, subtitling, localization, transcription and even voice-over. New media (videos) will become an active part of the companies, and these videos will not be in just English.

Due to this demand, different institutions will be certifying more translators. Many companies will look for certified translators to handle their day to day translation and language needs. In a sense, certification will become a spotlight for translators to get noticed and show their aptitude.

And lastly, the translation industry revenue is to increase by 23%. With all that demand for language services, the Translation Company is about to see an influx of work. Which is great, considering the fact that translation industry had no recognition for decades.

With the Internet providing a gazillion chances for businesses to expand, language services have become even more important for them. With these services, companies can make their mark and make sure that their audience remembers their brand.

Brand image is very important and the Document Translation Services work tirelessly to make sure that your brand image stays shinning and new. If given a chance, Translation Agency can do way better, but as there are still many industries and business types unaware of translation services, things are on the slow burner.

Apart from Translation Services, there are also Interpretation Services, Proofreading Services, Transcription Services, Voice-Over Services and Subtitling Services. Experts who are professionally trained to bring you the best results with accuracy, commitment and proactive services provide all of these services.

Language translation services are a little like those slow cooked meals. You may not trust that pot of heaven before, but once you try it, you will never go back. The people have tasted the scrumptious goodness of translation services are now dedicated followers who keep their competitors close and their translation services closer.

All your language needs will be covered by any efficient and good translation service. Almost all experienced translation services have very affordable rates that will be in your budget at all costs (see what I did there!).

Because these services are there for you like, Robin for Batman, Dr. Watson to your Sherlock, Silvio Dante to your Tony Soprano, Ron to your Harry and Sam to your Dean Winchester! There is nothing that they would not do for you. Because, as Uncle Jesse says, “I’m there for you, babe.”

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