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Why You Need Translation Quality Assurance

When you need to present your content into multiple languages, simple translation is never enough. There are many things to consider for flawless results. From tone to spellings, grammar, punctuation, and consistency,there’s a lot to pay special attention to and that’s why you need our professional assistance.

Error-free translation is important to deliver the intended message in the target language. Any mistranslation or error can distort the message and affect your brand image as well. Also, if some medical and legal documents are involved, mistranslation can lead to some severe consequences and legal actions as well.

Thus, it’s important to ensure high quality of the translated content. Here at Mars Translation, we use advanced, AI-powered machines to proofread your translated content and make it flawless.


Why Choose Mars QA

At Mars Translation, we are providing the best translation quality assurance services with the help of advanced tools.

All you need to do is just share your translated files with us and we will get the quality checked and ensure the delivery of accurate results in a fast turnaround time.

The quality assurance process is carried using AI-based machines which accelerates the process and you get flawless results quickly.

Our AI tools consider multiple factors in your content to make it perfect. Some of these factors are: kly.

  • Punctuation Mismatch
  • Numeric Mismatch
  • Space Check
  • Repeated Words
  • Punctuation Check
  • Alphanumeric Mismatch
  • Key Term Mismatch
  • Spell Check
  • Inconsistency

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How We Work

Our QA process comprises 3 simple steps.


Your File

Once you get your content translated either by us or by yourself(or any other vendor), share that translate file along with source file with us.


QA of
Your Project

We have robust AI powered machines to analyze the quality of your content and proofread it to omit errors(if any)


Get Your
Error-Free Content

Once the content quality is checked and necessary changes are made, we will share your project file with you.


If you want to make your translated content as good as the source text, Mars Translation QA can help.

Get in touch for a free quote now!