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Open Your Business To The World.

Online shopping has made international selling much easier and more accessible than ever. With Mars translation you can speak to your customers in their native language!

120 words

Product description

50 words

Customer email

We charge $0.079/word for professional translation for all languages on Amazon

Price examples

USD999 for new product translation, and save more for product updates.
USD399 for customer support email.

Double Your Audience, Double Your Sales

Translation of your product description may increase your web audience up to 52.3%, so don't miss your potential customers.

Time & Cost Effective

600+ certified translators with e-commerce experience. Launch your product worldwide in no time. Pay only for words we translate.

Easy Integration with Your Store

We provide single click translations of your products for popular marketplaces like Amazon. If you have your own website, our translation API is there to integrate your store with Mars Translation.

What Our Clients Say


We were amazed by how many traffic we got from our Japan site after we localized our product listing into Japanese. The comment boards were flooded with positive comments in Japanese. We’re selling twice as many products now, in Chinese, than we ever sold in English.

Grant Hut, Operation Director, Ecostal

In only one year our revenue have tripled. This success is partly thanks to our product listing being available in 10 languages, for this allows our products to transcend national boundaries and to engage a truly global market.

Ben, November Spring

We have now a strong presence in key European markets such as Germany, France, Italy and Spain. The availability of all these locales has increased our revenue opportunity by 25%.

Ben, November Spring

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