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Journey Of Marketing Trends From 2015 to 2016


It is very important to know the fast and fearless front-facing trends of marketing your business in the digital age. It is the demand of today’s era that you are familiar of all the special tools and service that globalize the world. To sell your product globally you need to keep your focus on the advertising or marketing strategy. The major keep to promote globally is to know every place deeply. You should be aware of the languages and the culture of any area.

Most of the companies, which are distributing their product worldwide, take help from Arabic translation services for Press Releases, which provide Language Translators. These Language Translation Services helps them to translate their promotional content into different languages and to understand the cultures deeply.

Keeping your fingers firmly planted on the pulsating wrist of what is trending on the marketing. It is not easy keeping up with all the next big things countless new ways this or that going to change, how you market your business, but you do what you can.

You also still find the time to make it fast and easy to launch landing pages, lower the cost of your online customer acquisition and continually push to find ways to double, even triple, landing page conversions. Anyhow, it is hard to believe but you are already nearing the end of 2015.

To mark the passing of another year you here at instapage thought this would be a good time to take a look back on all the marketing things that have made 2015 trendy. First, off 2015 will forever be remembered as the year that Gif conquer the world.

For starters Gifs are better than static images when it comes to simply and cleanly illustrating, how your product works, especially if it’s something mechanical. They also clearly demonstrate UX, offer to imagery, make your landing pages pop and are extremely effective at conveying that how irresistible kittens and puppies really are.

These animated jewels get your brand noticed and give it greater relevance. While you are getting Giffy with it another trend of 2015 was the emergence of animated page elements. The rise in popularity of the animated element came in response to a very real and alarming attention disorder Web MD has labeled Page Come.

Page Come suffers experience profound disinterest in landing pages, click through resistance and feeling of sorrow brought on by the observation that a product’s lifecycle in shrinking, due to a lack of relevance. Animated page elements have been proven to allay these symptoms and nearly all page Come sufferers have been brought back to states of attentiveness by those marketers who care about costumer’s experience.

Marketers who offer moderate doses of animation on their websites and landing pages get the attention and conversions they have worked so hard to achieve. Next is the trend that has been gaining momentum for some time now mobile optimization. Mobile optimization includes receptive landing pages, mobile promotion, and mobile specific content. This is a trend that is already big and is only getting bigger. In 2016 the number of Smartphone users worldwide is predicted to surpass 2 billion.

That is one quarter of the people on the planet, or 8 billion eyes and ears, or more than the populations of north and South American, Australia, and Europe, combined. So if you haven’t already started making the transition, what are you waiting for?

Finally the trend that you can see reach new heights in 2015 was the inclusion of detailed, sometimes widely enthusiastic, testimonials on marketer’s landing pages. As you know, testimonials are the social proof on your landing pages that shouts from the digital mountain top how amazing your product or service is.

Testimonials tell your potential customers, how your existing customer could hardly contain themselves when their life or work got better by using your service or products. Testimonials carry a lot of weight on a landing page. Among other things, they build trust, they are great at banishing smarminess or making your offer sound too salesy, and they can make believers out of even the staunchest of skeptics.

 Tips And Tricks To Write Catchy Headline For Your Landing Page:

If you want to keep your audience connected with you, crafting a great headline is an excellent start. To formulate the killer headline, consider the following five approaches.

  • How to option
  • Ask the question
  • Be funny and cheeky
  • Give them reasons
  • Provide a solution to their problem

The next you can see in 2016 is greater social media diversification and able to connect with masses. In olden times marketers thought likes boost it SEO and conversion. Today the world is pretty much entirely social and social in a way that an upturn thumb doesn’t amount to much and, from the user’s perspective delivers less.

To complete in the future, marketers will have to become all things, to all customers, all the time. This means they will need to engage directly with their audience, create relevant content and accurately target promotions and offers. This costs money, of course and marketers are predicted to spend more than $ 8.3 billion heading 2016. So you haven’t already, make sure you adjust your marketing budgets accordingly.

The final prediction of 2016 is the dominance of content marketing. Traditional advertising shouts out at prospects costumers whereas content marketing talks with them. As mobile or social media advertising obtain conventional promotion in 2016, the demand for platform specific content is hotter than ever. So make sure you create landing pages that features phrases a reader that reflects their thoughts.

You should offer your costumer the content in which they can understand. When you selling through internet you should make sure you have provided the content in various languages. For translating any promotional content into different languages you can take help from Arabic Press Releases translation services. The Language Translator helps you to translate your content and help to produce that type of content, which is effective for that particular area.

Once they have landed, continue the marketing strategy by offering useful content. So that would leave them want more.

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